UK Column News - 12th December 2022

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, David Scott and Mark Anderson with today’s UK Column News.


More outsourcing of NHS services: The banned word is 'monopsony'

00:31 NHS ConfederationHealth leaders welcome new Elective Recovery Taskforce—but no guarantees

01:04 Clip: Shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting surprisingly agrees with the creeping privatisation, "as a short-term measure" to help the poor
02:21 David Scott commentary: No real analysis of the problems going on here—coercing is not privatisation—this is monopsony (sole customer; in this case, government), so patients are the product, not the customer

03:43 Duncan White—UK Column interview explains who is behind the incessant turmoil in the NHS

04:18 Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (UK): Antibiotic Availability and Medicines Pricing
— Many contractors are paying inflated prices for antibiotics


Covid: inverted reality, ongoing discrimination

05:58 Christine Anderson MEP notices the medical gaslighting that blames fear of jab sceptics for adverse effects of Covid jabs
06:55 David Scott commentary: Almost no words to describe the desperation of the lie

07:43 Clip: Rangers FC AGM—board challenged on administration of government tyranny

Did you honour your fellow human beings in 2021?

10:06 Brian Gerrish analysis: The board members couldn’t reply because government had got inside their heads with applied behavioural psychology

11:14 Clark County Today: Unvaxxed 14-year-old rejected by top hospital for life-saving surgery
12:43 Guardian: Health officials gain guardianship of baby whose parents refused ‘vaccinated blood’ transfusion
12:54 @BernieSpofforth: New Zealand—the State owns your children now
13:13 GuardianParents who refused ‘vaccinated blood’ transfusion speak out after court places Baby W in care
13:58 David Scott commentary: Covid tyranny on all that is reasonable and right is unrelenting, which is why UK Column is still covering it—there is joy in the resistance

15:11 Clip: Joyful resistance on the streets of Perth (soundtrack: Brad Skistimas)

16:37 Vanessa Beeley article: Canada’s expanding euthanasia laws
17:57 Mike Robinson commentary: A minimalist euthanasia law quickly expands to the liquidation of the disabled and homeless


Ukraine: How to frame Bakhmut bloodbath?

20:10 Clip: ( Horror of drone strikes on armoured vehicles

21:08 Daily TelegraphInside Bakhmut: The strange and senseless death trap draining Ukraine’s tired army
21:19 Brian Gerrish analysis: The article is written without the mental acumen to understand what is happening
22:36 Admission in article:

The Russians are in no hurry as Bakhmut draws thousands of Ukrainian forces and reinforcements to their death

23:11 Brian Gerrish analysis: Russia fires nine shells for every Ukrainian shell, yet the West will not stop the war

23:50 Clip: White phosphorus or thermite used horrifically to clear Ukrainian troop concentrations from tree lines and villages—huge areas now being laid waste in this fashion

25:34 Social media reporting: Casualties increasing among Western mercenaries

25:58 Brian Gerrish question: Why is the gender-obsessed BBC not calling for equality on the Ukrainian front lines?

26:25 UK Defence Journal: Britain, Italy and Japan merge combat aircraft projects


EU: Democracy without a demos

27:50 Clip: Ryszard Legutko MEP (professor of philosophy) speech on the 70th anniversary of the Parliament

This Parliament ignores reality and law, and shuns accountability.

31:49 David Scott commentary: This could equally be said of the devolved or Westminster parliaments in the UK
32:10 Footage shows some MEPs unable to process the dissent and treating the speech as an unexpected intermission in proceedings
Legutko's book, The Demon in Democracy, was one of those reviewed in Episode 4 of UK Column's podcast series A Dissident's Guide to the Constitution

32:34 Angela Merkel’s admission (covered on Friday) that the Minsk Agreements of 2014–15 were playing for time
33:17 Putin response: I didn’t expect to hear this from Merkel—I thought she had been sincerely striving for a settlement
34:27 Kremlin response: Dmitry Medvedev and Maria Zakharova stress that if long-range weapons are given to Ukraine, Russia will have recourse to new weapons and will regard the West as a direct party to the conflict

35:54 EUCouncil adopts €18 billion assistance to Ukraine
36:05 Mike Robinson analysis: These turn out in the small print to be loans, with the EU’s member states covering the bulk of servicing the interest as a grace period for Kiev
37:04 David Scott question: Is this being funded using resources robbed from the Russians?


Oil price cap: G7 faces Asian blowback

37:25 Bloomberg: Easy freight helps Russian oil hold above G–7’s $60 cap in Asia
37:34 Mike Robinson analysis: Siberian oil seems destined to be bought in China

38:28 Why supertanker rates are suddenly crashing
— Large crude oil ships’ earnings are down two-thirds in a matter of weeks, collapsing the cost of shipping

39:23 Economic Times (India): Russia offers India help in leasing and building large-capacity ships to overcome G7's oil price cap // Russia welcomes India's decision not to support G7's price cap on Russian oil


The new world of funny money: All is changed, changed utterly

40:07 Pursuant to M2 (money supply) chart shown last Monday (09:00 here)
40:47 New chart courtesy of viewer—plotting the degree of historical inflation by commercial banks versus inflation by central banks: All the money supply growth has been central bank-generated since Covid (source: St Louis Fed)
42:49 David Scott analysis: This might not just be paving the way for digital currencies; it could be the harbinger of something new that we do not yet fully grasp

