The "Gateside Three" are three key directors of the Institute of Statecraft, a Scottish Registered charity whose address is given as Gateside Mill, a disused former industrial building in rural Fife.
The film 'All the President’s Men', depicts the plucky fight of two underdog journalists against the over-mighty state. Our heroes are backed by their cynical and hard-bitten editor who hides his deep sense of honour and moral courage beneath a world-weary and shabby exterior. In short, it is a work of fiction. Be that as it may, it gave us some memorable lines, the best being “follow the money”.
Why did the fire regulations desert the residents of Grenfell Tower?
This article is dedicated to all those who search for a full understanding of the tragedy at Grenfell Tower, both official and unofficial investigators. Most of all, it is for the survivors of the inferno, and the friends and relatives of those who were lost. It is offered in the hope that it will help you find the right questions to ask.
Since President Donald Trump ordered the US missile attack on Syria, the international media response via BBC World Service, Fox News, MSNBC, CNN and the like has been astounding. The message they have broadcast has been clear, unanimous and irrational: the chemical attack was by Assad’s Syrian “regime” and the US response has reset the Trump presidency which is now back on the, admittedly difficult, path to world salvation via American exceptionalism.
The parliamentary inquiry into "fake news", or at least the Home Office, may have certain axes to grind.
How does the "alternative" media assist the mainstream in assuring us that there is no EU military integration? 2017 has opened with a bang as the year of #FakeNews and its supposed debunking. But to debunk foreign news, it helps to speak foreign languages. Those who don't speak the language in which remarks were made have, as President Chirac once memorably said (on another issue), "a great opportunity to refrain from commenting."
Today Theresa May set out her stall. Britain is leaving the EU. Brexit means Brexit. And now, at last, we begin to see what Brexit means.
Donald Trump is soon to become the 45th president of the United States of America. I find myself wondering if he could job share; First Minister of Scotland, say on the weekends. He could work on his golf swing too.
On Wednesday 11 January 2016, Melanie Shaw, the whistleblower on the horrific abuse of children which occurred at the then county council-run Beechwood Children's Home in Nottinghamshire in the late 1980s, was given a two-year custodial sentence in a secret court hearing.
The intention for a “final” attack on Mosul was announced weeks ago. Why?
The United States was supposed to reprocess spent plutonium into non-weapons grade material, as Russia has. Russia’s displeasure with the United States’ breach of the plutonium treaty follows what is just the latest provocation from the final days of the Obama administration.
International Development Secretary Priti Patel has announced the UK's plans to allocate £750 million for “humanitarian” projects in Afghanistan.
Guy Taylor
Guy Taylor appeared in Aberystwyth Wales Magistrates court today at 1000 in connection with a ‘minor public order’ offence allegedly committed by Guy several months ago. Guy Taylor denies that any such offence ever took place.
Mass protests have been building in Armenia since early June. The trigger appears to have been the sudden rise in the price of electricity: a decision made by the Armenian government being presented by the Western press as some kind of kickback to Vladimir Putin.
Robert who has now been found guilty in Aberdeen Sheriff's Court...his crime was to breach an anti-harassment order...
MI5 is finally being taken to task over harassment and 'stalking' by businessman Philip Kerr who alleges the agency has targeted him over a protracted period when he refused to work for them.
Melanie Shaw before after Sodexo HMP Peterborough care
On Thursday 30 Oct 2014 Nottingham Beechwood abuse survivor and whistleblower Melanie Shaw was found guilty of arson reckless and criminal damage at the end of a three day trial at Nottingham Crown Court.
David Cameron has attacked those in the countryside, who oppose the Government’s new planning laws, by suggesting that such opposition is killing off young people’s chances of owning a home as well as sidelining the country’s best interests. 
It has been claimed, following ‘startling new figures’, that crime rates have plummeted in the western world. Robberies, car thefts and murders are all falling substantially, and, according to the data, in some cases crime has practically vanished.
Brookes Newmark
Prime Minister David Cameron, Tory MP Brooks Newmark and US sources claim that chemical weapons have been used in Syria. This 'fact' is then used to ramp up the call for military action to ensure that Assad is overthrown. But are the chemical weapons fact and where is the evidence? 
