UK Column News - 7th February 2024

Mike Robinson, Vanessa Beeley, Charles Malet and guests Matt Campbell and David Miller with today's UK Column News.


USA Launches Strikes in Iraq And Syria

00:26 NBC News: With U.S. strikes in Iraq and Syria, Biden sends Iran a signal of deterrence — and restraint

Al Jazeera: Iraq’s army regains ISIL area on Syrian border

The Guardian: Jordan drone strike: who are Islamic Resistance in Iraq and what is Tower 22?

The Hill: No Iraqi foreknowledge: Iraqi government accuses US of lying about circumstances of airstrikes, violating international law

Reuters: U.S. launches strikes in Iraq, Syria, nearly 40 reported killed

Video of bombing in Al Qaim 


Safer Internet Day: Moulding Young Minds

11:17 Safer Internet Day: Homepage

Together for a better internet. The 2024 edition of Safer Internet Day took place on Tuesday, 6 February 2024. This special celebration, which takes place in February of each year, aims to raise awareness of a safer and better internet for all, and especially for children and young people.

Reynolds Porter Chamberlain: Ofcom's 'Roadmap to Regulation' underway with its consultation on illegal harms duties under the Online Safety Act

Ofcom: Consultation: Protecting people from illegal harms online


David Miller Joins UK Column After His Unfair Dismissal Ruling

14:20 The Cradle: UK court rules in favor of professor ‘unfairly dismissed’ for anti-Zionist views

David Miller, sociology professor at the University of Bristol, was fired in 2021 for criticizing Israel

Read the judgment, particularly from para. 203 onwards

Forthcoming Event: Silencing The Academics—Sunday 18 February 2024 @ 6 pm


Veterans' Digital ID Cards—Just In Time For Possible Military Recall

25:20 GOV.UK: New veterans cards rolled out to service leavers

Minister of State for Veterans' Affairs, Johnny Mercer (on X): 

As of midnight last night (yes the team were up watching it go live) anyone can now apply for a veteran’s ID card who has served in the UK’s Armed Forces. 

Years of work including a £45m effort to digitise veterans records has matured today.

Johnny Mercer (on X): 

Answered some q’s about veterans ID cards. £45m to digitise almost 13m UK Veterans records. Was the No.1 ask of the big six charities—service verification. The digitisation will significantly improve the claims process, when we get there.

GOV.UK: Veterans' Strategy Action Plan 2022–2024

GOV.UK: The strategy for our veterans (PDF)

Veterans and the law: 

Veterans leave the Armed Forces with the resilience and awareness to remain law-abiding civilians.

GOV.UK: Settle in the UK as a former member of HM Forces: form SET(AF)

Yoti: Digital right to rent checks

Yoti: Yoti and Post Office gain UK government approval as certified identity provider for DBS, Right to Work and Right to Rent checks

UK Cinema Association (2022): UK Cinema Association partners with digital identity provider Yoti to ease ‘proof of age’ challenges at cinemas

GOV.UK: Enabling the use of digital identities in the UK

GOV.UK: Digital Identity: Call for Evidence Response


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35:28 UK Column audio interview: Jacqui Deevoy Warns Of UK Democide

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Matt Campbell Joins UK Column To Discuss Legal Challenge Requested Inquest Into The Demolition Of The 9/11 North Tower

37:42 Crowdfunder UK: Help Reopen Geoff Campbell's Inquest


Conflict Minerals: African Global Supply Chains

47:27 Republic Of Kenya: State Department for Mining (PDF)

Statista: UK: Tantalum import value 2022

OEC World: Tantalum in United Kingdom

The University of Edinburgh: Conflict minerals

GOV.UK: Resilience for the Future: The UK's Critical Minerals Strategy

Chatham House: Africa's strategic minerals


Hezbollah, Lebanon And Further Escalation

54:10 The Times Of Israel: In Israel, US envoy said to report progress in talks to remove Hezbollah from border

United Nations: Attacks on United States Personnel in Middle East, Retaliatory Strikes Threaten to Worsen Regional Stability, Political Affairs Chief Tells Security Council

Associated Press (YouTube): LIVE: UN Security Council meeting to discuss US strikes in Iraq and Syria

Al Mayadeen: Iraqi MP initiates proposal to halt subsidized oil exports to Jordan