UK Column News - 3rd July 2023

Mike Robinson, David Scott and Mark Anderson with today’s UK Column News.


Bank Deplatforming: Who’s Next?

00:20 Independent: Brexit Party relaunch group has bank account shut down

Daily Mail: Free speech group 'is cancelled by PayPal': Three accounts set up by Toby Young are cut off by US giant for breaking 'acceptable use policy'

Reaction: Laurence Fox’s Reclaim party refused bank accounts

Laurence Fox:

I’m not closing my Barclays account. They will have to do that for me.

We are about to see whether personal belief will affect your ability to transact in the future.

Welcome to the People’s Republic of Great Britain.

The Times: Yorkshire Building Society ‘closed vicar’s account after trans protest’

The Telegraph: Banks told to uphold free speech after blacklisting customers holding certain views 


Digital Dash: Federal Reserve Ready To Launch FEDNOW

08:51 Daily Hodl: JPMorgan Chase and 40 Other US Banks Conducting FedNow Trial Runs Ahead of the Instant Payment Service’s Launch

AP: Federal Reserve’s payment service FedNow would not replace cash

Federal Reserve: Is FedNow replacing cash? Is it a central bank digital currency?

Federal Reserve: Money and Payments: The U.S. Dollar in the Age of Digital Transformation (PDF)


Green Energy Market Troubles

20:10 Bank of England: Money and Credit—May 2023

During May, households, on net, withdrew £4.6 billion from banks and building societies, which marked the highest level of household withdrawals on record.

Politics: StepChange responds to Bank of England Money and Credit stats

StepChange: Our key findings from May 2023

Hargreaves Lansdown: Siemens Energy AG share price

CNBC: Wind turbine troubles have sent one stock tumbling. There are fears it could be a much wider issue

Wind Systems: Turbines and fire risk

Jonatron: National Average Octopus Energy Agile tariff pricing

MHRA forthcoming conference—Tuesday 11 July 2023. Registration:

Please note the deadline for pre-submitted questions is 09.00am, Tuesday 4 July 2023. We will not accept any pre-submitted questions after this deadline.

UK Column interview: Simon Elmer—The Road to Fascism (Part 2): Close to the Abyss

UK Column interview: Growing Up under Chairman Mao—Lily Tang Williams

Forthcoming UK Column interview: The NHS—a Jewel in our Crown or Thorn in our side? Roy Lilley and Dr Duncan White—4 July 2023, 1 pm on the Live Page (UK Column subscribers can comment in live chat as always)


UK Biometric Identity Verification: Only For Resident Foreigners (For Now)

26:46 GOV.UK: Biometric residence permits (BRPs)

Migra & Co: BRP cards will be cancelled from 1 January 2025

GOV.UK: FAQs on government digital identity consultation response 


France Is Burning–Possible Astroturf Movements Lighting The Tinderbox

31:51 L’Haÿ-les-Roses Mayor Vincent Jeanbrun tweets: 

When I got home, I was treated to a particularly warm welcoming committee of L'Haÿssien students...

(after his home was partly burnt down and his wife suffered a broken leg)

NBC: French police arrest 700 protesters as mayor's family survives burning car 'assassination' attempt

Yahoo: France riots: Why is social media being blamed for fueling street violence?

Jerusalem Post: Palestinians furious over Netanyahu claims that Israel must 'crush' statehood ambitions


The Summer Of Davos In China—Highest Quality Corporate BS From Israeli Ex-Intel Woman

39:14 World Economic Forum: 14th Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2023


Zaporozhye: Who Is Threatening To Cause A Nuclear Event? 

46:16 First News: Poland applies to join Nato Nuclear Sharing programme

AP: Satellite photos, reports suggest Belarus is building an army camp for Wagner fighters

Polskie Radio: Zelensky urges bolstering Ukraine-Belarus border

The New Voice of Ukraine (via Yahoo! News): Dnipropetrovsk Oblast to hold evacuation drills amid possible terrorist attack at Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant

Pravda: Russian forces begin to flee Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant—Ukrainian Defence Intelligence

Ukraine Watch: Residents of the 50-km zone around the Zaporozhye NPP have received iodine medications

International Atomic Energy Agency: Update 168—IAEA Director General Statement on Situation in Ukraine


Good News: HPMAs (No-Fishing Zones) Prompted 4,000 Responses, ScotGov Backs Down

50:32 Scottish Sun: Fergus Ewing rips up government HPMAs document, slamming it as a 'notice of execution'

Scottish Government: In June 2023, the Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Net Zero and Just Transition announced in the Scottish Parliament that the proposals for HPMAs, as consulted on, would not be taken forward

Fish Farming Expert: Scottish Government throttles back plans for no-go zones in the sea


Opinions Versus The US Constitution

55:25 The Hill: Supreme Court set to take center stage in battle for Senate