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Debi Evans Blog: 25 July 2023

Another week and more dramas on every front. I don’t believe I am alone in being drama/crisis fatigued. Have our Governments become the little boy who cried wolf once too often? I believe that the last three years have been so remarkable that it has exposed those in charge and placed them under an enormous spotlight. Was the risk worth it or are the majority of the Western world now wiping the sleepy dust from their eyes and seeing the reality and horror of what they have awoken to? The speed of the events that we are witnessing is very telling; the more they panic, the quicker the plan goes ahead. Accelerationism is perhaps an understatement. Iain Davis' excellent article on UK Column ‘Accelerating towards Dark Enlightenment’ will certainly enlighten many.   

The future of Britain: master of puppets

Rishi Sunak is the United Kingdom’s (unelected by the people) Prime Minister, or is he? Who is actually running the United Kingdom? Are we under control of a ‘shadow’ government’ run by an unelected elite? Or worse still, is our country being run by a ‘war criminal’ who operates under the disguise of ‘Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter’ awarded by Queen Elizabeth II? Last week I spent nine hours in the company of Tony Blair and friends at the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change ‘Future of Britain Conference 2023’ where apparently Tony has a ‘new plan’ for a ‘new’ Britain.   I only discovered this conference by chance when investigating what Tony Blair has planned for our children’s education in the future. He has a plan for seemingly every aspect of our lives. Diving deeper into the agenda and speakers for the conference, I was surprised to see a diverse mix of powerful politicians, professionals, and philanthropic phony prevaricating pretenders spewing their own cocktails of poison. Yes, it was to be the greatest show on earth, an Oscar style event of ‘great pretenders’. Pretending we are in climate crisis, pretending that artificial intelligence and big tech is the only way forward, pretending we need them to stay well, pretending Britain has a great future, and (the greatest lie of all) pretending they have our best interests at heart.    With an invitation to join the conference virtually and for free, I took no time in deciding to sign up for a place. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, was the phrase ringing in my head. How do we know what those who want to control us are planning if we don’t ‘engage’ with them? So I braced myself, logged on at the stated time, grabbed my notebook and pen and settled down for what was to be a jaw dropping 9 hours of madness. Whilst most of the conference can be seen on YouTube, here are a few highlights to give you a flavour.   The stage was set; lights, camera and action. The first person we met was our host for the morning session, Emily Maitlis, who recently came out in support of Huw Edwards and was catapulted onto the international stage when her bombshell interview with Prince Andrew over his connections to paedophile Jeffrey Epstein went viral. From the get go, it was obvious this was going to be 9 hrs of what my kids call ‘colon crawling’ self-congratulatory pats on the back and excessive thanks for attending. If it sounds familiar to an MHRA Board meeting, you wouldn’t be far wrong. Emily’s first task, aside from welcoming us all, was to sound the trumpets for the grand entrance of ‘King Tony’ to fire the starting gun on his day of glory. I was surprised to see that Sir Tony appears to have morphed into the frail old man who hid behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz.   The morning was littered with more lies from a strange mix of guests. The TV personality and ‘Dragons Den’ investor, Deborah Meadon, lead the way. There was a 16 year-old Greta sound-alike worrying about her future, and Jamie Oliver, a celebrity chef who wants to revolutionise our diets, oozed enthusiasm as he peddled his plan to limit, censor and tax us on sugar and now salt. With more fear mongering around food, we also heard about the possibility of supermarket shopping baskets being fitted with an alarm in order to alert the shopper that they have just accelerated their death because they chose a naughty food to buy. If you think I am joking, sadly I’m not.     The day went from bad to worse as we were treated to talks from experts from abroad outlining how Britain’s future would look. It struck me that there were no British innovators invited. Do we not have any home grown innovators to consult? Seemingly not, in Sir Tony’s black book. With a surprise appearance from France, Macron filled our screens gushing his thanks to Sir Tony whilst wringing his hands pretty much the whole time when he wasn’t giving grandiose hand gestures or scratching his nose. Did he look nervous to you? Perhaps he would have been better as the puppeteer and not the puppet. As if Macron was not painful enough, we were treated to a very slow talking interview with Dr Henry Kissinger on China. More from across the pond with a guest appearance from the Rockefeller Institute.   As Ben Wallace took the stage after hot footing it from the House of Commons, I felt like I was in some sort of parallel universe. Why was Ben Wallace, Defence Secretary, at a Tony Blair conference alongside Keir Starmer et al? The interviewer, Jon Sopel, asked how Ben felt about being squeezed out of heading NATO. Ukraine, of course, was top of the agenda, but more surprisingly I was shocked and speechless when hearing of what happened when he was taken to Salisbury after the Novichok poisoning, if you want to know click here (watch from 22 minutes). Personally, unlike Jon, Ben and the audience, I was not laughing.   Watching Sir Tony interviewing Sir Keir Starmer was nauseating to say the least. However, if you have the stomach for it, click here and view from 1 hour 19 minutes. Who is pulling whose strings? You decide who the master of puppets is.   The end message is grim for all of us. The game of chess is on and we are the pawns, but who makes the next move and where will that take the game? Clean air? A green new deal? AI? Big Pharma? Privatised high tech sickness service? Transformation? Net zero? Yes, all that and more, coming to a street near you soon.   The Future of Sir Tony’s Britain is that of a UK global science superpower, with a lot of help from our friends across the pond. I am almost tempted to say I am feeling that the UK has by stealth and BREXIT, become the 51st State of the USA. Perhaps that was the BREXIT plan all along?   Clearly, the big take away message was that the UK are to lead the way, but the way to where exactly? A global leader to hell is what it feels like to me. With no goods to offer the world, all we have to offer in the UK are ‘services’. What services? If you look in the mirror, you see that the ‘service’ is YOU. Our Government is relying on us to provide a service by being experimented on, surveyed and monitored. This is not the Britain I want for future generations. However, the United Kingdom seems to be a global living laboratory, a nation governed not by their Government, but by a secret more nefarious secret government lurking like a parasite in plain sight. Arise King Tony, it should have been you.  