Mitsubishi Financial
The policy of "bail in", where failing banks steal the savings of its depositors as happend in Cyprus, is beginning to be formalised, starting with Japan.
Tim Yeo has had to step aside from his chairmanship of the Energy and Climate Change Committee having been caught up in the Lobbygate scandal.
Michael Meacher
When Michael Meacher spoke to us outside the Bilderberg Conference last Thursday, he said he would be asking an urgent question in the House on the issue of the Bilderberg Conference. Today, the Speaker granted that request.
UK Charity Income in the year to March 2013
The UK Charity Commission has released charity income and expenditure figures up to the end of Q1 2013. The figures show that income rose to £59.9 billion in the year to the end of March, up from £59.48 billion three months previously.
Stella Rimington
Speaking at the Hay Festival, the former head of MI5 reinforced recent "Clash of Civilisations" rhetoric, stating "the enemy is everywhere".
William Hague lies about support for lifting the arms embargo on Syria
William Hague has acknowledged that many EU member states had "found it difficult" to lift the arms embargo on the terrorists operating in Syria.
Today the mainstream media highlighted a study that called for urgent action by ministers in regards to children having access to pornography online. 
The EU gravy train steam rolled back into the mainstream press today with the Daily mail highlighting the gigantic difference between the incomes of MEP's and the rest of society. 
William Hague
Foreign Secretary William Hague said yesterday that Britain will veto the renewal of the EU arms embargo on Syria when foreign ministers meet next week, if member states block moves to permit weapons to be transferred to the terrorist opposition.
Roger Hayes
At 0930 this morning, in scenes reminiscent of Stasi East Germany, 2 police cars and 4 policemen from Merseyside Police arrested British Constitution Group Chairman Roger Hayes at his Wirral home and drove away.
Moritz Kraemer
While Moritz Kraemer, head of sovereign ratings at Standard & Poor believes Greece will have to restructure its debt once more, the ECB calls for more regime change.
Bernard Gray
David Cameron's mission to privatise all that we once owned continues with Bernard Gray's hushed plan to privatise the MoD.
Elish Angiolini
On the 29th April 1991 a meeting was held between Lord Fraser (the Lord Advocate), Lord Roger (the Solicitor General), Duncan Lowe (the Crown Agent), Alfred Vannet (the Deputy Crown Agent) and persons unknown, to discuss  a report written by Elish McPhilomy (now Dame Elish Angiolini), that sought to establish a rationale for, and the extent to which, the protections offered by Common Law could be circumvented, and statute law ignored.
Robert received nine months for the alleged breach of the peace, and three months for breaking bail conditions.
The Israeli Ambassador in Bangkok admitted yesterday that the bombs discovered in Bangkok were similar to those used in the recent attacks in India and Georgia.
The targetting of Israeli diplomats In Georgia and India comes hot on the heals of the exposure of Mossad involvement in the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists.
As Britain's policy of regime change in the middle east continues, Russia resists intense pressure from British led western and Arab League governments to withdraw its intended veto on any UN resolution calling for Syria's Assad to step aside.
In a landmark ruling in Hania, Crete, a Greek judge has wiped out the debt owed to banks by a full time employed civil servant.
The British led drive for war with Russia, using an attack on Iran as the touch paper, continues with William Hague taking point. 
Sarah Teather
British government child trafficking for profit at hands of Clegg’s Lib Dems?
As another EU summit ends with no solution to the Euro crisis, David Cameron surprised no-one by dropping his pledge to stop the eurozone from using the European courts to uphold its new fiscal pact outside the EU treaties.
Georgian President and George Soros placeman Mikheil Saakashvili arrived in Washington yesterday to learn what his pay-off will be for his support in attacking Iran and the continuing interference in Russian internal affairs.
It seems that Bibi and Barry are best of friends again. Operation Austere Challenger 2012, the joint Israeli/US military "exercises", which were cancelled following a spat between Presidents Netanyahu and Obama, have been rescheduled for October.
The news today that Martin Smith has hanged himself in his prison cell has both shocked and saddened us.
