The man with his finger on the WHO’s pulse—James Roguski

We are living in extraordinary times. Mysterious balloons in the sky, unidentified flying objects, political resignations and royal scandals are just some of the news currently perturbing our lives. Amid the turmoil, a plan is being cooked up quietly behind the closed doors of the World Health Organisation which will affect every one of us.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is the United Nations’ specialised agency for health; it was established in 1948 with the objective of the attainment by all people of the highest possible level of health. Health is defined in the WHO Constitution as:

a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of illness or infirmity.

The Secretary-General of the WHO is Dr Tedros Ghebreyesus, who was initially appointed in 2017 and who is now serving his second four-year term, having been re-elected in 2021. Dr Ghebreyesus is an Ethiopian public health official who holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in community health. The WHO advocates that a billion more people should benefit from:

  • universal health care coverage,
  • engagement with the monitoring of public health risks,
  • coordinating responses to health emergencies,
  • and promoting health and well-being.

The WHO relies on contributions from 194 member states and private donors, such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (reported on by UK Column here) and the Global Alliance Vaccine Alliance (GAVI, reported on by UK Column here).

The Associated Press unearthed that the WHO routinely spent over $200 million a year on travelling and accommodation expenses—more than its mental health, HIV/AIDS and malaria budgets combined.

The WHO employs over 7,000 staff in 149 countries and relies on goodwill ambassadors, such as the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and the singer-songwriter Craig David, to spread its message.

James Roguski, author, activist, researcher and dedicated reader, has been keeping his fingers on the WHO’s pulse and translating the organisation’s intentions into everyday language for the public to understand.

Roguski believes that is every person’s individual responsibility to question everything and to challenge claims of authority.  What is the WHO up to? What are “International Health Regulations”, what is the Pandemic Treaty, and whom does it affect? It would be wise to follow the trail that Roguski has taken the trouble to lay and to find out how we will be affected by WHO plans. Who represents your country at the table in Geneva?

If we are to stop this planned power grab, action is needed urgently, from all of us—and, with crucial WHO meetings scheduled within days and the next meeting of the World Health Assembly to be held in May, time is running out. To find out more please go to, which will take you to Roguski’s comprehensive and informative blog, where you can find e-mail templates that you can send to your parliamentarian or government. Discussions must be had, debates must be heard and the people must choose.

James Roguski has dedicated every waking moment to understanding who the WHO are and what they do, with a view to broad dissemination of this knowledge. He is optimistic for the future and believes in the power of the people to orchestrate change. A change of course is possible; the choices are in our hands. Now it is up to us to inform others. To stop the agenda, we must act. What will you do? Whom will you tell? Every action counts.

Please support James Roguski’s work. Without his expertise and knowledge, none of us would be any the wiser. His counsel is:

If you are fearful, you are in the wrong place.