Preterm babies, newborns, infants and toddlers  

Nirsevimab for prevention of RSV in Healthy and Late-Preterm and Term Infants. This is probably one of the most alarming stories that I am covering this week. Please take heed and join the dots yourself, then pass on this information to all those who need it.    It would appear that AstraZeneca have been busy cosying up to the FDA in order to jab the youngest, most vulnerable and innocent of our population, those who have just been born. Babies cannot give consent. They cannot complain if they are suffering from a serious adverse reaction, nor can they communicate their pain accurately. This novel experimental drug has already gained approval from the FDA. How long before the MHRA give the same approval and it’s then rolled out here and in other countries?     As many of you may have seen, Cheryl Grainger and I have made some alarming connections between the Biological Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) in the USA, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and here in the UK, Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Authority (MHRA). Please bear that in mind when reading. For those unfamiliar with BARDA, please check in with UK Column News at 15 minutes. In summary, it means that in early 2024, drugs approved by the FDA will no longer need independent authorisation from the MHRA and EMA, and will automatically be rolled out here; it’s called a ‘ mutual recognition agreement’. But were you consulted and do you agree?    Now fully approved by the FDA, let me introduce you to the latest jab from AstraZeneca/Sanofi that will ‘protect’ infants and toddlers against Respiratory Syncytial Virus, which is allegedly the leading cause of hospitalisations amongst babies in the USA. However, it is worth remembering that most children experience RSV and the majority make an ‘unremarkable recovery’, which is medical jargon for ‘gets better with no further interventions needed’— so in other words, this means ‘good’.    For many months I have been alerting our audience to be aware and on the lookout for new experimental drugs coming down the pipeline, particularly those with mAb on the end of the active ingredient. Check the patient information leaflet because drugs often have two names. MAB’s are monoclonal antibodies. MAB’s are experimental and new, often used in treating cancer and HIV patients.    When my children had RSV they were steamed in the bathroom or given a nebuliser if things didn’t appear to get any better. I am glad to say they all made an ‘unremarkable recovery’ and are now proud mums and dads with their own children.    However, what is even more alarming about this drug is that it is to be given as a ‘protection’ jab to all infants regardless of whether they are healthy or not! Nirsevimab will be sold as Beyfortus’ and is NOT a vaccine; it is marketed as a form of ‘passive immunity’ and will be given as a single jab before autumn and winter seasons. If one jab isn’t enough, don’t worry, the FDA have approved a second injection for infants up to 2 years old.   The clinical trial data is extremely concerning and I am consulting with Paediatricians as a matter of urgency to further analyse their lack of safety data. However, AstraZeneca describe this injection as an investigational long-acting antibody. To emphasise, the word ‘investigational’ means it is still under clinical trials. What is your baby receiving in a syringe? Do you know?    Considering James Titcombe CEO Patient Safety Watch (a Jeremy Hunt founded organisation) is the UK’s safety guru with a special interest in maternity services, babies and pregnant mums, it would appear he is not interested or informed as to the dangers of the drugs we intend on giving our babies. Given that he tragically lost his son to sepsis at 9 days old in 2008, you’d think he would be as concerned as I am.  

