Talking Architecture with Léon Krier

Léon Krier CVO is a world-renowned architect and urban planner who is described as “a prominent critic of modernist architecture and advocate of New Classical architecture and New Urbanism [who is] well-known for his master plan for Poundbury, in Dorset, England”, the latter being a passionate innovative project for the then Prince of Wales.

During a rich lifetime of professional and personal interest in architecture and urban planning, Léon Krier, a Luxembourger, has also become aware that something has been thwarting the creation of beautiful cities and buildings which provide the environment for individuals, families and communities to lead happy, fulfilling lives. While some cities still remain beautiful and uplifting in their built structure and wider environment, many others do not. They have been planned and developed into soulless, zoned landscapes, which can often lack proper functionality for shopping, business and recreation, as well as being bland or oppressive for the people trapped within.

In his journey through life, the profession of architecture and the urban maze, Krier was also to stumble across UK Column, where he felt engaged to see others questioning events and matters in the world around them. He became a regular viewer and later made contact with Brian Gerrish.

In a subsequent private Zoom conversation with Krier about the good and bad in architecture, urban planning and new developments, Brian Gerrish was able to recount issues around urban development in Plymouth under the post-Second World War Abercrombie plan and more recent restructuring of the city under the late Barcelona-based architect David Mackay. The discussion quickly developed and Krier kindly agreed to an interview, the better to share his thoughts, knowledge and experience with the UK Column audience.

Léon Krier is the author of Architecture: Choice or Fate.

The start of this interview includes reference to the UK Column News edition of 3 July 2023.

Please join us in this informative and far-reaching discussion.


UK Column’s second interview with Léon Krier was released in August 2023.