UK Column News - 19th July 2023

Brian Gerrish, Vanessa Beeley and Debi Evans with today’s UK Column News. Guest segment with Cheryl Grainger.


Levantine Front: West Pressuring Russia; Israel Bombards Syria Again; US Troops Naïvely Say They’re Off To Fight Jihadis

​​00:26 AP: Russian fighter jet flies dangerously close to US warplane over Syria

​​Al Monitor: Russian fighter jets harass US drones over Syria twice in 24 hours

​​Al Monitor: Russia, Iran quietly coordinating in Syria to pressure US, official says

​​Video: American officer says cluster munitions are “irresponsible” and “not good” (unless it’s their allies using them) 

​​Kurdistan 24: Syria condemns ‘illegal entry’ of French delegation

​​Video: A young man in tears after his house was destroyed in the fire from Israel attacks

​​Geopolitics & Empire: Iurie Roşca (former Deputy Prime Minister of Moldova): There’s No Multipolarity, Only One Global Center of Real Power


​​UK Column Exclusive: BARDA Deep Dive With Debi Evans and Cheryl Grainger—US-UK-EU Mutual Medicines Recognition Agreement, Bleeding Us Dry

​​15:15 British Medical Journal: US public investment in development of mRNA Covid–19 vaccines: retrospective cohort study

​​Financial Times (2021): NHS shares English hospital data with dozens of companies

​​Morning Star: Centene—the toxic firm that’s rapidly expanding into our NHS

​​Centene Corporation: Managed Care & Healthcare Solutions

​​National Association of Counties (USA): Hon. Xavier Becerra—National Association of Counties

​​US Department of Health and Human Services: HHS Organizational Charts Office of Secretary and Divisions

​​US Department of Health and Human Services: BARDA: Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority

​​HHS Preparedness and Response: BARDA Strategic Plan: Gary Disbrow, PhD, BARDA Director

​​Medical Countermeasures Gov: BARDA'S Strategic Plan 2022-2026—Medical Countermeasures

​​FDA: FDA and European Union Announce Mutual Recognition Agreement for Pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practice Inspections of Animal Drugs

​​European Medicines Agency: Mutual recognition agreements (MRA)

​​JD Supra: UK MHRA to recognise medicine approvals including from FDA and EMA

​​GOV.UK: MHRA announces new recognition routes to facilitate safe access to new medicines with seven international partners 

​​GOV.UK: Project Orbis

​​Project Orbis is coordinated by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

​​Image: Mutual recognition of British, EU and American medicines regulators in the interests of rapid counter-measures for national security

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​​Debi Evans Blog: 18 July 2023

​​Freedom Music Festival: 21st, 22nd & 23rd of July 2023

​​UK Column Interview: Talking Architecture with Léon Krier

​​Forthcoming UK Column Interview: The Honest Doctor who refuses to be silenced—Dr David Cartland: Thursday 13:00


​​The Sickness That Dare Not Speak Its Name: Covid Vaccine Damage

​​34:18 Research Professional News: Stop 'gaslighting' people left ill by Covid jabs, says BMJ study

​​Research Professional News: UK to pay out over £11.5m in Covid–19 vaccine damages

​​Research Professional News: Oxford researchers ‘struggling’ to get details on vaccine damages

​​Research Professional News: Oxford researchers map Covid vaccine compensation schemes


​​BBC’s Terrorist Documentary Disappears Without Explanation After UK Column Coverage

​​37:14 Kurdistan 24: U.S. Slams Syria for Narcotics Trade, after launch of Global Coalition against Synthetic Drugs

​​UK Column Article (with a clip from Extra): Why is the BBC apparently featuring terrorists in its documentaries? (BBC’s report has now been pulled from iPlayer for British viewers)


​​Tony Blair Has The Future of Britain Mapped, With Sir Keir Starmer And An All-Star Cast Of Friends

​​42:34 I News: More children than ever are simply not turning up to school. Why does nobody care?

​​GOV.UK: Autumn term 2022/23: Pupil absence in schools in England

​​Tony Blair Institute for Global Change: The Future of Learning: Delivering Tech-Enabled Quality Education for Britain

​​Tony Blair Institute for Global Change Twitter: The Future of Britain

​​Sky News: The NHS is 'not serving its purpose' and needs to 'cooperate with private sector', says Tony Blair


Exasperation In ​​South West Wales: Continuous Increased Immigration Into The UK—Why?

​​47:20 Channel 4 News: Bid to stop arrival of 300 asylum seekers in Welsh village rejected by High Court

​​UK Home Office on Twitter: “BREAKING: The Illegal Migration Bill has passed Parliament and will become law.” (Have we heard this before?)

​​Brian Gerrish’s analysis exactly five years ago: Immigration as a political weapon to undermine society

​​UN Special Representative for Migration Peter Sutherland KCMG in 2012

​​The EU should be doing its best to encourage mass migration to undermine the homogeneity of European countries.

​​The Guardian (2019): Peter Ball, former C of E bishop jailed for sexual abuse, dies at 87

​​The Telegraph: Met agree payout with Daniel Morgan's family over axe murder failures 

​​The Guardian (2021): What’s happened at the BBC and the Met police shows the perils of groupthink

​​Military Strategy Magazine: The Strategy of the Mind: Maoism and Culture War in the West


​​Assad Can’t Be Frozen Out For Ever

​​55:12 The Economist: Syria’s president wants non-Muslim religions to help end his pariah status


​​Asimov’s Dream Materialises: Robots Stiltedly Tell Us They’re Here To Help And Not At All To Take Over The Galaxy

​​58:38 The Independent: Meet the AI human-like robots that can do our jobs

​​Euronews: “World’s first mass-produced” humanoid robot to tackle labour shortages amid ageing population

​​Interesting Engineering: Sensory finger: Startup teaches robots the feeling of a touch

​​International Telecommunication Union: Summit 23—AI for Good

​​The Independent: Watch as robots take part in UN discussion on AI in healthcare