Reclaim your Rights and Control: The Control Group

How many of us have become suspicious of the word ‘control’?

Who is in control? Who is to ‘take back control’? When governments chanted the familiar phrase, Take Back Control, might they really have been meaning that they were the ones taking back control from us, the people?

Do you trust the Government? Do you trust the big corporations and non-governmental organisations with your health data? Where does your data go? Who sees it and what do they do with it?

It’s time to beat those in charge at their own game, by reclaiming back control of our data, our health and the future of generations to come. Everyone is welcome; there are no borders or barriers. Bringing the vaccinated and unvaccinated together from all around the world, the data will be unique and very precious—but more importantly, it will be open to view any time you wish.

Debi Evans and Cheryl Grainger are joined by Diny Van Kleeff, co-founder of the Control Group, an initiative in which she invites a million or more of us to sign up to a transparent database where you are in control. Currently, no independent researcher has access to any of the large databases in existence that could easily prove whether vaccines, or any pharmaceutical product, is (as claimed) safe and effective. The database is not just limited to pharmaceuticals, and the applications—as Dini explains—are vast.

The benefits to every one of us are endless. Membership is free, although subscriptions from members are gratefully received. For as little as £6 per month, participants will receive a card informing medical professionals that they are included in a control group and so are able to refuse any treatments for which they feel that the risks outweigh the benefits. You can inform yourself before you consent.

Control Group members gain free and exclusive access to unique, digital participant ID and ICE (In Case of Emergency) cards. These cards demonstrate that the holder is a member of the Control Group and help you assert your right to bodily autonomy. You can choose to help fund the running of the Control Group by becoming an associate member: this enables you to order physical copies of your digital cards to carry with you wherever you go.

The message from the Control Group is clear:

Together we can build a new source of truly independent health data, there are no barriers or borders, and everyone is welcomed and embraced. We can only rebuild trust in data if we know it isn’t compromised by greed, with facts, not modelling. All of us together, this is our data.

Please share widely and spread the word. Will you help the Control Group get to a million registrations? Thank you in advance.

The Control Group can be found on Twitter .To join and register, please click here. Donations are welcome via Stripe.

Huge thanks to Stephanie Sinclaire, UK Column Producer, for making this interview happen.