USA White House: Office of Pandemic Preparedness and Response Policy

The White House announced that their Covid–19 office is standing down. Phew, that’s a relief—but not so quick because in its place is the Office of Pandemic Preparedness and Response Policy (OPPR), which is permanent. Its responsibilities include leading, coordinating and implementing a response to any unknown biological threats or pathogens that could lead to a significant public health disruption.   The USA have rolled out a retired Major General to lead the department. This is Major General Paul Freidrichs, who was formerly Joint Staff Surgeon and Joint Chief of Staff at the Pentagon. Prior to that he served as the Command Surgeon, Headquarters Air Combat Command Headquarters Air Combat Command at Fort Eustis, Virginia. Having received many awards, it appears the President thinks he is the best man for the job.    A little information on Freidrichs. His mother was a Hungarian freedom fighter and his grandparents were killed by Russians, not that that has anything to do with anything, I’m sure. How long before the UK have a similar Pandemic Government Department? Perhaps the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) have their eyes on that lucrative role. Nothing like learning from our friends across the pond.  


As our NHS lies in tatters, this week our Consultants are on strike. As if 5 days of junior doctors strikes wasn’t bad enough, now those in the most senior positions have left their posts, their patients and, in my opinion, their oath to ‘Do No Harm’ unattended. A parasitic NHS appears to be bleeding us dry, and there seems to be no end in sight. Do you support the doctors or are you suffering from strike fatigue? Let’s start with some doctors who deserve a special mention for very different reasons. Here in the UK I was honoured to be joined by Dr David Cartland GP, the honest doctor who refuses to be silenced, in his latest interview for UK Column he reveals the shocking truth behind primary care in the UK. A thought provoking article from ‘The Expose’ by Rhoda Wilson entitled ‘Hospitals aren’t safe for the sick’ echoes my own concerns.  

New CEO of Gavi the Vaccine Alliance

Across the pond I have been researching some names you may not be familiar with. Have you heard of Professor Seth Berkley? If you haven’t, keep reading. Professor Berkley is a medical epidemiologist from the USA. He is described as:
A serial entrepreneur and pioneer in global public health for more than 35 years, Dr Seth Berkley has been a champion of equitable access to vaccines and of innovation, and a driving force to improve the way the world prevents and responds to infectious disease. A medical doctor and infectious disease epidemiologist, Dr Berkley joined Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance as its CEO in August 2011. Under his leadership, Gavi has accelerated global immunisation access in its mission to save lives, reduce poverty and protect the world against the threat of epidemics and pandemics.
  He has been featured on the cover of Newsweek magazine; recognised by TIME magazine as one of “The TIME 100 –The World’s Most Influential People”; and named by WIRED magazine as among “The WIRED 25 – a salute to dreamers, inventors, mavericks, leaders”. And, I will add the Rockefeller Institution to that list. This information does not fill me with confidence.  

