UK Column News - 3rd April 2024

Mike Robinson, Charles Malet and Vanessa Beeley with today's UK Column News.


Israeli Attack on Iranian Embassy in Damascus 

00:20 Time: U.S. Scrambles to Contain Fallout from Israel’s Strikes On Iranians and Aid Workers

Politico:  US weighs selling new fighter jets, missiles and guidance kits to Israel 


UK's Ruinable Energy Policy

10:04 AHDB: Early Bird Survey

UK Parliament: Planning for solar farms (PDF)

By 2035, Govt aim is 70GW = 113,360 hectares

Campaign to Protect Rural England: CPRE statement on solar energy

UK Column interview: The Race to Zero with Steve Goreham

UK Parliament: Written evidence submitted by Solar Energy UK (GRI0084)

UK Parliament: Solar Energy UK response

GOV.UK: British Industry Supercharger gives huge boost to UK businesses

The Supercharger’s measures will fully exempt eligible firms from certain costs linked to renewable energy policies


Could Normalising Assisted Suicide Lead To A Duty To Die?

16:43 BBC: China's ageing population: A demographic crisis is unfolding for Xi

Science | AAAS: Population tipping point could arrive by 2030

The Times: We can't afford a taboo on assisted dying (archived)

The Spectator: Euthanasia is coming—like it or not

UK Column article: Canada's expanding euthanasia laws: Making the unthinkable thinkable again

The Free Press: “I’m 28. And I’m scheduled to die in May.”


Updates And Announcements

23:20 Support Independent Journalism from the UK Column

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UK Column interview: Lois’ Legacy: Could I have done more?—with Hilary Barltrop

Next livestream: Sir Julian Rose—Thursday April 4th at 1 pm

Event: Sounds Beautiful Festival 2024—27–30 June

Event: Stand In The Light Music Festival—24–27 May


NATO At 75 Wants A Pay Rise

25:19 NATO:  Speeches & transcripts: Doorstep by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg ahead of the meetings of NATO Ministers of Foreign Affairs in Brussels

GOV.UK:  Foreign Secretary (David Cameron) calls on NATO Allies to spend and produce more in the face of Russian aggression 

ANSA: Debt alert for Italy if NATO rearmament race is on—Moody's


State of Policing: Charles Malet Inspects The Inspectors (HMICFRS)

30:08 GOV.UK: State of Policing 2022 report: government response

Criminal Justice Inspectorates: Powers

His Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services (HMICFRS): History of HMICFRS

UK Parliament: Policing priorities—Fifth Report of Session 2022–23

The House of Commons Library: Coronavirus: enforcing restrictions


America’s Denial Of Atrocities Caused By Israel

37:15 Al Mayadeen: 'Israel' claims WCK workers killed in error after bombing them 3 times

The GrayZone: US State Dept’s favorite celebrity chef builds Gaza aid dock with stolen rubble


Public Responses To Keep Cash Push Back CBDCs

43:14 LBMA: 2024 Precious Metals Forecast Survey

World Gold Council: Gold as a strategic asset: 2024 edition

World Gold Council: Gold prices

World Gold Council: Portfolio impact—2. ESG credentials

Bank of England: The digital pound: Response to the Bank of England and HM Treasury Consultation Paper—The digital pound: A new form of money for households and businesses? 


Safety Is The Excuse For Online Censorship

49:30 GitHub: Open Letter from Security and Privacy Researchers in relation to the Online Safety Bill (PDF)

Ofcom: Tech firms must clamp down on illegal online materials

European Union: Preserving the confidentiality of communications is essential to fundamental rights

The Guardian: Ex-Tory MP guilty of molesting boy was on panel advising on grooming gangs

Declassified Media Ltd: How MI5 is helping to cover up sexual abuse


UK Government Lawyers Say Israel Is Breaking International Law 

54:14 The Observer: UK government lawyers say Israel is breaking international law, claims top Tory in leaked recording


And Finally: Bird Flu Experts & Matthew Randolph Joining Today's UK Column News Extra

56:19 Daily Mail: 'It's a matter of when, not if': Daily Mail asked seven bird flu experts if the H5N1 case in Texas raises risk of a future pandemic... this is what they said

Gloucestershire Live: 'Abuse of democracy': Police called to rowdy council meeting after anti-5G activist flouts rules

GiveSendGo: Independent police commissioner