UK Column News - 3rd May 2023

Brian Gerrish, Alex Thomson and Debi Evans with today’s UK Column News. Guest: Dr Jobst Landgrebe. Includes pre-recorded long interview with Roy Lilley.


Ukrainian Ammunition Stockpiles Destroyed

1:29 James Cartlidge, the new Minister for Defence Procurement, seems happy about the war in Ukraine

BBC News home page: Bakhmut no longer mentioned as it's as good as lost

BBC: Nord Stream: Report puts Russian navy ships near pipeline blast site

Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine—02 May 2023

Time: Why the West is getting nervous about ammunition shortages for Ukraine

Times Of Israel: US quietly shipping ammo to Ukraine from massive stockpile in Israel


NATO/Ukraine Proxy War Simplified Walkthrough With Brian Gerrish

14:10 Brian Gerrish sets out why UK Column News unashamedly makes use of responsible social media analysis of the Ukraine war


Let There Be Invention—By Government Decree! UK’s New Advanced Research and Invention Agency (ARIA)

20:04 Sunak cuts £2bn from R&D budget but will fund Cummings science agency

ARIA Homepage

Advanced Research and Invention Agency (ARIA): policy statement 

Matt Clifford MBE appointed as CEO and Chair of new Advanced Research and Invention Agency

Initial £100 million for expert taskforce to help UK build and adopt next generation of safe AI

Dr Jobst Landgrebe: Clifford doesn't know what he's talking about


Guest Dr Jobst Landgrebe Comments On Artificial Inelegance (sic)

26:50 Email from Monica to UK Column about who's behind nudge units in her local council

Stories By AI blog: Why I'm no longer writing stories with AI


Forthcoming Coronation: Changed Titles, Changed Wording, Low Interest

39:03 Royal Style and Titles Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. R-12) An Act respecting the Royal Style and Titles

CBC: Canadian budget bill reveals change to King Charles's title

Northern Territory, Australia, Statute Law Amendment (Succession of the Crown) Act 2023

Viewers' e-mails asking whether the Coronation Oath mention of God's law encompasses the people's inalienable rights, and whether there is unlimited parliamentary sovereignty

The legacy of the last kings called Charles (the Stuarts): George Wood's Grave, Sorn Churchyard

Playlist: Why the Stuart monarchs are so deplorable—the Killing Times of the late 17th century began over freedom of speech

Michael Gove compares Prince Charles to Hitler on his 'vitriolic' 1990s TV show

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Justice for Andrew Bridgen petition

Matt Le Tissier interview by Prof Richard Ennos Thu 4 May 7 PM - 10:30 PM South Leith Parish Church, EH6 6AZ

Debi Evans Blog: 2 May 2023


NHS Pay Rise Agreed But Strikes Could Still Coincide With Junior Doctors

53:31 Mirror: NHS pay rise agreed but nurses and ambulance strikes could continue

Pre-recorded Debi Evans interview of Roy Lilley on the nurses' strike; see also Roy Lilley's previous UK Column interview

Daily Sceptic: State Covid Propaganda Destroyed Public’s Ability to Consent to Vaccines—Chairman of UK Council for Psychotherapy (Dr Christian Buckland)

Sign Open Letter to Government: From Watchdog to Enabler? Undertake urgent review into MHRA's approval of Covid vaccines

Perseus: MHRA—is it safe and effective?

Taking On The MHRA by Cheryl Grainger: Part 1, Part 2

Prof Norman Fenton—YouTube

The Times: Lawyer of the week: Peter Todd, who acted for the family of a doctor, 32, over his death after Covid vaccine

UK Column Interview: You are not alone—Peter Todd, Consultant Solicitor, ‘Maverick’ Vaccine Injury Expert

Next MHRA Board Meeting held Tuesday 16 May 10 am. Book your place here


Mockery Of Juries In Court, Rise Of Fake Juries In Policymaking

1:13:35 Ministerial Industry Strategy Group (MSG): About MSG—quietly setting 'competitive' British pharmaceutical policy for a generation

Co-chairs: David Brennan (British Pharma Group and CEO, AstraZeneca)

The Telegraph: Why do the National Trust, the WWF and the RSPB think they can redefine ‘the people’?

Ministry of Justice: What Is Jury Duty? Your Role as a Juror

Scottish Legal News: Roderick Macdonald, Lord Uist, warns that the Scottish government’s new justice bill features two provisions which are “constitutionally repugnant” and must be removed

The Times: Lawyers threaten to boycott rape trials without juries

Mail Online: 'Not proven' verdict will be abolished for rape cases and defendants will face juryless trials amid sweeping justice reforms in Scotland

Republic of Ireland: Criminal Justice (Incitement to Violence or Hatred and Hate Offences) Bill 2022

Keith Woods (Twitter), replied to by Elon Musk, deplores Ireland's reversal of burden of proof

Paul from Deal (@artisnormal2021) thanks UK Column for helping him remain sane

And Finally: Ukrainian "Boris Johnson" drunk driver arrested by Dutch police