In brief


On UK Column News at 9 mins, Mike Robinson reported on Project FASTT, which is a new ‘fast payment’ CBDC like new payment platform in association with the World Bank and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Did anyone else find that as shocking as me? Having looked into this further, there appears to be little information of this in the mainstream media (for a specific reason, I am sure).  

Rocket launchers on army e-bikes

I couldn’t help but giggle when I was watching UK Column News Extra last Friday, when Alex Thomson introduced us to the RAF personnel who are using e-bikes to get around. If it wasn’t so serious, it would be a very funny story. However, it doesn’t stop there. It appears the Army will be using them also, but this time with rocket launchers attached to them. Given the known dangers of lithium ion batteries, explosions and fires associated with E-bikes, and non-existent safety standards, has the UK Government Defence Department really thought this through?  

Microchips in your hand for CBDC

Many ‘conspiracy theorists’ have been laughed at, ridiculed, ignored and chastised for their previous warnings associated to the use of microchips to access society. Who is laughing now? The Expose reveal that plans do indeed include the roll out of a new microchip to be placed under the skin in the hand in order to access Central Bank Digital Currency. Is this the Mark of the Beast that many Christians like myself refer to? Without it, you won’t be able to buy or sell. Effectively, without one you’ll be an outcast of society. Given the choice, I vote to be an outcast.  

Mental Health Hubs in schools

Why was the Government looking for a Mental Health Hub lead for schools? Are we to expect ‘hubs’ being set up in schools to encourage our youngsters to bare their souls? If we are building our model on that of the USA, I would say a resounding, yes. But who would they be disclosing their issues to, and with whose knowledge, permission and consent? When your child enters the school building, they are locked away from those who love and care for them most. Are you confident you know what is happening behind locked doors?   

Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)

A brief update on the MHRA, who have released their Annual Report and Accounts 2023, a very long but revealing document. I will deep dive into this and report on it in future weeks. Is the MHRA a sovereign regulator? I don’t think so.  


If you are a lover of curries or rely on rice as your staple diet, be prepared to dig deeper into your pocket because you'll be required to pay a lot more. This story appears to have missed most of the mainstream media headlines, however, it did manage to appear on Sky News with the sensationalist headline of Some will go hungry, some will starve’.   It appears that India have stopped exporting non basmati rice. India exports 40% of the world’s rice and this ban will have a significant impact on availability of rice for the foreseeable future. I am not advocating we all go running out to empty the shelves, however, an extra bag when next shopping may be sensible, especially for those with specific dietary needs.   If we combine this news with other news that greatly affects our food chain, such as the devastation of the effects on war on Europe’s ‘breadbasket’ Ukraine, we can perhaps foresee some food shortages in the future. Dinosaur years ago I used to be a girl guide, and I never forget a good motto; Be Prepared.  

And finally

A story that didn’t ‘crack’ me up this week was a plan ‘hatched’ by an ‘eggstrordinary’ person. After stealing 200,000 Cadbury Crème Eggs, a man was jailed for a year and a half. Using a meat grinder to break into the factory, he got away with over £31,000 of chocolate. The police were hailed as heroes for saving Easter when they arrested the ‘Easter Bunny’. With all this said, and although we can have fun making all sorts of egg jokes (as indeed I did at the beginning) I find this story extremely sad. This was the act of a desperate person, who handed himself into police. In Court, he was described as a man of good character who was experiencing many significant traumatic events in his personal life. What a world we are living in when a man is jailed for stealing chocolate and those in control who, feeding us fear, tyranny and poison, are hailed as heroes.    Whilst those in control attempt to march us into a ‘brave new world’, ‘brave new reset’, the world is wobbling like a drunkard. It almost feels to me as though Bible prophecy is jumping off the page.    Until next week, go safe. Stay positive and keep laughing, it’s the best medicine ever.
God Bless, Debi.   Revelation 13:16–17 16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: 17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.