UK Column News - 5th May 2023

Mike Robinson, Patrick Henningsen and Vanessa Beeley with today’s UK Column News. Guest segment with Freddie Ponton from France.


All-Cause Mortality—Scientists Still Baffled

00:26 Office for National Statistics: Total deaths from all causes were above the five-year average in Week 16 2023

New Scientist: There are thousands more UK deaths than usual, and we don’t know why

CBC: Excess deaths in N.S. recently hit peak since start of COVID–19 pandemic

Guardian: Low turnout for local elections 2023


Kremlin Attack 

04:33 BBC: Kremlin drone: Zelensky denies Ukraine attacked Putin or Moscow

Robert F. Kennedy Jr:

Imagine how we would respond if Russian-backed forces launched a drone strike on the Capitol.

Kyiv Post: Ukrainian postal service announced the launch of a new stamp after the night attack on the Kremlin

New York Times: U.S. wires Ukraine with radiation sensors to detect nuclear blasts

RT: US has 'no guts' to condemn drone attack on Kremlin

Zero Hedge: 21 Russian cities cancel V-Day Parades as tit-for-tat drone war heats up

Zero Hedge: Zelensky to visit Germany as Scholz declares limits for Ukraine

EU Commission proposes stable and predictable support package for Ukraine for 2023 of up to €18 billion

Institute for the World Economy, KielUkraine Support Tracker


Syria, Iran Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement

19:17 Haaretz: Iran's President Raisi signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Syria's Assad

Reuters: Syria, Iran sign strategic cooperation accord, including oil memorandum of understanding

The National News: Arab countries should 'get something' from Syria for normalisation, US official says


Guest Freddie Ponton—Nord Stream Analysis

28:45 21st Century Wire: PART 2—Smoking Guns: Nord Stream Sabotage ‘Secret Teams’ Revealed

Guest: Freddie Ponton

US Navy: Norwegian Reine-Class patrol vessel Magnus Lagabote (A 537) at exercise BALTOPS 22

Reuters Events: Europe takes steps toward developing hydrogen pipeline network

BBC: Nord Stream: Report puts Russian navy ships near pipeline blast site

GB News: Colonel Hamish De Bretton-Gordon shares his analysis of claims from Russia that the US is behind an attempt to assassinate Vladimir Putin


UK Evacuates Sudan; US Sanctions Sudan

53:23 Arab News: Jordan to host Arab foreign ministers’ meeting to tackle Syria crisis

The Cradle: Arab leaders agree on full Syria support during Jordan summit

The National News: US 'encouraged' that Arab-Syria meeting emphasised shared priorities

The need for accountability in Syria: Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon's speech

Lord (Tariq) Ahmad of Wimbledon on Twitter

UK Government: 2,197 people evacuated from Sudan by the UK 

CNN: Biden authorizes future sanctions tied to conflict in Sudan 

Jordan Times: Sudan warring parties agree to seven-day truce from 4 May


Age Verification Slippery Slope To Censorship

1:05:48 [Republic of Ireland:] Gript: Hate speech consultation received mostly negative responses

Irish activist Keith Woods on Twitter

Gript: RTÉ poll on [Irish] hate speech laws found only 19% in support

CNN: Pornhub blocks access in Utah over age verification law

Utah Senate Bill 287 Online Pornography Viewing Age Requirements

UK Online Safety Bill

UK Column Report (2014): ATVOD: A Major Risk To Freedom of Speech on the Internet


And Finally: Why Did Charles Choose 6 May?

1:16:41 Newsweek: How King Charles overcame scandal and tragedy to reach Coronation

May 6 is the Athenian birthday of the greatest of the Greek goddesses