Monica Smit: Becoming a Freedom Advocate

From making travelog videos and touring the world, Monica Smit returned to Melbourne in 2019. Using the videography skills she had acquired on her travels, she campaigned to save the brumbies—wild horses—from being shot from the air in a state-initiated mass cull by Parks Victoria. This was followed by the Covid lockdown, and as the months passed and government policy became ever more extreme under state premier Dan Andrews, Monica started to report on the events transforming Victoria and the whole of Australia.

From videos and livestreams, her work grew to include an organisation called Reignite Democracy Australia. She became more and more prominent, and with the notoriety came intimidation and arrest by the police—and with the arrest came draconian bail conditions to silence her and close down all opposition to the medical tyranny that had taken over the Commonwealth of Australia.

Smit resisted the intimidation and refused to be silent. The intimidation attempts backfired and, as a direct result, her media profile grew. Moreover, opposition to Covid policy grew in every state and territory of Australia until the Convoy to Canberra went to protest in the Australian capital city, despite its remoteness from other population centres.

With the reopening of travel, Smit is now touring Europe and speaking and thinking about her lockdown experiences and on the need for liberty. She is enjoying the company of freedom lovers and is writing a Substack blog on the diverse, decentralised pro-liberty movement across the Old Continent.

Seeing the evil that pushed the lockdowns as dangerous and lurking, ready to strike again, Monica Smit remains optimistic that those who will resist are getting stronger and will be more gallant in future.