UK Column News - 5th December 2022

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, David Scott and Mark Anderson with today's news programme from the UK Column.


Rail strikes: Pay offer was predicated upon a Great Reset of British trains

00:28 RMT railway union rejects pay offer
The offer contained 13 demands for digitisation and dehumanisation of train travel (shown on screen)

David Scott analysis:  Transport is very government-led and highly-regulated; green is the supposed solution to all of the world’s ills—in Scotland, the government even runs the railways and is making a bad fist of it—government itself has destroyed the railways’ business model with its Covid policy

03:00 Clip: Nadim “LaVey” Zahawi, the UK Government’s Minister Without Portfolio, tells BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg that striking is “unfair” and is What Putin Wants—two meaningless phrases


Last British coffin-makers nail their grievances

05:34 Herald: Coffin makers strike at Glasgow factory
David Scott commentary: The fruit of extreme dislocation that inflation causes to every part of the economy: money no longer goes as far (employees hit), costs cannot be passed on easily (employers hit), supply chains break down under effects of malinvestment that preceded inflationary spike
Shades of the 1979 Winter of Discontent: inability to bury our dead was the last straw that put Labour in the wilderness for a generation


Debt: Uncle Sam’s in over his head—Congress told that central banking is slavery

07:00 Arcadia Economics—Rafi Farber: The Fed is $1.125 trillion in the red and silver makes a U-turn

David Scott analysis: All these woes with bond sheets are caused by interest going up—this is sucking real assets out of the Federal Reserve system, thereby undermining the dollar

09:00 Graphic on screen: M2 (broader money supply) issued by the St Louis (Missouri) Fed, one of the Fed’s regional branches—money supply went to the moon in 2020 and shot up from there

Second graphic: Money supply has now remarkably turned downwards for the first time since the 1960s
David Scott analysis: This will break things by causing asset prices to collapse—most likely ushering in a return to money-printing

11:07 Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R–NC): The Federal Reserve is poison to our nation (September 2022)
Mark Anderson commentary: Cawthorn, a seasoned Fed critic and former Trump staffer, is the first Congressman to have been born in the 1990s and represents a rare renaissance of real constitutionalism in the Republican Party—Congress really could end the Fed if there were more Cawthorns—we can’t have our money supply being privately managed for profit


Make-believe economics: Russian oil capped by G7 at $60 a barrel


  • Mainly to be done through licensing requirements: insurance will insist on the cap, not governments directly
  • Also implemented by Australia and the European Union
  • Britain has effected it through secondary legislation
  • Chancellor (finance minister) Jeremy Hunt vows unwavering continuance in this policy
  • OPEC+ (including Russia) decides to keep oil production unchanged

DailyFX: Crude oil prices today and monthly—oil prices going up are feeding inflation, which is government policy
Mike Robinson commentary: Long-term implications remain to be seen

Council of the EU statement sneaks in an emergency clause to give it a free hand for member states still to pay market price to for Russian oil at the behest of approved disaster prophets
Kremlin spokesman Peskov: We have other markets

David Scott analysis: This may be a huge boost to the Russian insurance market—God did not give the City of London a monopoly—and a boon to smugglers
Brian Gerrish commentary: Weekend press suggests India may be allowed to relabel Russian oil; did the West lean on Delhi?


Ukraine: Bakhmut bloodbath; mainstream media plunge to dross reporting

19:59 BBCUkraine war: Zelensky reveals up to 13,000 war dead
Brian Gerrish commentary: The article contains a huge spread of figures, as if Western intelligence were unable to arrive at even a ballpark figure; several other conflicting BBC graphics shown on screen indicate it has no idea what is happening

Graphic of war deaths over time from BBC—War in Ukraine: Can we say how many people have died? (1 July 2022)
Brian Gerrish analysis: Ukrainian war deaths are likely now around 85,000, with 500 a day currently dying in Bakhmut—so high that Zelensky and the BBC dare not report them

23:00 Clip: Since-deleted footage of Ursula von der Leyen getting war death figures muddled

25:00 London Loves Business: Bakhmut is ‘littered’ with Russian ‘corpses’ and both sides are fighting in dreadful conditions in knee-deep water

KNews: Inside Bakhmut frontline ‘littered with corpses’ and ‘colossal’ losses
KNews’ source: Daily Express

Newsweek: Russia is running out of ammo: how much longer can it keep fighting?—a question better asked of Ukraine and NATO
Brian Gerrish commentary: Meanwhile, The Times and leading military think tank RUSI admit Britain has only a week’s war supply of ammunition—cognitive dissonance

26:00 Clip: Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin goes wide-eyed with surprise that Russia followed through on its warnings
David Scott commentary: Ukrainian accession to NATO was merely a matter of time on the eve of the war, despite the Crimean territorial dispute, which made Ukrainian accession a powder keg and a fast sprint to war—Marin didn’t see the war coming but many wiser Westerners did

