UK Column News - 7th June 2023

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Debi Evans with today’s UK Column News.


Ukraine—Long Segment: The Build-Up To War Explained

00:23 UK Column News — 24th November 2017: EU EaP: Eastern Partnership summit 2017 (first item in the news that day, at 00:38)

BBC (2017): PM Theresa May is to warn EU leaders to be wary of “hostile states like Russia” and pledge the UK will stay committed to European security after Brexit

Operation Barbarossa: Soviet Union invaded by Nazi Germany

Theresa May said in 2017: 

From agriculture in Ukraine to the tech sector in Belarus there is a huge amount of potential in the Eastern neighbourhood that we should nurture and develop.

Telegraph (2018): Britain to launch counter-propaganda war against Russia as Theresa May unveils 'Fusion Doctrine' defence plan

UK Column News — 5th June 2023: Tobias Ellwood boasts of Bellicose British nudging (first item, at 00:32)

Yahoo! News: How the U.K. helped convince the U.S. and its allies to spend big to help Ukraine in its war with Russia

The Kyiv Independent: Zelensky: First F–16 fighter jet in Ukraine 'will be one of the strongest signals from the world’

The Kyiv Independent: Australia considers sending F/A–18 fighter jets to Ukraine

Financial Times: Serbia backs ammunition shipments to Ukraine in westward pivot

Wall Street Journal (video): U.S. M1 Abrams Tanks

Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation: Statement by Russian Minister of Defence General of Army Sergei Shoigu

Battlefield sitrep by Brian Gerrish 

James Cleverly tells Volodymyr Zelensky that the UK will back Ukraine until they are "victorious"

UK Government: Foreign Secretary visits Kyiv before Ukraine Recovery Conference 

Sky: Mariupol has been turned to rubble twice

UK Government: UK to galvanise support for Ukraine’s recovery at OECD meetings

On 21–22 June 2023, the UK jointly with Ukraine will host the international Ukraine Recovery Conference (URC 2023) in London

32:44 NATO: U.S. Sixth Fleet, Naval Striking and Support Forces NATO kick off BALTOPS 2023

Seymour Hersh: BALTOPS 2022 was the cover for how America took out the Nord Stream pipeline

10 DowningStreet on Twitter: PM Rishi Sunak has arrived in Washington DC on a 2-day working visit

Ministry of Defence on Twitter: Ukrainian military chaplains propaganda 

New York Times: Nazi symbols on Ukraine’s front lines highlight thorny issues of history

Sky News: Applicants seeking to join RAF described as 'useless white male pilots' in bid to hit 'impossible' diversity targets 

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Private Companies Push For A ‘One ID’

32:28 Kent Online: Southeastern ticket inspectors leave Mayfield Grammar School student in tears after accusing her of lying about age


Professor Arne Burkhardt Died A Hero

35:36 Hero Dr Arne Burkhardt, 79-year-old dies after fatal accident at Langsee—he was trying to save his son


WHO and its new HEPRR: Do They Care About Life Or Data Gathering? 

36:24 Total deaths from all causes were above the five-year average (again) in Week 21 2023

WHO: Strengthening the Global Architecture for Health Emergency Preparedness, Response and Resilience (HEPRR)

Task Force at 76th World Health Assembly

WHO EPI-WIN: Scenario 1: Happy days

WHO EPI-WIN:  Scenario 2: I love you, I hate you

WHO EPI-WIN: Scenario 3: Heartbreak hotel

WHO EPI-WIN: Scenario 4: Here comes trouble

UK Government: Commercial clinical trials in the UK: the Lord O’Shaughnessy review—final report

Times: Bonus for GPs if patients join drug trials in plan to lure firms to NHS

Evening Standard: More than 246,000 Londoners take part in research in 2022–23

Yahoo: GPs to roll out innovative cancer test which can be done 'in about 20 minutes'

Rutland & Stamford Mercury (June 2023): Wansford and King’s Cliffe Practice to hold Moderna Covid vaccine trial

Trialscope: A clinical trial of an investigational COVID–19 vaccine for adults and teens over 12 

Debi Evans has a list of questions you may like to ask your GP

NHS Organ Donation: 'Dáithí’s Law’ comes into effect in Northern Ireland