UK Column News - 4th August 2023

Brian Gerrish, David Scott and Alex Thomson with today’s UK Column News. Guest segment with Arbër Loxha.


"National Risks" Measuring What Bad Things Might Happen On A Finger-In-The-Wind Scale Of 1 To 5

00:28 United Kingdom Government: National Risk Register

  • Assessing likelihood—Page 11
  • Volcanic eruption—Page 134
  • Severe space weather—Page 142
  • Cyber attack: UK retail bank—Page 63

Mises Institute: On the Possibility of Assigning Probabilities to Singular Cases, or: Probability Is Subjective Too!

The Telegraph: Ukraine is on the verge of splitting Russia’s army

BBC: Western armour struggles against Russian defences

Ministry of Defence (Twitter): Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine—03 August 2023

Undergrowth regrowing across the battlefields of southern Ukraine is likely one factor contributing to the generally slow progress of combat in the area.

Military Summary (YouTube): Summer operations | Russian Aviation Attacks All Over the Front Line

Metro (Twitter): Putin Peace Bombshell front cover

Reuters: Russia's Medvedev: We'd have to use a nuclear weapon if Ukrainian offensive was a success

European Investment Bank: Ukraine and the EIB

Military: We Need a Limited Military Draft


Education In The Netherlands: Unique Freedoms Barged Out By "Advisory" Body

18:24 Bijbels Beraad m/v (NL): Freedom of education is under pressure from citizenship law

Onderwijsraad (Dutch Education Council, set up in 1918, one year after the freedom-of-schooling Article 23 of the Dutch Constitution): Set boundaries, leave space

De Nederlandse Grondwet: Freedom of Education in the Constitution

UK Column Article: Ultimately, the Netherlands has no actual constitution—Part 1

UK Column Article: Ultimately, the Netherlands has no actual constitution—Part 2: Arbitrary Rule


Updates And Announcements 

23:44 NOS (NL): Judge reprimanded for attempting to influence MH17 trial with conspiracy theory

Nine For News: Outraged reactions to reprimand for judge for spreading 'conspiracy theory' MH17

UK Column article: An Open Letter to Nobody: The Duties of Poetry in 2023

UK Column article: Sound Of Freedom: The Passion of the Censors

UK Column article: The true significance of King Charles’ and Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation Oaths

UK Column article: Marx: A Great Thinker?

UK Column article: RFK’s Bid for the Presidency


Kosovo: Guest Arbër Loxha Discusses Allegations That British Spookdom Is Behind Destabilisation

31:28 Daily Sceptic: Vaccine Safety Concerns Sparked by Cosy Relationship Between BioNTech and German Regulator

The Grayzone: Is British intelligence pushing a new war in Kosovo?

Hansard: Srebrenica Memorial Week—Volume 735: debated on Tuesday 4 July 2023

Daily Mail (YouTube): Shocking moment Kosovo parliament erupts into mass brawl after Prime Minister's speech


Interest Rates, (End Of) Cash And The WEF

43:44 Bank of England: Interest rates and Bank Rate

Market Watch: Japan 10 Year Government Bond

Financial Times: The Bank of Japan’s timely tweak

i News: ‘This is going to finish me’: Mortgage prisoner earning £2,000 a month is now paying £2,700 for her home

GB News: Don't kill cash

Bank of England (2019): Will cash die out?

Reuters (2021): Bank of England tells banks to preserve access to cash

Charged Retail: The UK will be almost cashless by 2024

The Behavioural Insights Team: Should banks encourage green behaviours?

Cogo: Carbon Management Solutions

European Investment Bank: Climate and environmental sustainability

World Economic Forum: The benefits of a cashless society

World Economic Forum: How behavioural experiments boost sustainable leadership


Costa Coffee Confessions: British Café's Woke Moment May Become Its Broke Moment

54:40 Independent: Costa Coffee defends mural of post-op trans man after boycott threat

Talk TV: Costa Coffee boycott begins after chain 'glamourises' trans mastectomy surgery

Forbes: Costa Coffee Latest Victim Of Anti-‘Woke’ Anger Over Design Featuring Trans Person

The Telegraph: Costa's woke mural leaves me no choice but to boycott them

UnHerd: Costa's trans mastectomy advert is an insult to women - The Post

Daily Mail: The trans lobby pushed me to have a double masectomy and I bitterly regret it. That's why Costa's advert is so dangerous, writes detransitioned woman SINEAD WATSON

End Credits Song: Hollowbone (YouTube): Hold The Line