UK Column News - 27th September 2023

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with today’s UK Column News. Guest segments with Gevorg Virats.


The Online Safety Bill: The Penny Is Beginning To Drop

00:44 Ofcom (YouTube): Online Safety Bill passed its final stage in parliament

Parliament Publications: Bill 285 58/2—Online Safety Bill (PDF)

Carol McGiffin (on X): 

The Online Safety Bill is no more no less than a volume control that allows the authorities to turn down, all the way to silence, voices they don't want anyone to hear

James Melville (on X): 

“Online Safety Bill to become law in crackdown on harmful social media content.

But for government & tech companies to act as arbiters over online content risks becoming a road to hell that is paved with biased censorship intentions.”

Silkie Carlo (on X): 

Whose device is your phone anyway?

The message from the encryption debate is, ‘this isn’t *your* device, it’s the government’s device to police what you’re doing online’

The Daily Beast: Rumble Loses Advertisers Over Russell Brand Accusations

MintPress News (on X):

Rumble to shutdown in the UK?

After the passing of the Online Safety Bill, Rumble is at the risk of shutting down in the UK.


Russell Brand, the UK Government and the Contempt of Court Act 1981: The Scottish Model spreads southwards?

14:00 TheyWorkForYou: Caroline Dinenage, Conservative MP for Gosport 

UK Parliament: Caroline Dinenage’s letter to Rumble directing it to demonetise Brand 

GOV.UK: Media Advisory Notice: Russell Brand 

The Attorney General, the Rt Hon Victoria Prentis KC MP, wishes to amplify the importance of not publishing any material where there is a risk that it could prejudice any potential criminal investigation or prosecutions.

Press Gazette: GB News impartiality undermined by Bev Turner support for Russell Brand, MP warns

GOV.UK: Contempt of court

Alex Thomson—Eastern Approaches (YouTube): Playlist: Scotland: from best- to worst-run country


Nagorno-Karabakh Is No More: Alex Thomson With Guest Gevorg Virats

21:30 UK Column search tool: Keyword: Karabakh

CBN News (YouTube): News on The 700 Club—Thousands of Armenians on the Run

Amazon: Book Sadistic Pleasures: Silent Crimes of Azerbaijan by Ashkhen Arakelyan (edited by Alex Thomson, published by Gevorg Virats)


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UK Column interview: Jewel in our Crown or Thorn in our Side, Part 2—Is the NHS Too Sick to Save?

UK Column interview: Monica Smit: Becoming a Freedom Advocate

E-mail to UK Column: Stop Having Kids—Suspicious Campaign


Did Nobody In The Canadian Parliament Know Who Fought The Soviets In The Second World War?

35:01 Sky News: Canadian parliament's standing ovation for former Nazi soldier was 'deeply embarrassing', Trudeau says

EurActiv: Polish minister looks into extradition for Ukrainian Nazi ‘hero’ in Canadian parliament

The Times (YouTube): Trudeau apologises after Nazi veteran given standing ovation in Canadian parliament

Reuters: Canada House speaker apologizes for recognition of veteran who fought for Nazis

Yahoo News: How the Canadians had Zelensky accidentally praise a Nazi 'hero' in Ottawa, giving Russian propaganda a boost


Nagorno-Karabakh—Humanitarian Tragedy: Ethnic Cleansing Of Armenians, The World's Oldest Christian Nation

43:01 DW News (YouTube): Thousands are fleeing Nagorno-Karabakh for fear of ethnic cleansing


NATO Escalation? German Forces' Apparent Direct Involvement In Fighting In Ukraine

51:44 Sputnik News: Russian Reconnaissance Team Destroys Leopard Tank in Special Op Zone With Fully-German Crew


Armenia Is Geopolitically Vital Because Of Its Land Bridge To Iran And Onwards To India (The New China)

54:05 MIASEEN Inc (YouTube): USAID Samantha Power Confronted Over Ethnic Cleansing Answer During Press Conference (interruption comes just after 7 minutes in)


New ‘UK-Based’ Vaccine Deal

1:03:48 GOV.UK: UKHSA announces new UK-based vaccine deal 

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) has agreed a deal for millions of life-saving vaccines to be produced in the UK if a future influenza pandemic is ever declared.

GOV.UK: UKHSA launches new infectious disease data dashboard 

Laura Kuenssberg (on X): 

Delighted so many have been in touch to say you enjoyed State of Chaos


From UK Column News Extra:

Jagiellonian University in Kraków: The Rise of the Digital Technocracy (Alex Thomson to be a speaker and panel chairman tomorrow and Friday)