43:40 Interest rates—Daily Telegraph: Four-way split on rates looms at Bank of England as strikes stoke downturn
44:15 David Scott summary: Nobody knows how to play it from here since the economy went down to zero interest

44:50 Guardian: Average asking price of UK homes down by 2.1% in a month, says Rightmove
45:15 Mortgage Solutions: Bank rate to fall ‘further and faster’ than expected in 2024—Capital Economics
45:50 David Scott commentary: The yarn spun continues to be “We’ll have sorted it all out within a year”—the only uncertainty as to the interest pate pivot is the date

46:14 Meme: Father reading The National Debt and What You’ll Owe to his horrified infant
46:55 Conservative Way Forward: A Charter for Tax Cuts (Julian Jessop, June 2022)—We are already paying too much on debt interest
47:08 Brian Gerrish commentary: And still no-one knows who controls the money supply; work still to be done



48:10 Latest Doctors for Covid Ethics symposium: up imminently on the home page
48:32 One talk from it—Philipp Kruse: Building the Legal Case in Switzerland (against drug regulator Swissmedic:
48:40 Brian Gerrish commentary: Intent to harm is now abundantly clear in presentations like Kruse’s: no safety, no efficacy, bad manufacturing, malignant policy worldwide

49:20 Scottish former abused schoolgirls' Fornethy Conference: St Luke’s, Bain Street, Glasgow; Sunday 22 January 2023
49:46 Possible UK Column event to be held in Scotland on Tuesday 24 January with Brian Gerrish

50:09 Education Not Indoctrination UK Column seminar on Thursday 15 December: seven excellent speakers to be followed via and

51:08 Vanessa Beeley’s segment from Friday’s UK Column News Extra on sanctions against Syria is now on the home page


Global Cities movement: NGOs are taking on global governance directly to modify us

52:44 Mark Anderson commentary: Global cities used to be merely an annual talking point at the Council on Foreign Relations but is now being seeded into academia and the media year-round

53:13 New hobby-horse, World Society Theory—emphasises the role of “global culture” in modifying the behaviour of individuals

54:07 Chicago Council on Global Affairs (formerly Chicago CFR): Better city network data empowers climate action from below
56:41 Mark Anderson analysis: The nation state is being elbowed out

57:11 University of California Press: Toward global urban climate mitigation: linking national and polycentric systems of environmental change or
1:00:17 David Scott commentary: This is being seen in practice in the likes of Edinburgh with 20-minute neighbourhoods, but the city councils omit to mention that it is global policy
1:01:18 Mark Anderson commentary: The fix is in globally; the Delphi technique involves presenting a faux choice for a fait accompli


UN's IPCC tells cities what "difficult choices" to make

1:02:09 The Summary for Urban Policymakers of the IPCC Sixth Assessment report series was launched at COP 27
1:02:20 SUP has already written three reports (consolidated here) on policy for cities, penned by IPCC members working as individual “volunteers”

1:04:06 SUP Volume I: What the latest physical science of climate change means for cities—takes anthropogenic climate change as a given
1:05:05 Mark Anderson commentary: Very difficult to determine the accuracy of such predictions because their causation model of climate change is so narrowly gauged

1:05:26 Clip: SUP fear porn—“Cities are becoming sites of human distress … difficult choices have to be made … no-one left behind”


#TwitterFiles: Second batch

1:07:54 Bari Weiss thread:

A new #TwitterFiles investigation reveals that teams of Twitter employees build blacklists, prevent disfavored tweets from trending, and actively limit the visibility of entire accounts or even trending topics—all in secret, without informing users.

1:08:20 Examples include Trends Blacklist (example victim: Dr Jay Bhattacharya), Search Blacklist (e.g. Dan Bongino) and Do Not Amplify (Charlie Kirk)

1:08:56 Yet Twitter's new owner, Elon Musk, has already stated (18 November):

New Twitter policy is freedom of speech, but not freedom of reach.

Negative/hate tweets will be max deboosted & demonetized, so no ads or other revenue to Twitter.

You won’t find the tweet unless you specifically seek it out, which is no different from rest of Internet.

1:09:13 Mike Robinson question: How is Elon Musk’s Twitter any different from previous Twitter, then?


Wokery costs poorest British cities dear: A compelling report

1:10:25 Daily Telegraph: Jeremy Hunt faces Tory rebellion over £7 billion spending on ‘woke’ projects
1:10:35 Sun: Woke ‘waste’—£7 billion of taxpayers’ money splurged on woke roles and activities
1:10:47 Sun: Jeremy Hunt faces Tory revolt as bombshell report reveals £7 billion of taxpayers’ cash is wasted on woke projects

1:11:07 The report itself—Conservative Way ForwardDefunding Politically-Motivated Campaigns
1:14:50 Brian Gerrish commentary: Case studies in Section 2 are particularly interesting, as they illustrate the introduction of toxicity into society by charities
1:15:10 Mike Robinson commentary: This is, of course, unlawful for charities

1:17:42 Graphic on screen: BBC has no coverage of this report
1:18:02 Brian Gerrish criticism: Conservative Way forward did not ask the key questions about the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion billions—

  1. Which department(s) responsible?
  2. Which ministers responsible?
  3. Which civil servants responsible?

1:18:40 David Scott commentary: While identifying the individual decision-makers proves very difficult, the funding is clear enough. Not external agitation, not individual consciences being changed; we bring this about by the taxes paid to our councils

1:20:25 And Finally—Far Side cartoon blast from the past: “All of the other reindeer used to laugh and call him names”