UK Column News - 8th March 2023

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, Alex Thomson and Debi Evans with today’s UK Column News.


Digital ID Is Already Here

00:28 Data Protection and Digital Information (No. 2) Bill

Data Protection and Digital Information Bill PDF (419 pages)

Data Protection and Digital Information Bill—Impact Assessment Update

UK Government recruits for Identity Fraud Evidence Base Review Project


Covid leaks: Why was WhatsApp being used?

09:46 Telegraph trivialising the ‘The Lockdown Files’ by placing them under Gary Lineker jibe froth

Graham Taylor on Jeremy Vine says “the conspiracy theories of 2020 are all coming true”

Flashback to 2021: Jeremy Vine On 5 promotes the government's free Covid tests

WhatsApp, brought to you by Mark Zuckerberg and Nick Clegg

RD: Is WhatsApp Safe? Security Issues You Must Know

Hackernoon: How do You Hack Whatsapp Chats?—7 Vulnerabilities Explained

Sky: Wayne Couzens joked about sexual assault in newly released WhatsApp messages

BBC: Ministers face High Court battle over WhatsApp use


Unaccountable Senior Civil Servants: A Global Scourge

32:20 UK Column Interview: Portugal, Pandemics and Parliament—One woman’s remarkable story

Subtitled video: Dr Marta da Silva Gameiro appears before the Petitions Committee of the Portuguese Parliament defending her parliamentary petition (still open for signatures) that Portugal must have a referendum before acceding to the WHO Pandemic Treaty

Subtitled video: Paul-Antoine Martin interviewed about his French book on The Clan Of Bosses (auto-translated captions available from YouTube’s Settings cogwheel or three-dot button)

Subtitled video: President Macron receives a telling-off in Kinshasa for paternalism

De Andere Krant: “Justice remains under the spell of Demmink” (Dutch retired senior civil servant accused of child abuse)


Sunak Focuses on Small Boats

53:17 Prime Minister Sunak outlines his five key priorities for 2023

Rishi Sunak’s Twitter threads

The UK’s policy to send asylum seekers to Rwanda

Official Statistics: Irregular migration to the UK, year ending September 2022

As mentioned on Friday 3 March: Hands off UK aid for the world’s poorest and most vulnerable countries, demands the International Development Committee


International Women's Day and Updates

58:26 CrowdJustice: Fair compensation for WASPI women (Women Against State Pension Inequality)

Announcement—Alternative View 13: One-day real-life event in Buckinghamshire on 22 October 2023. Accommodation not included in ticket.

Viewers’ e-mails educate politicians


Ukraine Updates: Endgame in Bakhmut

1:05:25 Bakhmut now surrounded 

Mail: Horror of the trenches returns to Europe

BBC doing creative news at its best: Russian reservists fighting with shovels

“After Bakhmut, they could go further,” says Zelensky backing decision not to withdraw

Zelensky vows Ukraine will continue to defend Bakhmut

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin says:

This has been a contested area for several months.


Trust WHO?

1:13:02 Trust—or the belief that someone or something can be relied on to do what they say they will

Patient experience: do patients have confidence and trust in clinicians?

Speech to launch the Edelman UK Trust Barometer 2023, addressing the challenges in improving public trust in politics.

Penny Mordaunt: 

Being a government minister, having attended Davos, I am clearly part of this group—and I am braced for a post speech social media pile on as to why I am an apologist for a global illuminati hell bent on ending humanity as we know it.

Eventbrite registration form: MHRA Board Meeting—Tuesday 21 March 2023, 10:00 – 12:45 GMT

BMJ: Nothing about us without us

How the MHRA Will Involve Patients and Public at Every Step of the Regulatory Journey

Patient Involvement Strategy 2021–25 PDF


BBC cheerleading for the Online Safety Bill

1:22:21 Marianna Spring investigates how Elon Musk’s ownership is transforming Twitter

Marianna Spring:

My online abuse tripled since Musk took over Twitter

Twitter poll: Should Marianna Spring do an interview with UK Column?