A New World Order Is Emerging

Those were the closing words of the new global chancellor of nothing yesterday, during his post G20 summit speech. "These are not just a single collection of actions," he said, "This is collective action; people at their best. I think a New World Order is emerging, and with it a new and progressive era of international cooperation. We have resolved that from today, we will together manage the process of globalisation ..."

So there you have it. The much mooted New World Order takes another lurch forward with this G20 summit and (to quote Brown from a previous speech) "the greatest restructuring of the global economy the world has ever seen." He just loves to brag, doesn't he?

The content of the final communique from the G20 makes the agenda clear for all to see. The financial collapse has been engineered to put every nation on this planet in such a dire situation that they must accept a new global financial dictatorship, or die. No nation state has any sovereignty as from this day.

The problem for Brown and his colleagues is that to get to this point they had to destroy the world's financial system. Theirfinancial system. What do they do now?

The answer lies with their intention to keep pumping hyperinflationary funny money into the system in an effort to keep the collapsing bubble inflated until such times as they can -

- organise the global warming scam into a new source of hot air for the bubble.

Pathetic, transparent, and did I mention pathetic?

These idiots really believe that the system can still be saved. They really believe that if they can just keep some air in the bubble long enough, that the gaping hole can be filled.

But the numbers just don't stack up - an additional one trillion Dollars (making five in total) to support one quadrillion Dollars of unpayable derivatives debt.

Its a dangerous game they're playing. One that I am determined to make sure they lose, as, I know, are most of you.

My immediate response to all this?

Just go to Hell, Gordon - and you will, sooner or later. Take your bailouts, your globalisation, your Free Trade and your New World Order with you.