29:00 Clip: Clare Daly MEP, 23 November 2022, in European Parliament plenary session—NATO wars for “freedom, democracy and human rights” bring terror, death, lawlessness, rape, poverty and starvation

30:00 Daily Express: Ukraine to trigger ‘military collapse’ in Russia with morale-shattering spring offensive
Brian Gerrish commentary: Fantasy-land reporting—but the NATO government ministers are real 


NATO weapons on black market: History has a habit of not ending as predicted

31:04 Nigerian President Buhari: Ukrainian and Libyan wars are generating flood of arms in the Chad Basin (Sahel)

Financial TimesMilitary briefing: Ukraine war exposes ‘hard reality’ of West’s weapons capacity—UK Armed Forces Minister James Heappey hints that the black market (“an unnamed third party”) will help Britain restock its NLAW infantry missiles
Brian Gerrish analysis: These NLAWs are very likely to end up right back in Kiev
Brian Gerrish expertise: This was the case in the Cold War too—Royal Navy vessels kept being sent on patrol with worryingly scant weapons on board

David Scott commentary: This flows from the naïve End of History delusion of the 1990s—if there were to be no more enemies, there was not thought to be any need to keep weapons in dispersed readiness


First new British frigate takes to water—for what role?

35:52 Royal Navy: HMS Glasgow enters the water for the first time

STV NewsIn pictures: The Type 26 frigate HMS Glasgow floats on water for first time

Scottish journalist George Allison: Here we are folks, what you’ve all been waiting for

David Scott analysis: This launch does not alter the lack of defined role for the Royal Navy—and whatever happened to the HMS Prince of Wales? Media silence suggests the propeller problem must be very serious indeed

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Announcements and viewers’ e-mails: The Big Society hasn’t gone away, neither has European military unification

40:50 Abuse victims from residential school gain a voice—Fornethy Conference: St Luke’s, Bain Street, Glasgow, Sunday 22 January 2023

Special event on Thursday 15 December—Education, Not Indoctrination, 4:30–9:30 pm GMT—how we can fight sexualisation

Viewer’s e-mail from Whitley Bay, Northumberland: Department for Levelling Up has a Faith New Deal scheme to marshal church leaders
David Scott commentary: The blurb is not English—but amounts to “Control the preaching”

44:00 Viewer’s e-mail to Helen Morgan MP on UK membership of PESCO Military Mobility: How was Parliament bypassed in the cession of sovereignty?

This elicited a letter to the MP from the Armed Forces Minister, James Heappey:

The UK retains full sovereign control over its defence, decision-making and the deployment of its Armed Forces and its equipment.

Mike Robinson commentary: The MoD reply shown on screen shows that Ukraine is the gift that keeps on giving


US: Midterms vigilance not flagging

46:01 Press release: VoterGA releases prof of Herschel Walker’s 20,000 vote loss
Mark Anderson commentary: Groups like VoterGA in Georgia are careful in their vote-watching, though they are all labelled extremists

Mark Anderson analysis: Within the space of four minutes, one gubernatorial candidate lost over 20,000 votes and the other gained 4,000—this is impossible by fair means—the statewide runoff for the Georgia governorship is tomorrow (6 December) but it might not have happened at all without the four-minute wonder

VoterGA accuses the Georgia Secretary of State of being “unwilling to investigate or explain” pronounced oddities


Texas-Mexico border: How bad is Greg Abbott’s betrayal?

51:06 Clips from Mark Anderson’s personal sources: Illegals invade Americans’ homes—a common occurrence in southern Texas

Mark Anderson commentary: The border is much more porous than Governor Greg Abbott is letting on—one source speaks of 100 to 300 illegals per day being loaded onto buses on her land and being whisked north by NGOs

Ranchers tell Mark Anderson that Abbott’s Operation Lone Star is a fraud and a deception: illegals are being scooped up and given onward US itineraries, often with expensive tickets, and insincerely told to show up in court later

South African filmmaker Jaco Booyens, a campaigner against human trafficking, is documenting the failures of Texas state law enforcement

Scale of deaths in the flood of border crossings: Ranchers find dead bodies, including children and babies, on a regular basis

58:00 Clip: Entire graveyard of dead migrants labelled Baby Jane Doe, Baby John Doe

Mark Anderson commentary: One border rancher, Randy Wright, has said Governor Abbott still takes orders from the Bush clan and its tame university, Texas A&M


Covid–19 discussion still suppressed

1:01:06 Vaccine Damage Bill: Sir Christopher Chope gets his day in Parliament
Friday 9 December is the day—encourage your MP to support the Bill

