UK Column News - 6th September 2023

Brian Gerrish, Alex Thomson and Debi Evans are joined by Trevor Kitchen for today's UK Column News.


The Bad Blood Industry—With Debi Evans

00:29 The Hepatitis C Trust: The Infected Blood Inquiry

NHS Give Blood (YouTube):  The Giving Type: TV advert | NHS Give Blood

NHS Blood Donation: Homepage

NHS Blood and Transplant: Our board

NHS Blood and Transplant: Donor consent for blood donation (PDF)


Clearly It’s One Rule For Them And Another For Us

08:06 The Telegraph: Tory councillor arrested for ‘hate crime’ after sharing video criticising police 

Cllr Stevens interviewed about his persecution on Talk TV

London Evening StandardHackney mayor suspended after photo of him at party with paedophile emerges

Guido Fawkes: Labour Suspends Keith Vaz’s Constituency Labour Party 

Daily Mail (2019): MPs suspend Labour's Keith Vaz from Parliament for six months for sex and cocaine shame—but he could dodge the punishment if he is re-elected

The Guardian (2016): Keith Vaz: one scandal too many for the publicity-seeking MP

Vanity Fair: Royal Pain: Prince Andrew's Government Files Will Remain Secret Until 2065


Swiss Case Law Now Says Most Criminal Money In Banks Is Clean—With Trevor Kitchen

14:20 AML Intelligence: Switzerland: A New Haven For Money Launderers

How the Swiss Attorney General Office introduced a mechanism awarding sophisticated money launderers and how the Federal Criminal Court in Bellinzona turned it into legal precedent.


Updates And Announcements 

25:49 UK Column content: Debi Evans Blog: 5 September 2023

Next livestream: Architect Léon Krier looks at Linear Supercity Neom (Saudi Arabia): Thursday 7 September at 1 pm

Latest David Scott speech against NATO, recorded on Glasgow Green: Northern Exposure YouTube Channel, Premières 7:00 pm, Wednesday 6 September

Welsh Government: Introducing default 20 mph speed limits

The Chișinău Forum (hosted by former Deputy Prime Minister Iurie Roșca) will broadcast the two-day live event UN Agenda 21 and the Great Reset: The fall from Liberalism to Technocracy and Transhumanism from Saturday 9 September at 9:30am Moldovan time (two hours ahead of British Summer Time)—Alex Thomson due to speak on Saturday

US video clip: Reverend of truth kicked out of s school board meeting for reading a book from their own approved library of books

Forthcoming UK Column interview: Stealing the Law: Dr Anna Loutfi on suing the Government for sexualising children


Cash For Covid

31:58 Vaccine Safety Research Foundation (Rumble): VSRF Livestream #92—The Yeadon Files: Former Pfizer Scientist Speaks Out

Sky News: Covid surveillance to restart ahead of winter amid new variant concerns

Yahoo News UK: GPs given more cash for COVID jabs to combat new 'Pirola' strain

In addition to the £7.54 they could already claim for each vaccination, practices will now be offered an additional £5 for each jab given to patients.

Vaccines for care homes residents, or those who are otherwise housebound, already carry a payment of £10, but practices will now receive an additional £10 for each one given between 11 September and 22 October.

Meanwhile a one-off completion payment of £200 will be given for each fully vaccinated care home, a letter sent yesterday to NHS staff says.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Risk Assessment Summary for SARS–CoV–2 Sublineage BA.2.86

NHS England: NHS to invite almost a million more people for shingles vaccine as human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine moves to one dose


The Problems With ‘Medical Misinformation’: Spooks Were In On It

35:58 The Telegraph: Secretive Covid disinformation unit worked with security services 


Corruption In Ukraine: Defence Ministry Faces Endless Questions

39:25 The Kyiv Independent: Ukraine war latest: Zelensky announces dismissal of Defense Minister Reznikov, names replacement

The Kyiv Independent: Parliament approves Rustem Umerov as new defense minister

State Property Fund of Ukraine: List of Large Privatization Objects

The Kyiv Independent: Court arrests oligarch Kolomoisky, sets $14 million bail

Zero Hedge: Corrupt Billionaire Behind Zelensky's Rise To Fame & Power Arrested


British Government Claims Worldwide Power To Stop Platforms Fixing Vulnerabilities

44:19 Reclaim The Net: The UK Government Wants Tech Platforms To Delay Patching Security Fixes So That It Can Maintain Spying Backdoors

Just Security: Changes to UK Surveillance Regime May Violate International Law

Reclaim The Net: The UK Government Tracks Journalists That Make Freedom of Information Requests

The Times: Ministry of Justice tracks journalists who make information requests


The British Columbia Firestorm (Brenda Interview Forthcoming), Arson In Greece, Land Grab in Maui

47:28 Shuswap Passion: North Shuswap firestorm 2023

Daily Express: Greek fires wasn’t climate change it was arsonists, but they don’t want you to know that

The Telegraph: Justin Trudeau's Canada is ground zero for the worst of woke

CBC: Native Hawaiians fear Maui wildfire destruction will lead to their cultural erasure


Elon Musk Takes On The ADL

51:33 Keith Woods (Twitter/X): 

The ADL's favourite tactic is financially blackmailing social media companies into removing free speech on their platforms.

Elon Musk (Twitter/X): 

Advertisers avoid controversy, so all that is needed for ADL to crush our US & European ad revenue is to make unfounded accusations.

Kanekoa The Great (Twitter/X):

According to the ADL, these numbers are all hate symbols.

Pox Populi (Telegram):

Israeli-Canadian woman Vivian Bercovici complains about people who accuse her of having dual loyalties. Keith Woods asks her why she works for an Israeli intelligence agency called Black Cube. Bercovici leaves the chat and deactivates her account

CBC (2021): Former Canadian ambassador to Israel worked for Black Cube, an Israeli intelligence firm

CounterPunch (2013): ADL Spies

Imperium Press (Substack): Elon vs. the ADL: A Rubicon Moment?

Newly-made video summary of unique 2010 documentary on the ADL's techniques, Defamation, by Israeli journalist Yoav Shamir 


What Is A Stand In The Park (ASITP)? 

57:36 A Stand In The Park: List of UK stands (venues also available worldwide)

2½-Year Reigate ASITP Anniversary Reunion: Sunday 10 September 2023, Reigate Super Stand and Freedom Fair. Priory Park, Reigate, Surrey