UK Column News - 8th May 2023

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, David Scott and Mark Anderson with today’s UK Column News.


​​Loss Aversion Coronation

​​00:27 BBC: King and Queen say thanks for 'glorious occasion'

​​Archbishop of Canterbury tells Charles ‘we crown a King to serve’ during sermon

​​The Anointing Screen has been blessed at the Chapel Royal, St James’s Palace

​​King Charles III and Queen Camilla are crowned in Westminster Abbey—Full Coronation video

​​Penny Mordaunt's sword-wielding role

​​King Charles signs sacred Coronation Oath

​​Hamza Yusuf vajazzles in his ‘Asian/Glaswegian fusion’ suit


There’s the idiot that fell off the scooter

​​Coronation balcony scene was ‘terribly white’, says Bridgerton star Adjoa Andoh

​​Protesters in Trafalgar Square demonstrating against the Coronation

​​Thousands of anti-monarchy protesters took to the streets in Scotland's Glasgow

​​Anti-monarchy protest outside Cardiff Castle

​​Egg thrower Patrick Thelwell says he was arrested during Coronation protests, getting identified by facial recognition cameras


If they’re happy for us to pay for it then the very least you’d expect is the right to protest peacefully against it.

​​Police arresting demonstrators and seizing placards

​​Women's safety volunteers arrested ahead of Coronation

​​A significant Metropolitan Police operation is under way in central London ahead of the Coronation

​​Legislation used for the pre-crime arrests was the Public Order Act 2023

​​Government Bill: Public Order Act 2023 (Last updated 3 May 2023)

​​Government Bill: National Security Bill (Last updated 4 May 2023)


​​SNP Finance Probe: Bigger Guns Required

​​33:31 The Herald: Police Scotland call in National Crime Agency in SNP finance probe

​​The Herald: SNP finances whistleblower calls for inquiry into police response

​​Craig Murray’s Twitter thread says the National Crime Agency were not called in by Police Scotland

​​Police Scotland Chief Constable Sir Iain Livingstone announced in February he is stepping down after nearly six years in the top job

​​The Telegraph (2019): Scottish Police Authority chair quits with warning to SNP ministers system is 'fundamentally flawed' 


​​Bank-Run Crawling

​​41:31 BBCUS bank shares slide after First Republic rescue

​​Gallup: About half in U.S. worry about their money's safety in banks

​​UK Column interview: David Rohl—Challenging the established view of ancient history

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​​Cutting The NHS Waiting List: Just Go Straight To A Pharmacy

​​48:35 New plan to make it easier for patients to see their GP, with £240 million given to practices across England to embrace latest technology

​​For the first time ever, patients who need prescription medication will be able to get it directly from a pharmacy, without a GP appointment


​​WHO Says Covid is Over?

​​50:31 BBCWHO says, Covid global health emergency is over

​​James Roguski: The fake has ended, but the lies continue

​​The World Health Organization said Friday that COVID–19 no longer qualifies as a global emergency

​​Your Written Public Comments are Requested by Wednesday, May 10, 2023

​​Interest of Justice: Comment to HHS OGA & Advise US Government To Exit The WHO For Stakeholder Listening Session In Preparation of 76th WHA

​​Parliamentary e-petitions 11 current committee members

​​Petition: Hold a parliamentary vote on whether to reject amendments to the IHR 2005 

​​Government responded on this petition on 5 May 2023

​​UK Column article: ‘One Health’ and the demotion of humankind to the level of livestock

​​UK Column article: WHO and other ‘covidocracy’ agencies working toward 2024 World Pandemic Treaty deadline


​​Journalist Arrested—Then And Now

​​1:07:00 The Telegraph: EU diverts road-building funds into £1.7bn Ukraine ammunition plan 

​​Footage from Ukraine

​​Russia says relations with US 'on edge of open armed conflict'

​​Ukraine jails US commentator Gonzalo Lira

​​Mark Anderson’s letter to the Board Of Parole Hearings

​​PF Lazor, known as Free Lazor, still in prison

​​Rud DavidAmerican Political Prisoners 

​​Free Lazor: 36+ years in prison for self-defence shooting


  • PF LAZOR C-73842, Salinas Valley State Prison, P. O. Box 1050  A4-103, Soledad, CA 93960–1050


​​Climate Question Evasion

​​1:21:42 UN’s Act Now Campaign 

​​John Kennedy stumped a Biden administration official over the benefits of the $50 trillion price tag to make the U.S. carbon-neutral

​​Rest in peace David Barnby