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AV10.1 took place on Sunday, 27 October. Here you can access all the presentations.
Mike Robinson, Brian Gerrish, Alex Thomson, Patrick Henningsen and Mark Anderson discuss the main stories of 2017, and take a look at the year ahead.
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They’ve murdered all me mates in Trafalga’ Square.
In the first in our series of documentaries, Patrick Henningson investigates the eviction of a Kensington and Chelsea resident with a heart condition, thrown out from his home and beaten up by police.
In 732 AD, Charles “The Hammer” Martel, military and political leader of the Franks during the Merovingian dynasty, attacked and routed an invading Moorish army at Tours, bringing to an abrupt end decades of incursion by Islamic invaders.
They all think I’m out of touch! How does that work? It isn’t supposed to happen this way! Ken is supposed to tell me what to do, I’m supposed to do it, and you lot are supposed to love me for it! That’s what Ken and Michael have been telling me since I was a boy. And now 82% of you lot hate my guts! It’s not fair! It isn’t!
In the first decade of the 5th century AD, in the years before Alaric marched his Visigoth horde into Rome and sacked the city, Britannia was, albeit temporarily, at peace. In the four hundred years since the first Roman invasion, tyrannical military force had largely tamed the native Celtic population, bringing classical education, economic stability, and ultimately, even Christianity to the Islands, following its adoption as the official religion of the Empire in 313 AD. 
So, at last you are all starting to see me for what I really am. You lot thought I was ineffectual, weak, empty headed and devoid of all personality. You probably thought I was some kind of soulless clone. You were right, but I am also absolutely determined to do what I’m told. As soon as Ken gets his whips out, I know what I must do.
For many observant Christians, 2012 is a year of deep trepidation, a time in which the realisation of biblical prophecies of the “end times” is widely feared to begin in earnest. And yet, in the confusion and educational paucity of our times, much of the true history of western civilisation from the birth of Christ and days of the patristic fathers, through the rise and decline of Rome, its resurrection in the Byzantine, later Anglo-Dutch (Venetian) Empires, and finally to current history in the era of 21st Century “globalisation”, remains murky at best to the majority of self described biblical scholars.
Bill Maloney and Lilly Starr of Pie and Mash Films have created an extremely moving and revealing video, in which they tell the story of Cornel Brown and Nichola Thatcher. In so doing, they show the world the inhumanity perpetrated by social services, CAFCASS and the Family courts.