UK Column's first Motherwell meet-up—Part 2 of 2

Following on from Part 1 of this video, and all the livelier for the half-time cup of tea, the questions from the audience ranged across the spectrum of current events and the stories covered by UK Column News but ignored in the mainstream media. Alex and David did say "ask us anything", after all.

Questions included:

  • Why is UK Column pro-Palestinian?
  • Whom do our armed forces actually protect?
  • Why did the churches close during lockdown?
  • Why are American Christians more aware of what is going on in the world than the churches in Scotland and the rest of the UK?
  • Should we look to Switzerland as a model for distributed government?
  • How do you think the Great Reset is going? Is it going to plan, or are there reasons for optimism?
  • How entrenched is Satanist ritual abuse in the higher echelons of society?

and finally, the most telling question of all:

  • What does victory look like?

—a question so good that neither David nor Alex really did it justice (though Alex recalled having been on stage in his kilt for this performance of an Estonian song that tells the sad truth that not all the bees will make it back to the hive); a question that we should back to and always remember to discuss.

We would like to thank each and every person who came along on that dreich, stormy August night. We hope to meet you, and many more UK Column viewers and listeners, at the next meet-up on Monday 23 January. Once again, the venue is the GLO Centre in Motherwell. Doors open at 6:30 and the event starts at 7:00 pm.