Unpicking Agenda 2030, Climate Change and more: Sandi Adams

Sandi Adams joins Brian Gerrish for a wide-ranging catch up on Agenda 2030, Climate Change and much more, following our earlier three-part interview with her. Working very hard over many years as a self-taught researcher, Sandi has a built up a tremendous knowledge on the globalist agenda and the means by which it is implemented worldwide. She has given many talks on the subject, explaining what is being planned for us and why.

More recently, Sandi has been active in her local community, warning what is being planned under the label of "fifteen-minute cities", and how the underlying globalist plans will adversely affect local people. Most importantly, she has been showing people how to inform and challenge local authorities such as town councils, who are often implementing Agenda 2030 and Climate Change without any idea of where the agenda leads.

Sandi and Brian’s relaxed conversation weaves through a maze of topics to build an overall picture of what the globalists have planned for us. To help our viewers get the most from the interview, UK Column’s producer Stephanie has set out the key topics discussed below, with links for easy access to the subjects, key documents and essential background reading.

Please don’t just watch the video. Come back and make full use of the links below to research the whole subject for yourself. Fully armed with the background and facts, you will then also be able to stand up and speak out to protect your children and your grandchildren’s future. And that is what being active is all about! 

Sandi Adams is on Twitter (@sandiadams2030), at SandiAdams.net and UKCitizen.org


Mentioned in the interview: 

Behind the Green Mask: UN Agenda 21—Rosa Koire

Global Biodiversity Assessment—V.H. Heywood, executive editor

The 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals

Absolute Zero document

Mindspace document (Institute for Government and UK Government Cabinet Office, 2010)

Mindspace report

Social and Emotional Learning—Education Endowment Foundation

Social and Emotional Learning—Education Policy Institute

Surveillance Play tables for very young children

Lynne Taylor: Common Core Diva | Twitter | talk

The United Nations' Global Straitjacket—Joan M. Veon, 1999

UNDP Human Development Report, 1993

Articles by Mark Anderson and Martin Edwards for UK Column on global cities: several, notably one on mayors

UN Earth Summit, Rio de Janeiro, 1992

Climate change: COP 28 conference, 2023

Environmental and Social Governance (ESG)

Two-part article by Iain Davis for UK Column on ESGs