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Alert: Philip Kerr-v-Attorney General RcJ for MI5 Mon 2 Feb 2015

by | Friday, 30th January 2015

Few people will be aware MI5 is finally being taken to task over harassment and 'stalking' by businessman Philip Kerr who alleges the agency has targeted him over a protracted period when he refused to work for them as an informer. Overwhelmingly in the public interest, and a matter of great public controversy, the public can support Philip and see justice being done at: Royal Courts Justice Room E101 Strand London 1030 Mon 2 February 2015.

True to form MI5 initially tried to bury the case using a secret hearing under the Investigatory Powers Tribunal. Happily the Protection from Harassment Act requires a public High Court hearing.

Remember also that Michael Adebolajo killer of soldier Lee Rigby complained that he was harassed by MI5 after he refused to act as an informer. His complaints were neither investigated nor taken seriously. We ignore the accelerating surveillence powers and the bullying of the British State at our peril. Can you be there for Philip Kerr?