On Tuesday, 24th January in Stonehaven Court, Scotland, Robert Green was found guilty of Breach of the Peace, and breaking some of his bail conditions. Three other charges were dropped. 
European finance ministers will meet today to finalise the terms for Greek debt restructuring.
There has been a significant backlash to Andrew Adler's op-ed. However the response from at least one senior Jewish reporter, works hard to divert attention onto Obama's legitimate critics.
In an article in his newspaper, the Atlanta Jewish Times, Andrew Adler called for the Mossad assassination of President Obama for so far refusing to go to war with Iran.
Last April, the Mexican National Water Commission (Conagua), the World Wildlife Fund (WWF, for its acronym in English) and the Interamerican Development Bank (IDB) announced an alliance to reclaim water used by humans for environmental use, ensuring water resources needed for the proper functioning of ecosystems. Since human use is not considered "environmental", the result is nothing less than murder.
ITER - One step closer
Scientists have achieved a milestone in the effort to build the future ITER fusion reactor.
Parents were shattered to learn that their deceased children's brains and other body parts had been secretly removed and stored. Police are probing 40 cases in just one county, Dorset.
"Austere Challenge 12", the joint US-Israeli military exercises, scheduled for April, have been cancelled.
The main cause of hyperinflation is a massive and rapid increase in the amount of money which is not supported by growth in the output of goods and services. The UK Column has been warning for a number of years now that we are staring hyperinflation in the face. So where is it?
The government has been warned that thousands of children are being put behind bars for very minor offences and yet social services are being drastically cut.
The markets seem to have mostly shrugged off France's loss of its triple-A rating.
On my way into the office this morning I was treated to yet another slice of the habitual, and cleverly packaged “but, we are only trying to help” medicine from our good friends at the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation.
We are often told not to kick a man when he is down ...
W. Scott Thompson
Netanyahu is determined to be Israel's last Prime Minister, according to W. Scott Thompson, former Assistant to the Secretary of Defence during the Reagan years, current CFR and International Institute of Strategic Studies member.
The Republican Party Presidential campaign could well be described as the best street theater since Punch and Judy.
Children are being abandoned in Greece as their parents struggle to make ends meet. A four year old little girl was found on the street clutching a note saying "I can't afford her any more"
While we wrangle with our respective public or private employers about what pensions we might receive in the future, French pensioners are already having payments withheld.
President Obama may have forgotten to mention that the American troops due to leave Iraq at the end of 2011 would need to be deployed almost immediately elsewhere.
The Euro cracks under the strain
We could be forgiven for thinking that the Euro crisis has gone away, with so little coverage in the media. Sadly, it's just the calm before the storm.
On the 23rd December, two leading Russian analysts wrote an article for Nezavisimoye Voyennoye Obozreniye (Independent Military Review), highlighting that not only is Obama not abandoning the Bush Administration's PGS platform, but building on it.
As the Euro continues is collapse, French President Sarkozy has indicated that he will not wait for the rest of Europe to stop squabbling before imposing the financial transaction tax. 
Robert Green
Robert Green was forced to sack his Legal Counsel yesterday, following disagreement regarding the appearance of Elish Angiolini as a defence witness at his upcoming trial.
George Soros
Perhaps unsurprisingly, George Soros has been identified by US journalist Wayne Madsen as financing the anti-Putin protests in Russia via Georgia.
On both sides of the Atlantic, there is a drive by traitorous "leaders" to dispose of our respective Bills of Rights.
The new Greek dictatorship has indicated that it would support a ban on Iranian oil imports, depite receiving 35% of its oil from Iran - a source it relies on because other sources will not extend credit to Greece.
John Yoo
In an article for the National Review, John Yoo, erstwhile legal advisor to the Dubya regime and author of the so-called torture memos which justified Cheney's torture operations, provided a new justification for war with Iran - that the United States is the new British Empire.
Mega turbine
"Giant wind turbines with blade spans that dwarf the London Eye could be the shape of future green power, it has been disclosed."
Afghan MP, Nasimeh Niazi, has told Iranian news agency FNA, that foreign forces deployed in Afghanistan are involved in the production and trafficking of opium in the country.