Racist Thames Valley Police And Oxford Safeguarding Board Protect Paedophiles

Oxford Child Safeguarding Board and Thames Valley Police invest £1million to re-brand child-protection failure.

The UK Column has run a series of detailed articles exposing widespread physical and sexual abuse which took place over many years at Oxford and Cherwell Valley College (OCVC). Threatened with ‘action’ by the College, we have stuck to our guns in the knowledge that the serious allegations come from multiple individuals, with supporting documentary evidence, including statements, dates, times, names and more. The young victims all report a culture of intimidation and cover-up.

Sick Abuser Protected By Authorities

We have also exposed that Oxford Councillors have been duped by Council child protection officers who have either turned a blind eye, or report no crime, after they ensure there is no proper investigation. As just one example, OCVC ‘let go’ a member of staff (who we’ll identify as AF) for repeatedly showing sexually explicit images of his erect penis to colleagues. Young students report that far more serious material was shown to them. The sick college lecturer used his mobile phone, his laptop computer and the college’s computers in college time to tell, read and show inappropriate material to students. Some of their statements are harrowing and victims have been seriously traumatised by the vile material; child pornography, child beatings and abuse, snuff movies, and animal torture too vile to describe. We can also reveal that students who formally complained were not told of what ultimately happened to tutor AF. It has now emerged that OCVC staff secretly agreed with Council Officers and police that students who had complained, would not be told of the final outcomes of the dismissal action. This cynical move deprived students of both justice and possible compensation.

It is understood the man concerned AF (a white male in his late 40’s / early 50s) who was a formal lecturer at the Black Bird Leys Campus Motor vehicle department)  is still freely employed in the educational motor-trade training establishment in Northamptonshire as an Assessor. He is protected by the authorities and still not flagged by CRB checks or the sex-offenders register. Why was he not investigated, charged and also barred, by the Independent Safeguarding Authority?

Documented reports of ‘Common Assault’ on students have also not been passed to police for investigation and action. More recently another staff member identified by students as a long term abuser, was allegedly slipped away on ‘sick leave’ from OCVC following more complaints in October 2012 concerning students being bullied. Again no proper action has been taken. Similarly with white men entering the college to groom students. Were OCVC partner schools ever notified that 14 year old children attending the college, undertaking a vocational qualification, were at serious risk? Were their  parents ever alerted?

Blatant Racial Discrimination By Thames Valley Police

When we also became aware that students’ reports of abuse were fully supported by the factual, measured and corroborating evidence of an adult Asian member of staff, we realised that there was a racial discrimination angle to the abuse cover-up.

Just as brave NHS whistleblower Gary Walker, was sacked, bullied and victimised for reporting deaths and serious abuse within the NHS, this brave Asian tutor was also attacked by his employers and others. His crime? - trying to protect white, male and female students. Far from praising a whistleblower of serious abuse at OCVC, the college set out to destroy him.  Shockingly. whilst Oxford and Thames Valley Police have crowed their success with the arrest of Asian paedophiles under Operation Bullfinch, they have steadfastly refused to accept evidence from the Asian member of staff concerned. Evidence which identifies white abusers and white victims.

Operation Bullfinch Reveals Police Dismissal Of Victims

Significantly, victims appearing in court under paedophile investigation Operation Bullfinch have also reported a culture of cover-up by police and child protection authorities. The Oxford Mail reported that “the jury was told that a young girl’s delinquent behaviour made her an ideal candidate for the child prostitution gang as she was unlikely to be believed by police.... it did not take much for the police to be persuaded that a crime had not been committed.”

Girl (1) in the trial said she “felt let down by the police after nothing happened when she reported her abuse in 2006. Most alarmingly she also stated that “They (the police) threatened, on a number of occasions, to arrest me for wasting police time for turning up at a police station in a state after running away.” She added “If you pick up a child covered in cigarette burns and bruises, something is fundamentally wrong... Adults should be doing their jobs ” The UK Column understands that both Oxfordshire County Council’s Chief Executive Joanna Symons and Director of Children’s Services Jim Leivers have been in Courtroom eight to watch proceedings. Why? Guilty conscience?

This type of blatant neglect by the police is mirrored where a  former OCVC female student, who made complaints of violent sexual assaults, and feared being raped, was also ignored. In fact her complaint simply sat in Thames Valley Police’s child abuse investigation unit for over 2 years, whilst the girl  had to fight for the complaint to be addressed. Complaints and supporting evidence of serious abuse from the OCVC Asian member of staff, including that concerning the female victim, were also forwarded onto Thames Valley Police.  No action was ever taken

Oxford Council Officers ‘Dupe’ Elected Members

Lievers has already been identified by the UK Column as deliberately or negligently deceiving Councillors in his attempts to claim that full investigations have been carried out. He states “ From the investigations undertaken and from the subsequent information provided to the County Council following these investigations, I can confirm that the vast majority of the allegations have not been substantiated. I would also confirm that where any of the allegations have been substantiated, action has been taken to address this matter.”

But Liever’s claims are simply not true - piecemeal investigations to fragment evidence, have been sold to elected members as full investigations. This failure has been reinforced by Council Legal Staff in letters to elected Members, in which they attempt to reassure Councillors that ‘serious child abuse has not taken place.” This same legal team have branded concerned members of the public vexatious for asking for documents which help expose the cover-up. Councillor Ian Hudspeth, Leader of Oxfordshire County Council, appears one of those deceived by his own officers.

This disgraceful and dirty cover-up, now demonstrating racial discrimination, is facilitated by the cosy and interwoven nature of Oxfordshire County Council Child Safeguarding Board. Police sit side by side with those who have knowingly concealed evidence of abuse. “Independent’ child protection officers are, in fact, paid foot-soldiers of Oxford Council, where reputation management is more important than child-protection.

£1 Million To Re-brand Child Protection Failure

The picture of OCVC abuse grows deeply sinister when we realise that Cowley Police station, where OCVC victims report they were ignored, now hosts the ‘Kingfisher’ child protection specialist centre. This is a £1million initiative funded with £500,000 from Thames Valley Police and £620,000 from the Council. It is staffed by a Detective Constable and Sergeant, a case investigator, an intelligence officer and a missing person’s coordinator. The Council provides five social workers, two family support workers and an adminstrator.

According to the Oxford Mail article Lievers said, ”Having worked together on Operation Bullfinch, which began in spring 2011, we’re formalising our links by having this joint team. The message is clear, the authorities are set up to combat this type of crime in Oxfordshire.” His remarks are supported by East Oxford MP Andrew Smith who added “It is vital everything possible is done to protect children from abuse and it is good to see concerted action. It is crucial all children know they can speak out and there is someone to help.”

For young victims of abuse at OCVC and elsewhere the message is very clear, people guilty of abject failure in child-protection are re-inventing themselves and hiding behind a £1million smokescreen. Andrew Smith MP, joins the hypocrisy, having failed to take action for a young victim who approached him directly.

His failure is mirrored by Tory Councillor Louise Chapman, Cabinet Member for Children Young People and Families from Oxfordshire County Council. Daughter of David Cameron’s election Agent, this controversial Conservative Councillor has been privately criticised by some colleagues for her poor attendence at meetings and lack of mental acumen.

We will continue to investigate and report this story. Evidence grows that Thames Valley Police and others, appear guilty of blatant racial discrimination, and gross negligence in their failure to investigate OCVC abuse and paedophilia. The Oxford public must take appropriate action to expose this rotten situation, and protect their children.