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Debi Evans Blog: 27 June 2023

Another week and another Bank of England interest rise. As we see families struggling to put food on the table, we now see them trying desperately to keep a roof over their head. Not only does this impact homeowners with mortgages, but it also impacts the rental market. As I hear of more youngsters moving back to their parents, I am sensing a first step towards a ‘Universal Basic Income’ (UBI), already being trialled in the UK, where desperate families will be grateful to the King’s Government for paying them £1,600 per month to do nothing. Furlough comes to mind, paid to do nothing. However, at what cost? What would UBI look like: would it be ‘Britcoin’ monitored and tracked, or would it be cash in your hand do what you like? The former appears more likely to me. 

Central Bank Digital Currency isn’t on the horizon, it is here already.

1984? Brave New World? Or have we modeled 2023 on the Second World War? We are all familiar with the abhorrent and heinous experiments that went on in World War 2. The horrific revelations ensure it’s a lesson that would never ever be repeated. But is history repeating itself in a remodeled and rebranded 2023 style? If I were a prosecuting barrister in a court of law summing up my case to the jury, I can hear myself saying:

I put it to you, that indeed history is repeating itself, this is not 1942, neither is it 1984, it is far worse, this is 1942 + 1984 on ‘warp speed.

Language has been unrecognisably changed over the last few decades. I remember when ‘gay’, meant happy and ‘wicked’ meant evil (not ‘cool’ as it seems to mean now, spelled ‘wiked’). The language that many reading will be familiar with has gone — it appears to have been camouflaged in order to hide the truth.

As we look back to World War 2, many shudder when hearing or reading the words ‘Mengele’ and ‘experiments’. Today in 2023, it seems the vast majority have accepted ‘clinical trials’ as being a sign of altruism. Have we changed the word ‘experiment’ and re-branded it as a clinical trial? Since when did we all agree to be experimented on, let alone without our consent or knowledge?

The United Kingdom is the third most heavily surveyed country in the world behind China, who have one camera per citizen in major cities. There is no hiding in China. The USA comes in at second — perhaps it is no longer the ‘leader of the free world’? In major cities there are two cameras for every 10 residents in major cities. In the UK, there is one CCTV camera for every 16 residents. It is interesting to note that whilst the UK was a member of the European Union, there was a limit to activities that involved surveillance. Brexit has now changed all of that and there is no longer any limit. The UK Government seems to be doing whatever it likes — flying above the law and beneath the ‘radar’. 

So how free are we in 2023 in the United Kingdom? The answer, in my opinion, is that we are not. The UK is an island nation controlled not by a government but by a ‘one health system’, called the National Health Service, the jewel in the crown, the treasure we all protect with fierceness and ‘love’. Have we become too dependent on the NHS, have we been led up a dangerous garden path?

We have been taught for many years that a country is at war when it is in active military conflict with another nation. Active military conflict gives the impression of fighter jets, bombs, tanks and soldiers, right? That was then, this is now. When I asked my mum in desperation what would it take for her to realise that the King’s Government was lying to her, harming her and experimenting on her. She replied, very calmly, that it would take doodlebugs to be dropped on the UK, or at best a chemical attack on our shores, for her to believe we are at war. And my mum is not alone, there are millions who still associate war with soldiers on the streets and bombs being dropped from the sky.

In 2023, I believe we are at war, and I believe we are in World War 3, but so far no one has been brave enough to say it out loud. Our perception of war has changed. Today’s war is automated, invisible and silent, but the message is always the same, ‘To keep you safe’. But what does ‘safe’ mean anymore? We were told the jabs were ‘safe’, but how many people have to die before someone decides this is far from safe? 

We are often told that our ‘smart devices’ are designed to keep us ‘safe’ and healthy, but do they? Only stupid people use ‘smart’ devices, and yes I am one of them, as I type I have a smart phone next to me. So are we all stupid? It seems we’re not only living in a prison without walls, we are actually welcoming and inviting surveillance into our lives with open arms. Fit Bits, Apple watches and hundreds of ‘medical devices’ are now available on our high streets and are marketed as health aids, to help us keep well — more like to turn those reliant on these devices into paranoid hypochondriacs, or as we in the medical profession call them, ‘the worried well’. With an ongoing addiction to smart devices, would we be smarter to get rid of them? I think we should, but addictions are hard to break.


Freeze dried faeces aka ‘crapsule’

Every time I say freeze dried faeces to anyone, they look at me as though I have either lost my marbles or forgotten how to speak English. Invariably, I have to repeat myself. A new ‘clinical trial’ (aka an experiment) is being conducted to test the effectiveness of ‘faecal transplants’ for patients suffering from liver disease. And yes, you guessed right, it’s being launched in the United Kingdom.

The freeze dried poo will be put in capsules, which have been nicknamed ‘crapsules’, and when ingested, a person suffering from cirrhosis is less likely to get infections. Apparently, those with liver damage have more bad bacteria than healthy people, making them more susceptible to infections that may be difficult to treat with regular antibiotics. Here we go again, I predict more of the ‘Antimicrobial Resistance’ agenda to follow. A previous trial of a mere 32 patients was apparently safe and successful. Do you think 32 people is enough to make that claim? How many of you would be prepared to swallow a crapsule? 


Global research agenda for Antimicrobial Resistance

In case you missed this, the World Health Organisation has published “Global Research Agenda for Antimicrobial Resistance” in the last few days. Devdiscourse report:

AMR occurs when bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites change over time and no longer respond to antimicrobial medicines making infections harder to treat and increasing the risk of disease spread, severe illness and death.

Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) has been on my radar for a couple of years. Dame Sally Davies, our previous Chief Medical Officer, chatted to David Cameron over a coffee in 2017 regarding her concerns of what she perceived as a grave threat to humanity as a whole, AMR. An informal chat has now become one of the biggest agenda’s in the globalist’s armoury. It is claimed that 5 million people died in 2019 from AMR and is considered a threat to the global economy. It’s interesting to note the word ‘economy’ — you didn’t think it would be about the best interests of the ‘people’ did you?

Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) will have an impact to productivity, international trade and health care, and it is estimated to cost the world an eye watering $100 million by 2050 if no action is taken. My question is, how many ‘humans’ will still be alive in 2050? And will transhumans be affected by AMR?  

Antibiotic research has all but been abandoned since the 1970’s. Is there any wonder we have nothing new to fall back on, or do we? mRNA antibiotics are on the way, as are other new experimental pharmaceuticals such as monoclonal antibodies and antivirals. AMR is a booming business. With plenty of funding available and a gold mine of NHS data, UK citizens will once again be the guinea pigs for anything new, you can be sure of that.  


Sensors, microbes and DARPA

UK Column have been reporting on sensors and surveillance in the UK for quite some time — these include geospatial ambient sensors, sensors on tampons, and sensors in clothes. I have suggested on a number of occasions that medical devices are, in reality, nothing more than spies, gathering your data, your thoughts, your medical condition and your movements. Now it appears microbes are to be used as spies.

The Tellus Programme from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is working on a programme to use microbes as tiny silent secret agents; detecting chemicals, radiation and even ship movements. They would be invisible spies that would lie dormant and then flash a signal if adversaries performed a ‘certain activity’. But what activity? Is this a military exercise or will this be used on civilians when they don’t follow the Government’s narrative?


Sperm counts declining

According to a 2023 research study, sperm counts have been falling dramatically. The study concludes:

Our results suggest that several lifestyle-, environmental-, and additional health factors are associated with increased sperm DNA fragmentation.


Increased sperm DNA fragmentation means ‘sperm damage’. In 2022, EuroNews reported that an international team has mentioned a ‘fertility crisis threatening the survival of humanity’, even suggesting that the situation looked like a pandemic as sperm counts drop sharply around the world.

What is the reason for this? Could it be the Covid–19 vaccination? It would certainly appear that Pfizer BN162b2 does temporarily impair semen concentration and its motile count. We are hearing anecdotally of more vaccinated men who appear to have a very low sperm count.

Are we really to blame Teflon pans, flame retardants on cushions and nail polish on the sudden decline? Without a full investigation into serious adverse reactions and the effects on male fertility, we will never know for sure. However, until the ‘vaccine’ is eliminated, we should consider it to be a possible cause.


Sperm counts courtesy of your mobile phone

I felt it only fair to address men’s health this week, particularly as viewers may remember my report on women’s health and the innovation of smart tampons linked up to your smart phone that will tell you if you have cancer (a red light is a warning to seek further medical advice and a green light is the all clear).

Gentlemen, now it is your turn. Would you be happy to rely on your smart phone to tell you how healthy your sperm is? The irony is that there have been a number of studies that appear to show that using a phone in the first place would appear to decrease sperm. Therefore, it would not appear sensible to rely on that same device to count sperm, it may make more sense to ditch it entirely. However, for those gentlemen who don’t fancy the more traditional way of giving a sample to a lab, a phone app will tell you in a few minutes what your sperm count is.

A new smartphone app has been designed to be used in the privacy of your own home. According to researchers, this is as accurate as a laboratory analysis even when used by untrained users. No requirement for any fancy laboratory equipment, just ‘plug and go’, as they as they say, to turn your smartphone into a microscope. Whatever next?  


Environmental impact of mass coronavirus vaccinations

As if the news couldn’t get any more ridiculous. Now we have a report in Politico suggesting that transporting all these ‘vaccines’ around the world is not helping the environment. What a surprise! Lorries and planes pumping out CO2 are being blamed. As if that were not bad enough:

Companies use hydrofluorocarbons (HFC) gases to freeze vaccines to a very low temperature — minus 70 degrees Celsius for the BioNTech/Pfizer jab — and allow their storage and transportation over long distances. HFC emissions have a global warming effect up to 23,000 times greater than CO2.

Centralising vaccine storage is the grim answer as plans are rolled out to create bigger centres that can store vaccines for longer, meaning that transportation would be reduced as would wastage of opened vials that go unused. Shockingly, it has been revealed that in Bavaria 1000 doses of Pfizer were wasted because they had been transported in ‘beer coolers’, and in France they resorted to bicycles to transport the vaccines!


And finally

Rishi Sunak has announced we are to get more doctors, GP’s and nurses. Perhaps the Prime Ministers definition of what a doctor and a nurse is has changed. Are we to expect apprentice doctors fresh from school to be included in those figures? Or are doctors to be replaced by ‘Nocters’? It’s important to ask, just who will be looking after us?

If you went to Glastonbury, I hope you all had a fantastic time. Considering the BBC sent 1000 staff to cover it, it would appear that they didn’t do a very good job. Perhaps they were all enjoying the all-expenses paid jolly to be bothered about how Glastonbury (whose TV ratings have been falling) sounded to those watching and listening on television. What a waste of licence payer’s money.

Will festivals, including Glastonbury, be blamed for a sudden rise in sexual diseases? Will monkeypox, now renamed as mpox, make a return? Will more jabs be rolled out to deal with an epidemic of sexually transmitted disease? Time will tell.


Until next week.

God Bless



Mathew 9:14 KJV

But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.