Margaret Anna Alice (Through The Looking Glass)

Margaret Anna Alice writes about media narratives, politics, propaganda, mass control, psychology, history, philosophy, language, film, art, music, literature, culture, and health with a focus on Covid at her Substack blog, Margaret Anna Alice Through the Looking Glass. She is the author of the fairy tale The Vapor, the Hot Hat, and the Witches’ Potion and has presented her research to the Corona Investigative Committee.

Her poem Mistakes Were NOT Made: An Anthem for Justice sparked a worldwide call for accountability after a video of Dr Tess Lawrie reading it went viral. Described as “Covid’s Best Chronicler” by Dr Meryl Nass and “my favourite writer anywhere” by Dr Mike Yeadon, Margaret Anna aims to unmask totalitarianism, stop democide, galvanize the resistance, and awaken the sleeping before tyranny triumphs.