Viewer’s tip: Facebook bans UK Column’s Adam Rowland interview

1:02:00 Viewer’s tip: ABC (Australian public broadcaster): New South Wales government takes down ad offering empty hospital wards to TV and movie companies
Brian Gerrish commentary: The backstory must have been hospital staff telling journalists they had no better use for their facilities

Better news—Daily Mail: Anti-vaxxer [sic] nurse who injected up to 8,600 elderly patients with saltwater instead of Covid vaccine walks free from court in Germany

BBC: What is Strep A and what are the symptoms to look out for?
Brian Gerrish commentary: Linked articles from this one, and further current BBC website screenshots, indicate the BBC is keen to localise and ramp up fear of streptococcus


Censorship moves into higher gear

1:03:53 Online Safety Bill continues its parliamentary ping-pong

Global Encryption Coalition: 70 organizations, cyber security experts, and elected officials sign open letter expressing dangers of the UK’s Online Safety Bill

Business Insider: Apple restricted AirDrop capabilities in China ahead of anti-government protests
Mike Robinson analysis: Allegedly done on the Chinese Government’s insistence

Internet SocietyFact sheet: Client-side scanning
Mike Robinson commentary: Even more insidious—this is preventing even uploading wrongthink in the first place, and tipping off the police to the attempt


Davos 2023: Watch out—all is new

1:06:05 The Dossier (Jordan Schachtel): WEF reveals agenda for Davos 2023 ruling class gathering
David Scott commentary: Food crisis, high inflation, green energy, loss of jobs, the age of war are the top five items for discussion—all new, all coercion, rather suggesting that even the UN is on its way out in favour of something even worse

1:08:00 Guardian: Artist with synaesthesia puts Greta Thunberg’s Davos speech on canvas
Artwork image: Jack Coulter reveals the vacuous scream of Thunbergery


Ottawa and Oxford would rather have us sit at home—or die  

1:09:05 CBC (Canadian public broadcaster): Former Paralympian tells MPs [that] veterans department offered her assisted death
Mike Robinson commentary: The veteran had actually asked for a wheelchair ramp for her bad back but was offered death instead, in writing

Brian Gerrish analysis: Tallies with what the British Ministry of Defence was telling traumatised veterans orally a decade ago; senior Royal Marines officers were told by UK Column but didn’t want to know

1:10:58 Oxford Mail: Traffic filters will divide city into six “15-minute” neighbourhoods, agrees highways councillor


Dundonians don’t dig drag dude’s defilement—and who took the Albanian children?

1:12:37 Dundee Courier: Threats and abuse force DCA to cancel drag queen event due to safety concerns

Background: Dr Bruce Scott’s UK Column article on Drag Queen Story Time phenomenon in Scotland (March 2020)

Readers’ comments on the Courier news page:

Really quite staggering to promote this to toddlers

Why are these men so eager to present a highly sexualised version of a woman to small children?

Curriculum InquiryDrag pedagogy: The playful practice of queer imagination in early childhood
Paper based on one of the pioneers of Drag Queen Story Time in the US, José Esteban Muñoz, offers the movement’s intellectual underpinning:

seek to actively destabilize the normative function of schooling

For detail: New Discourses podcast—Groomer Schools 4: Drag Queen Story Hour (YouTube mirror)

BBCChannel crossings: Dozens of Albanian child migrants go missing
BBCChannel crossings: 116 children missing from UK hotels
Brian Gerrish commentary: An exact repeat of Syrian migration but apparently the authorities have no idea how it has happened again


And Finally: Spat of the Scottish public intellectuals

1:17:26 GB News’ Neil Oliver:

Our heritage, our history, our culture, our society, our communities, our identities as men and women, as sovereign individuals, all of it is being undone [...] This is deliberate and must be resisted at all costs.

Toy-throwing response by Gerry Hassan, leading light of Scottish media and Professor of Social Change at Glasgow Caledonian University:

WTF with ultra-right hate preacher Neil Oliver? As he descends into fascist imagery & demagoguery where is this going to end? At the moment there is a tiny audience for this but in the UK & elsewhere there is a rising ultra-right advocacy & normalisation of fascism.

David Scott commentary: You can tell Hassan is the Scottish independentist of the two because he’s got a Ukrainian flag on his Twitter profile

David Scott analysis: If you go by Mussolini’s definition, it’s Hassan who supports fascism in his writing—nothing outside the state—and all he is doing is practising an old Marxist trick espoused by the grandfather of 1968 student revolution:
Repressive Tolerance by Herbert Marcuse
Critique of Pure Tolerance by Mercuse, Wolff and Moore

Closing meme à propos Gerry Hassan’s tizzy:
Human sacrifice interrupted by white saviours—Oh, look! Here comes the far right