Jacqui Deevoy Warns Of UK Democide

If you are not sure of what the word ‘democide’ means, it is the murder of people by a government which has power over them. If that is not bad enough in a malicious, known and accepted dictatorship, then to have democide connected to the ‘democratic’ government of Britain is both extraordinary and deeply deeply concerning. To some, the idea will be incomprehensible, prompting the instant response, “They wouldn’t do that, would they?” But the harsh reality is that ‘they’, our wonderful elected UK Government, most assuredly are doing it, and the evidence is hidden in plain sight. 

In this audio interview, Brian Gerrish is very pleased to welcome back Jacqui Deevoy (website | Twitter), a very brave woman who has been researching and speaking out on this terrible and distressing subject for some time. 

Jacqui Deevoy has consistently been warning members of the public about the UK Government democide agenda via audio, video analysis and interviews, and she has produced a key video documentary, A Good Death, which has had a profound impact on those that have watched it. She is currently working on another video documentary, Playing God, and is also working full-time to engage with, and speak out for, the grieving relatives of those who have been ‘euthanised’ in the National Health Service’s ‘End of Life Care Pathway’.

As we talk, Jacqui calmly explains the evidence for democide in the UK, much of which is hidden in plain sight, and she explains the complicity of the Government and its agencies—including the NHS—and of those who wrongly behave as its agencies, including courts and the police. Significantly, parliamentarians and the British legacy media are also complicit by their silence. 

Exposure is the key to stopping this horror, and we need to follow Jacqui Deevoy’s powerful lead by breaking our silence.