Albania: From Soros to Blair—Dr Olsi Jazexhi (2018)

In the current outrage over boat people—very many of them Albanian—arriving on the south coast of England in dinghies with much official connivance, UK Column decided that it would be timely to remind the public of a May 2018 presentation given to a British audience at the late Ian R Crane's Alternative View conference by an Albanian academic, Dr Olsi Jazexhi, who works at universities in both Albania and Canada.

Dr Jazexhi makes a solid case that the culpability for the waves of desperate migrants leaving his Balkan homeland rests squarely with Western globalists, particularly Britain's own Tony Blair and the London School of Economics-trained George Soros—firm friends of the Edi Rama régime in Tirana—for rendering large parts of the country practically uninhabitable through economic despoiling and the carving-out of abysmally badly-operated fracking concessions.

Two years after this presentation, Rama's administration gave the country one of the world's most inhumane Covid lockdowns, which—as Dr Jazexhi reported for 21st Century Wire—the Albanian population defeated by unyielding resistance.