UK Column News - 28th June 2023

Brian Gerrish, David Scott and Debi Evans with today's UK Column News.


Cardiovascular Disease Deaths Increase; Is Anybody Asking Why? (other than suggesting airports and Mondays are to blame)

00:28 Telegraph: Baby dies and nine more admitted to hospital in ‘unusual’ cluster of heart infections

BHF Statistics Factsheet:

In the UK as many as 100,000 hospital admissions each year are due to heart attacks; that's 260 admissions each day or one every five minutes.

BHF: Annual report and accounts 2022

Guardian: Health bosses warn of heart disease emergency in England

BHF: Nearly 100,000 more deaths involving heart conditions and stroke than usual since

Sun: Heart disease and strokes have killed 100K more people than expected since pandemic struck

Express: A study has found increased 'heart attack risk’ of residents living near airports

Evening Standard: Deadly heart attacks more likely on a Monday, study finds

GOV.UK: Number of defibrillators to be increased with new funding 

GOV.UK: Every school will have a life-saving defibrillator by 22/23

GOV.UK: Automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in schools 


Plucky Little Ukraine "Has Bought Britain Time": Army Head Prepares To Fight Other Blocs In Europe In "Competition" As Well As Conflict

09:11 BBC: Ukraine war: Countdown has begun to end of Putin, say Kyiv officials

Free Russia Channel: Failed Ukrainian Attack Meets Horrific Fate

US Senators Lindsey Graham and Sen Blumenthal introduced a bipartisan resolution declaring Russia's use of nuclear weapons or destruction of the occupied Zaporizhia Nuclear Powerplant in Ukraine to be an attack on NATO requiring the invocation of NATO Article 5

MOD.UK: Army Chief says: ‘One year on and we are rising to the challenge

General Sir Patrick Sanders:

Ukrainian bravery and sacrifice is buying us time. Time to modernise. Time to train ourselves. Time to ensure that we are prepared.

MOD.UK: Project WAVELL (Page now not found)

Centre for Historical Analysis and Conflict Research: British Army Review 2023

BBC: Belarus leader Lukashenko tells BBC the country may have helped migrants into the EU 

GOV.UK: UK programme assistance to Ukraine 2017–2018 

We The People NE: Interview with Mike Robinson at the Rally For Peace and Freedom

We The People NE: Brian Gerrish speaks at the UK Column/UNN 'Stop the War' demo—"If you want to meet a coward, meet a senior military officer"

We The People NE: David Scott speaks at the UK Column/UNN 'Stop the War' demo

David Scott interviewed by We The People NE | Brian Gerrish interviewed by We The People NE, together with David Clews of Unity News Network


International Finance On The Brink Of Collapse—Most Money Going To Service Debt

33:31 UK Column interview: The Rise of Big Data in Healthcare—Ben Rubin

Upcoming UK Column interview: Lily Tang Williams 29th June at 1 pm

E-mail to UK Column regarding 15-minute cites in Denmark

Debi Evans Blog: 27 June 2023

Christine Lagarde is excited to be in Sintra in Portugal for the ECB Forum on Central Banking

ECB Forum on Central Banking 2023

European Central Bank: Lagarde introduces the inflation outlook for the euro area

Financial Times: The return of quantitative easing

The digital pound: Consultation paper (30 June response deadline)

Bank of England: 

Secrecy—Members must not make statements that might give clues to developments in monetary analysis that have not been disclosed, or that might confuse or mislead the public about monetary policy.


Matt Hancock Didn’t Attempt Waterworks This Time

44:53 Abi Roberts and Francis O Neill with Yellow Boards before her arrest

Two videos of comedienne Abi Roberts' arrest, covered by Lawyers of Light on Telegram and by Yellow Boards on Twitter:

Video 1—"You're not allowed to swear in the street"—"What about genocide?" | Video 2—constable actually volunteers the "prompt and effective investigation" canard (otherwise known as "Couldn't think of anything better") as the reason for arrest without being asked for one

Francis O'Neill on Twitter: Police arresting Abi Roberts for swearing outside the Covid Inquiry

Good Morning Britain: Does Matt Hancock Fake Cry On Good Morning Britain?

Guardian: Matt Hancock says he is 'profoundly sorry' for errors in UK's pandemic planning 


Ukraine's Battlefield Injuries Are Great For the Biotech Industry

48:15 Crast: How Ukraine Became a Testing Bed for Western Weapons and Battlefield Innovation

Axios Exclusive: Battlefield communications startup eyes Ukraine as a test bed

Politico: How Ukraine became a test bed for cyberweaponry 

Defense Mirror (2018): Ukraine to Create DARPA-like Defence Research Agency

The Ukroboronprom State Concern is a strategic manufacturer of weapons and military hardware in Ukraine

NAKO: An independent non-governmental organization working to reduce corruption in areas important to Ukraine's national security

OHCHR: Ukraine: civilian casualty update, 6 March 2023

Virgin: Superhumans: Helping injured Ukrainians

BBC: Ukraine war: 'I'm going back to the frontline with my bionic arm'


Pride Month—Publicly Funded LGBTQI+ ‘Role Models’ and Storytellers; Glaswegian Councillors Think "Trans People" Face "Genocidal Threat"

53:03 Glasgow City Council: Councillor Christina Cannon

Motion by Councillor Christina Cannon:

Council celebrates the fact that in 2021 Scotland was the first country in the world to agree to embed lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) inclusive education across the school curriculum and notes that there is a national expectation that Local Authorities ensure that all schools are delivering an LGBT inclusive education for their learners.

Glasgow City Council: Bailie Elaine Gallagher

Motion by Bailie Elaine Gallagher:

This Council welcomes Pride month as a celebration of LGBTQ+ visibility and unity. The Council recognises that Pride is the anniversary of the Stonewall riots, the result of police oppression and injustice against LGBTQ+ people, in particular drag queens and other gender-nonconforming people. As such, the Council recognises that Pride is a protest against continuing injustice.


Fornethy Survivors Still Seek Justice—Watch Out For New Article Forthcoming

57:56 Prior UK Column Article: Fornethy House: Beyond the Pale