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Don’t hate mainstream journalists—feel sorry for them

We publish the below anonymously for self-evident reasons.

I wrote an article for UK Column a year ago which accused legacy media newspaper proprietors of being criminally negligent for allowing Covid disinformation and fear-based propaganda in their titles.

Since that time, levels of hatred have increased against journalists who operate in this industry that I myself have been part of for a quarter of a century.

In this second anonymous whistleblower account of what it is like to work in UK newspapers during the Covid era, I hope to direct some of that hatred away from the journalists and to refocus it on the newspaper industry chiefs who serve Big Pharma before truth.


Censorship? What censorship?

Nearly all of the journalists I know are completely unaware of global censorship; they are often new in their roles and are thrust into a working world of increasingly aggressive public relations officers.

One community reporter, whom I class as a friend, listened to my concerns about tech giants censoring scientists and health professionals who went against World Health Organisation guidelines for the alleged pandemic. This reporter’s wages are paid for by Facebook, so I was expecting they would be aware of this, but they responded with: “Oh, I didn’t know.”

Add to this ignorance the chronic levels of understaffing we endure, with redundancies being announced most years across all editorial departments, and we have an industry where press releases are pumped out without challenge.

As an example of this, I had one editor ask me to upload directly onto our newspaper website an NHS press release urging pregnant women to take the Covid injection, as it was “safe and effective”. This same editor was too fearful to return to the office early this year, even though others were coming back in, so I genuinely believe the editor thought the press release was nothing more than legitimate public health advice.

In sum, the entire backbone has been ripped out of the news industry—and that happened more than a decade ago.

And we are dealing with clueless individuals who work within it, many of them programmed to be “woke” by their “trusted” news sources like the BBC and the Guardian, but do they deserve our hate and scorn?

At the time of writing my last whistleblower account, I was angry, frustrated and scared about where the world was heading and how my industry was pushing it there. I hated my colleagues for their ignorance and their blind faith in authority.

But after another year of continuing to take pay cheques from what I still believe is the PR unit for globalist billionaires, I have become sorry for these foot soldiers who have caused so much harm by failing to challenge authority. And I fear for them as well.



It won’t be long before a British journalist is physically hurt (if it hasn’t happened already) for their role in what has happened in the Covid era, and I have experienced some of this public hatred towards journalists myself.

During a recent public meeting highlighting the documented life-changing harm and death caused by the Pfizer Covid injections, I had some audience members turn on me, shouting that I was a disgrace and that I should quit my job when I announced that I worked in the mainstream media.

If it had not been for a senior local politician, who knows me, speaking up for my integrity, I would have had to have made a sharp exit for my own safety.

The mainstream news has become one of the country's most hated professions during the last two years, especially among those who have either recently learned or already knew not to trust authority on global issues.

Having now returned to the office on a sporadic basis, I have had the chance to speak face-to-face with colleagues for the first time in more than a year—and it has dawned on me how ignorant they are. They are not stupid, they are not controlled opposition, they are not just being told what to write, they are just completely unaware of any counter-narratives about Covid.

They are under a spell, a spell of remarkable simplicity that has just two elements—censorship and propaganda—which brings about the end product of fear.

Most of my colleagues are fairly low down in the editorial structure of the global mainstream behemoth, but they represent a microcosm of what is happening further along the corridors of power. This hierarchical consideration goes some way to explain the absolute ignorance among those reporting the news.

There is a handful of my colleagues who are aware that the human race is being railroaded into a new world order controlled by technocrats. A few others are starting to realise that politicians have no problems lying to us about the most important global issues.

This second group, although aware of something bad happening around them, recoil at the thought of a global conspiracy to enslave humanity. When discussing Covid, especially, they make it clear they do not subscribe to conspiracy theories and are not conspiracy theorists.

These comments are made because they are fearful their reputations could be harmed by discussing Covid through the lens of holding authority to account, following the money, and asking who benefits. I have noticed that mainstream media managers are far more fearful of being branded a “conspiracy theorist” than a reporter. And I know of one reporter who was branded the “office conspiracy theorist” for writing an article detailing a woman’s Covid injection harm.

Some of my colleagues I also count as friends, and many of them I still have not seen since our offices were shut down across the country more than two years ago.

But recently we have been returning to our desks—which we have to book online beforehand—and this has allowed me to be able to speak to some of them and to look them in the eye as I hear their thoughts about what has been going on.

