Gutsy Women: Louise Collins

Louise Collins is a long time friend of UK Column, having worked with us and alongside us over a great many years. Without doubt, she is a gutsy woman and, as is often the case for many other outspoken activists, she has paid a price for her efforts. Working hard in challenging cases, particularly those involving serious child abuse, Louise has been subjected to hate mail, unpleasant social media attacks, deplatforming and freezing of her bank accounts and payment systems. Not deterred, Louise continues to run her independent news channel Liberty Tactics, where she rarely pulls punches in reporting what has really been happening around the world. 

But who is Louise Collins really, and how did she get from being an ordinary mum to becoming an FM radio host based in Dartington in the English West Country? Why were her mainstream broadcasts so successful, and why was she suddenly shut down and banned from the airwaves? These are simple questions whose answers can tell us much about the censorship of free speech in British broadcasting. Louise’s crime was that she dared to speak about events, issues and subjects that the good old BBC and other legacy media channels just would just not touch. 

In her personal journey to date, Lou has also been a strong supporter of Public Child Protection Wales, where—together with Kim Isherwood and the rest of the Public Child Protection Wales team—she has helped raise thousands of pounds for their fighting fund. She did this by setting up podcastathons: 24-hour and even longer podcasts with multiple guests to speak on the risks of RSE, child abuse and other vital topics affecting families and children. Louise Collins’ efforts and enthusiasm helped attract much needed attention to the PCP cause and helped bring in the vital funds needed for day-to-day operations and supporting the legal challenge against the Welsh Government. In her usual modest way, she did all this quietly from the wings, even when other personal commitments and pressures could have easily taken priority. Fully committed as she was to helping protect the children, her gutsy tenacity and commitment paid off.

Join us in this fascinating interview as Louise talks about herself, her finding of faith in Christ, and her journey from motherhood through FM radio presenting to her first encounter with UK Column and her present base at Liberty Tactics.