Gutsy Women: Moira Dundee

Brian Gerrish first interviewed Moira Dundee at the beginning of 2023 to find out more about her courageous personal challenge to the state of affairs during the proclaimed Covid–19 pandemic and especially lockdown. Taking herself out on to the streets in Dundee to exercise by skipping, and using the opportunity to warn the public that what was happening was wrong and needed to be questioned, took some guts; ultimately, Moira’s actions and the resulting pushback—particularly by people connected in often odd ways with Police Scotland—were to change her life. 

Join us as we find out more about Moira and why she did what she did. Better still, hear about how Moira has fought back at a corrupt system through speaking out, publishing a book, producing music and humorous prose, and engaging with others who are brave enough to say, “No, not in our name.” Moira’s testimony is strengthened by her gutsy approach and an encouraging laughter at both serious events and her own hardship. Moira is quick to thank others for their support and stands up for her man, and for other men who are putting their heads above the parapet, alongside the gutsy women. A little of Moira’s music is here and her website, from which her book can be heard in full for free, is Questioning