It has been a shocking experience, and disheartening. The propaganda pumped out by the Government, and regurgitated by the national newspapers and television news networks, has done a good job of scaring them—to such an extent that real psychological trauma has been caused to some of them. Several colleagues have admitted to me they are “pro-vax” and are worried about any "messaging" that could reduce Covid injection uptake. Another just felt it was their “civic duty” to receive all their injections, and thought no more about it. One colleague even messaged me to urge me to be injected, as they were so worried for my wellbeing.

Some months later, I provided that colleague with evidence from the Office for National Statistics of the increased levels of death among those who did get injected, and I urged them not to continue taking any Covid boosters offered. I received no response.


Cloud of unknowing

More shocking examples of ignorance came from a colleague who told me how fortunate it was that a reporter we worked with had been triple injected, as they had become seriously ill with Covid. No connection between the injections and becoming ill was made.

This same colleague had written an opinion piece some months earlier, pleading with people to continue taking their Covid injections, despite referencing a report of a woman dying in agony from blood clots—after being injected—which featured in that same day’s newspaper. Is this cognitive dissonance? Mass formation? I don’t pretend to know, but it is isolating and lonely to be working among these people who are so programmed by the television news. And they certainly do not like be challenged about their beliefs. I have done it, and have been victimised for it.

One seasoned reporter who prided themselves on knowing the ways of the world was talking to me about the alleged pandemic. I asked them what they knew about midazolam, and they replied they had never heard of it.

This censorship in the legacy media has left my colleagues and former colleagues blissfully unaware of Covid counter-narratives. Some truly believe in Bill Gates as a charitable benefactor for humanity and Chris Whitty as a responsible scientist looking to help guide the UK out of troubled waters.

They are living in a different reality to myself and do not want to dip their toes in the information streams of those who disagree with them so fundamentally. As one colleague recently told me, they only get their information on global affairs from the mainstream media. I told her I didn’t get any of my information on global affairs from the mainstream media.

The conversation ended there. We were both so wrapped up in our own worlds that to even engage in debate with someone who thought so differently would be too uncomfortable.

These types of people who build their understanding of the world from the television, radio and mainstream newspapers do not just work in the mainstream media. They exist in health, education, politics, councils, entertainment, sport, church, you name it. Whatever the sector of employment, there are people who trust those with the loudest microphones.

But in the mainstream news, there are more of these people; a lot more. Careers in this industry depend on consuming other mainstream outlets: especially so at a local level, where “news sense” is guided by what the national news is saying.



So here I am, a journalist of 25 years who has worked only in the mainstream news arena. I have been unable to wake up the vast majority of colleagues and have withdrawn into my shell, apart from occasional spats with them over e-mail or, on rare occasions, in person.

I know what is going on in the world and they don’t. I have been restricted from writing about what I know about, or even to ask questions of authority that my editor does not want asked.

I am not giving up, though; I am not walking away. I am staying at my post, as I know things are very likely to get worse; and when things get worse, more of my colleagues will start waking up, and I’ll be here to guide them and point them towards official documents that they will know nothing about, since the national newspapers and the broadcast news have chosen to ignore them. Ask a journalist about what they know about PCR test cycle rates or a SPI-B Government document recommending the use fear-based propaganda in the media to turn civilians against each other, and you will just get a blank stare.

A friend consoled me recently that the way to bring down an edifice of unchecked control that operates under the power of censorship and propaganda is to set just one mouse gnawing away at the foundations.

Eventually, that one mouse becomes two, and then four, then eight, and so on. That is how we get out of this mess, from the bottom of whatever corporate pyramid we operate in. There is no point in hoping for change from above: as I can tell you with absolute certainty, and experience, it is not coming. Journalists whom I work with, trust, and respect, and have known for years are just as clueless about Covid now as they were at the start of 2020.

Don’t hate them; feel sorry for them. They are victims in all this.

I concluded my last UK Column article with a plea: a plea to those who made the editorial decisions, to allow for debate. That plea was never answered, but I make another plea now, to the reporters, to those venturing out of the office to speak to those in authority, building contacts and getting the stories. (And above all else, keep an open mind.) My plea is this:

Please, please, do not be afraid of asking difficult questions, and make it your business to seek out information that is being censored and then to decide for yourself whether that information has any validity.

The fight against tyranny has to come from the bottom, not the top. Don’t wait for a knight in shining armour; there isn’t one coming. It is up to you—the coalface journalist—to get out there and hold authority to account. And then, perhaps, our industry will become less hated than it is today; it could even become a profession again.