A Bunch of Flowers for Pfizer

As part of a series of interviews discussing the Pfizer Document Analysis findings, UK Column has been speaking to Dr Naomi Wolf and Amy Kelly of the Daily Clout. Today, it is the turn of Dr Chris Flowers, Lead Medical Researcher, to set out what Pfizer knew all along about the Covid injection products sold in its name.

UK Column recently introduced Dr Chris Flowers to its audience when he made a guest appearance on UK Column News and Extra on 18 August 2023. UK Column now welcomes him back, to talk to Nursing Correspondent Debi Evans. Joining them is Cheryl Grainger, an inndependent pharmaceutical training consultant who has been coordinating the work between the Daily Clout in the USA and UK Column, and who has also written for UK Column.

Dr Chris Flowers MD FRCR FSBI is a retired academic cancer specialist and physician. He was previously Associate Professor at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), the University of South Florida, and a researcher at the Jonsson Cancer Center, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

He speaks in this interview in his capacity as physician leader of War Room Posse (alias the Daily Clout Pfizer Document Analysis investigators), organised under the banner of Dr Naomi Wolf to conduct still-ongoing investigations into the apparent malfeasance of Big Pharma, and particularly Pfizer—but the investigations are about to increase as the Moderna data is released from the FDA by US court order. 

Dr Flowers, in view of his extensive background in testing and clinical trials, has been the medical lead on the Pfizer (and recently also Moderna) Document Analysis and has been instrumental in publishing 85 reports so far for the Daily Clout. 50 of these reports from last year are to be found in the Pfizer Document Analysis Report, which can be purchased on the Daily Clout website. 

Whom did Pfizer tell what was known in-house about the performance of its Covid injections, and when? As the data emerges, it seems ever clearer that Pfizer knew far more than they dared tell us. Here in Britain, did the MHRA know the dangers prior to authorising roll-out? What precautions did participants in the initial clinical trials for Pfizer need to take, especially if they were of childbearing age? Are women more likely to suffer a serious adverse reaction? Is shedding real and if so, what is is mechanism? What is ‘spike protein disease’ and how does it relate to ‘long Covid’? You may find the answers startling. 

Many watching will know someone who appears to be suffering a serious adverse reaction, or perhaps recognise apparent symptoms in themselves. For such viewers, Dr Flowers and Cheryl Grainger give some expert advice on how to ameliorate the effects of the injection. Dr Flowers recommends visiting The Wellness Company and urges all who are listening to say no and to refuse any more doses. The hard-to-find FLCCC protocol that he mentions is described here.

Dr Chris Flowers maintains a Substack blog and can be contacted via Gettr as @chrisflowersmd.