A Glimpse into Cities, Architecture, Planning and Control with Léon Krier

UK Column’s first interview with Léon Krier was released in July 2023.

From the Renaissance perfection of Florence to the power of politics and corporate takeover, world-renowned Luxembourg architect Léon Krier takes UK Column viewers and listeners on a fascinating journey through the cities, planning and control. Krier highlights an informative video clip of the journalist Tucker Carlson in dialogue with the social critic Russell Brand on the subject of beauty and architecture, pointing out that politics is increasingly about the stifling of debate; debate that should be shaping the built environment, politics and the government itself—for the better.

Despite the immense animosity that besets contemporary US politics, Krier points out that in a national survey, over 70% of both Democrats and Republicans, as well as of party-independent voters, agreed that classical architecture should be the style used for public buildings. He adds that that the classical style expresses much more than just size and space. It also becomes an expression of art, by means of the adorning arches, columns, capitals and festoons: all values that enhance society.

Recalling his work for the then Prince of Wales on the Poundbury new town development in Dorset, south-western England, Krier praises the King on his early efforts to challenge unsightly architecture and poor urban planning in Britain.  A few minutes later, he is equally confident in being highly critical of the King’s relationship with Klaus Schwab and what he describes as the modernists of the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’. It is a revolution, Krier is quick to highlight, that is taking us towards a world dictatorship with a small group of people in control. Krier’s discussion with Brian Gerrish in this segment ends with comment on some of the dark artwork that is now appearing around the UK and globally.

Finally, Léon Krier comments on the visible UN control of planning worldwide; control which he identifies as a corporate takeover preparing us for a life in a continual state of emergency.

During this interview, Krier mentions the books Bright Green Lies by Derrick Jensen and The Painted Word by Tom Wolfe, and he discusses his work on Ciudad Cayalá, a traditionally-built new exurb of Guatemala City.


UK Column’s third interview with Léon Krier was released in September 2023.