Child Abuse - The Deafening Silence Of A Cover Up

This man was victimised for protecting WHITE youngsters from WHITE abusers. Operation Bullfinch ignored the evidence.

The UK Column has written several major articles, over many months, exposing vicious sexual and physical abuse at Oxford and Cherwell Valley College (OCVC). 

Threatening legal action against the UK Column within hours of publishing our first report, OCVC managers shied away when faced with the knowledge that multiple victims were coming forward to tell their stories and provide evidence. There is no doubt abusers worked at the college.

Student victims identify a common thread to the nature of abuses, and the failure of the College management to deal with the perpetrators. Worse, some victims were warned off or bullied into silence, by the very college staff who should have protected them.

A cover-up by Child Safeguarding in Oxford is now hiding the nature and scale of that abuse, the multiple abusers, and the fact that individuals named as abusers, are still employed by OCVC.

More recently student victims alerted the UK Column to one brave member of OCVC staff that had tried to protect them and bring their abusers to justice. More corroborating student statements about this man followed. Secretly photographed by an under-cover reporter from this paper, shortly after leaving a mosque in Buckinghamshire, he is shown on our front page and in the photo on this page. For his own safety, we cannot name him. 

There can be no doubt that he is a good Samaritan. He is of Asian origin and the youngsters he repeatedly tried to protect are white, and included white females that were being sexually abused. Some had made complaints of the fear of being raped. The abusers, identified by students as white, are still at large. Some abusers are also accused by students of being racist, and their foul abuse was vented on our good samaritan. Students stated that the language used by the abusers was not just racist and concerning religious hatred, but were, in fact, comments that were highly inflammatory.

This man deserves our utmost respect and support for his actions, and those actions highlight a key question: since Thames Valley Police TVP under Chief Constable Sara Thornton, have recently rounded up Asian paedophiles in Oxford under Operation Bullfinch, and her team were made aware of the OCVC abuses years ago, just why have the police and Oxfordshire Child Safeguarding Board ignored the evidence of multiple students, including their written statements praising and supporting our OCVC samaritan? Was key evidence and information with-held by top managers at OCVC, or could there be a political agenda to protect white abusers connected with OCVC?

Below is just one horrifying excerpt from a student’s written letter to OCVC Principal Sally Dicketts in 2008.

The student letter states that child abuse videos and pornography were being circulated, key members of staff had been informed, but no action was taken, despite action and written complaints by our good samaritan. This document is one of many similar from this individual and many others. More have come forward in recent weeks. 

However we look at the abuses, the failure to take action by the police, OCVC itself, Oxfordshire Safeguarding Board and Oxfordshire County Council, despite the quantity and quality of evidence, must surely say that there is either incompetence of amazing proportions, or there is a cover-up similar to Rotherham. Our investigations to date point to a cover-up.

Excerpt from student letter to Sally Dicketts, principal of OCVC, dated April 2008