UK Column News - 5th July 2023

Brian Gerrish, Alex Thomson and Vanessa Beeley with today’s UK Column News.


Vanessa Beeley On The Events In France: Who's Stirring The Pot?

00:25 Kaya959: France has fallen, looting and destruction continues for sixth day after slain teen’s death (using an AI-created image)

Bots on Twitter post the same text on the occasion of the unrest in France

Alex Krainer's TrendCompass on Substack: France under attack

Amy Mek (RAIR Foundation) on Twitter

France is now the main Islamic country in Europe, with more than 10% of its population being Muslim. Islam is the second-largest religion in France, but it takes the first position when counting active practitioners. There is no coming back from this—their future is Islamic!

Rair USA: 'Allahu Akbar' Riots Erupt in France After Police Shooting of 17-Year-Old Nahel with a Lengthy Criminal History

JIX5A on Twitter: “Did we just witnessed a car bomb going off in France?”

Ashlea Simon (Chair of Britain First): “Barbarian horde loots a Catholic bookshop in Nantes”—who are the perpetrators?

Jim Ferguson:Only a military intervention can bring this to an end.”

Daily Express: Hated Macron Paris riot humiliation sees 'door open' for Le Pen—exclusive poll

Daily Mail’s exclusive poll was from CEU Democracy Institute (which was founded in 1991 by George Soros)

Algeria on Twitter: The French Minister of Interior Affairs

4,000 people were arrested, 90% of them were French and 10% were foreigners. Only 40 people were without documents during the recent events.

Correction from Monday: The French Interior Ministry letter on internet shutoffs appears forged

DD Geopolitics: In March 2011, Gaddafi warned that without unified and stable Libya there would be no one to control countless migrants from Africa and the Middle East from fleeing to Europe

Wikipedia: Paris massacre of 1961

Axios: At least 78 dead, hundreds feared missing after migrant boat sinks off Greek coast


Zelensky Calls On Biden For NATO Membership Invitation, Now!

19:55 BBC: Ukraine counter-offensive will be long and bloody, says US Gen Mark Milley

NATO: Relations with Ukraine

A strong, independent Ukraine is vital for the stability of the Euro-Atlantic area.

CNN: Zelensky calls on Biden to invite Ukraine into NATO now—even if membership doesn't happen until after war

CNN: Ukraine’s counteroffensive hasn’t met expectations

BBC: Ukraine war: The lethal minefields holding up Kyiv's counter-offensive

One of many video clips showing never ending Russian equipment enroute to the Ukrainian front lines

Russia has now reinforced the Ukraine eastern front with 180,000 trained troops

Russia has clearly demonstrated that it is out producing the US NATO and the EU in military hardware and ammunition

Ukrainian attacks on civilian areas Donetsk go unreported by the West

The New Voice Of Ukraine (via Yahoo! News): Ukraine's losses are several times less than those of the enemy—defense official

The Kyiv Independent: General Staff: Russia has lost 231,030 troops in Ukraine

The Guardian: Zaporizhzhia situation ‘tense’ as both sides accuse each other of planning attack on nuclear plant



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UK Column article: Can we trust our universities and colleges?

UK Column article: The European Union Technocracy, Bureaucrats and the Theft of Democracy—an EU civil servant’s account

UK Column interview: The NHS—Jewel in our crown or thorn in our side?

Forthcoming UK Column Interview: What did Pfizer know? A shot in the dark—Thursday 6 July, 1 pm

The Great Net Zero Debate—7 July 2023, 17:45, Glastonbury Town Hall


Secession–No Longer Just An American Concern

36:54 BBC: Orkney council to look at proposals to become territory of Norway

Independent: Norway? No way, says No 10, as Orkney considers its constitutional future

The National (Scotland): New legal opinion outlines international routes to independence 

Gateway Pundit: Louisiana Sovereignty Resolution Should Be Model for Entire Nation as DC Government Becomes Increasingly Lawless

Red-State Secession on Substack: The biggest secession news of the century, Texas will likely vote on secession March 2024


Military Turmoil And Breakdown

42:01 Daily Mail: Britain's top military officer faces a grilling by MPs after the head of the Army quits over budget cuts

Daily Mail (2021): New head of the Armed Forces Admiral Sir Tony Radakin is accused of 'undermining' a Marines general who killed himself after bitter fallout over changes to the Navy Corps

The Telegraph: Ben Wallace enters free speech row over colonel 'forced out' of Army for saying 'men cannot be women' 


Green Cause Beats Gay Cause? Just Stop Oil Admits Pride Is A Protest

45:08 Just Stop Oil on Twitter: LGBTQ+ supporters of Just Stop Oil have disrupted the Pride in London parade

London Pride 2023: The Chief Executive of Terrence Higgins Trust, Richard Angell

Ending the wait in gender-affirming healthcare is a way of ending the HIV epidemic.


Jana Puglierin: The EU Can Shape The Global Order

52:06 NPR (2022): Germany is building what's expected to become Europe's largest military

European Council on Foreign Relations: Re:shape Global Europe (Project Director Jana Puglierin)

Relevant UK Column timeline: EU Military Unification

ECFR: The Power Atlas

Power is now defined by control over flows of people, goods, money, and data

RT: Hundreds face axe from liberal Soros NGO

BBC (2018): Hungarian foreign minister challenged on migration policy 

Euronews: Dogs could become more ‘hostile’ to humans as the planet heats up 

Babylon Bee (satire): Scientists Who Didn't Predict A Single Thing Accurately For Last 12 Months Confident They Know What The Weather Is Going To Be Like In 100 Years