British Cabinet Office Collaborates With French Brainwashing Guru To Change The Way We Think

On 3 January 2011, following the UK Column's lead article exposing insider dealing between the Cabinet office and political behavioural training charity Common Purpose, the Independent newspaper revealed that David Cameron had also set up a Cabinet Office Behavioural Insight Team. Formed in July last year, the secretive cell is tasked to "dream up psychological tricks to alter our behaviour" - and on a massive scale.

The Independent article warned how the public is to be reframed, or “nudged”, into politically acceptable "social norms": starting with healthy eating, voluntary work and taxpaying. While this may seem innocent to some people, these early ‘soft’ targets are already being greatly expanded to include wider central government ideological and political agendas, including Cameron's socialist straitjacket of the Big Society. Élite multi-millionaire Socialist and Tory Chancellor George Osborne has already signed up to Behavioural Economics — another form of mental reframing of individuals and groups, specifically to achieve political economic objectives. Their theory and intent is, that once mentally retrained, we “willingly rush to pay excessive taxes”.

The danger is that we are to be trained to believe what our politicians and public sector — The State — says is right. And we will not even be aware that we have been ‘reframed’ to think so. Never mind the basics — politicians have been proved corrupt, deviant, liars; the Soviet Union would have paid in blood and gold for Cameron’s political mind-control initiative to lock people in a hive mind.

Research by UK Column now exposes that Cameron’s LibCon government is collaborating behind closed doors with similar sinister units in the French Government, to develop further plans and techniques to change our natural behaviour.

Our investigation of little known Rosie Donachie, who is part of the Behavioural Insight Team under Maude, Gus O’Donnell and David Halpern, reveals that Donachie is a key player and go-between in the mental attack on the British public.

Aside from her position as Senior Advisor with the Cabinet Office Behavioural Insights Team, she is also a Trustee of the Franco-British Council, and is involved with the Party of European Socialists, based in Brussels. Not surprisingly for her murky role, she even has two names, being referred to as Rosalin in her Franco-British guise. Tracking Mrs Donachie’s path led UK Column investigative reporters to discover that on 17 November 2010, the Franco-British Council had hosted a meeting inside 10 Downing Street attended by a mix of the Cabinet Office Behavioural Insights Team and their French counterparts.

Alongside Donachie and others, a key attendee at the secretive meeting was top French mind-bender Professor Olivier Oullier, who works directly within French President Sarkozy’s private office.

The meeting was instigated by Rohan Silva of the No. 10 Policy Unit following consultation with the Centre for Strategic Analysis of the Prime Minister of France with the aims of: “bringing together experts on Behavioural Economics from France and the UK and to seek cross-fertilization and generation of concrete proposals through open discussion”, and “to look at practical applications for the science of Behavioural Economics in France and the UK in light of the economic crisis.” Rohan Silva is Senior Policy Advisor to David Cameron and he also sits on the Advisory for progressive Conservatism at Demos (a Marxist-leaning think tank).

There is, no doubt, an inclination to laugh at the idea that we can be mentally ‘reframed’ or ‘reprogrammed’ into new belief systems and patterns of behaviour; but clearly, these people have not been assembled behind closed doors to play games. A simple search on Google will reveal thousands of NLP training organisations, leadership trainers and consultancies. They all state that they can and do change people’s minds. They earn money from doing so. Moreover, whilst NLP and other mental reframing techniques can be used for therapeutic purposes, any technique interfering with the human mind has risks. These may manifest as adverse personality changes, stress or depression.

Stating that: “behavioural economics can be a powerful tool for improving lives when used with care”, the No. 10 attendees were clearly aware of risks to individuals and the wider public, but — if we go by the notes of the meeting released — seemingly failed to discuss or document those risks.

The truth of the meeting at No. 10 is deeply sinister. Modern behavioural manipulation techniques, which includes NLP, can and do, achieve changes in people's behaviour, particularly where the victim, individual or group, adult or child, is unaware that they are being targeted. It is perfectly feasible, as the attendees of No. 10 are fully aware, to implement political agendas and doctrine by reprogramming people. Consider Hitler Youth, or the Communist Chinese onslaught on the minds of children and young people. These latest insidious techniques, do not have that raw brutality, but unchecked, their stealth, effectiveness, and viral spread presents a far greater danger. Behavioural reframing for health, voluntary work and taxes today — and eugenics tomorrow. We have been warned.