UK Column News - 27th February 2023

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, David Scott and Mark Anderson with today’s UK Column News.


A Weekend of Winter Protests

00:30 Stop the War Coalition in Central London on Saturday 25 February

4,000 march in London for peace talks to end Ukraine war

Gay rights activist Peter Tatchell protested against the Stop the War protest

Thousands rally in Berlin, Paris to call for peace in Ukraine

Poll for The Telegraph finds 49 per cent say Britain should remain as involved

Europeans want peace, not sanctions. Poll shows two-thirds of Europeans are worried about war

Stop the War in Ukraine—Glasgow Demonstration—Wednesday 1 March 2023

Hope Not Hate’s State of Hate 2023 is hate not hope. UK Column features on page 86

2023 Prospects: The site will likely remain popular

Cultural Marxism in Postwar Britain: book by Dennis Dworkin—not a conspiracy


Ravaged Ukraine

09:26 BBC downplaying Ukraine war: How Russia took the south—and then got stuck

Ukrainian dead estimated at 275,000 – 375,000

Russia advances around Bakhmut

Similar heavy fighting in Ugledar

Distruction of Mariinka 

A Ukrainian serviceman of the 93rd Brigade stands near a pile of empty mortar shell containers in Bakhmut

Sky News: Russian ambassador interrupts minute's silence for Ukraine and says 'all lives are priceless'



Zelensky's Doppelgänger?

23:46 Polish mainstream media accidentally recorded Zelensky's double when they covered Biden's visit to Kyiv

Zelensky's doppelgänger personal bodyguard caught on Polish media

300 Ukrainian recruits joined by British instructors for a minute’s silence

Unconfirmed report: out of approximately 15,000 Ukrainians militarily trained in UK, more than 700 people are listed as deserters

Ukrainian petition demand the veto of Law No. 8271 on strengthening the responsibility of military personnel


Israel Terror Continues

28:18 Haaretz: Israeli settlers rampage through West Bank Town; Palestinians report one killed, dozens wounded

Settlers set fire to houses and a sheep pen in the Palestinian village of Burin, north of Hawara

Settlers rampage in Huwara, torch homes, cars after terror attack

Huwara terrorist still at large after killing two, manhunt underway

Death penalty for terrorists bill approved by Israeli cabinet


No Chicagoan Left Behind

32:47 "We Will Chicago" is a citywide planning initiative under Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot


Who Is To Blame For UK Food Shortages?

39:45 Supermarkets blame poor foreign harvests for fruit and veg rationing

Retailers blamed as supermarket shelves empty again

Heating costs add further threat to UK produce sector

Farmer frustration at low returns from supermarkets

Egg producers ‘on the brink’ as 30% cost rise wipes out profits

UK is 30–40 years away from 'eradication of soil fertility', warns Gove in 2017

Funding for farmers and land managers to pay farmers to stop growing food

Leaving farming: The optional Lump Sum Exit Scheme

AB15: Two year sown legume fallow to pay farmers to grow flowers

Only 100 harvests left in UK farm soils, scientists warn

New Scientist: The idea that there are only 100 harvests left is just a fantasy

Do we only have 60 harvests left? Hannah Ritchie: “But the ‘60 harvests’ claim is quite clearly false.”

Guardian: Labour dreams of a slightly better Britain. But a truly great country is within reach—I’ve lived there



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Fornethy Residential School—Childhood memories and survivor testimonies from Scotland

Ukrainian policy in the Donbass: Is it fair to call it genocide?

Anecdotals—A realistic look at vaccine injury with Jennifer Sharp

Please share your views about digital ID’s with The Central, Digital and Data Office: Consultation on draft legislation to support identity verification


SNP Leadership Race—The West's Culture Wars In Microcosm

54:10 Sturgeon’s resignation gives Scotland a chance to end the political poison

This leadership election could finish the SNP for good

SNP candidate: I took my children out of state education to go private

Ash Regan accuses Sturgeon husband of ‘conflict of interest’ over vote

Regan says her independence plan is not de-facto referendum but a “voter empowerment mechanism”

Humza Yousaf suggests SNP rival Kate Forbes thinks gay marriage ‘inferior’

Alex Neil doubles down on Humza Yousaf 'missed vote' claim as health secretary issues denial

Opposition ‘scared’ of Humza Yousaf, claims Nicola Sturgeon

Humza Yousaf says only he can keep the SNP in majority government at Holyrood

Humza Yousaf tells Peter MacMahon winning independence will be a long haul

Kate Forbes isn’t homophobic for opposing same-sex marriage

Free Church of Scotland responds to media enquiries on Kate Forbes' candidature

Scottish Assositaion of Mosques—Position statement on the SNP leadership contest

Protestants are now hounded out of politics, as Kate Forbes has shown

Kate Forbes: ‘Scots are not ready for another independence referendum’

UK Equalities Minister Kemi Badenoch defends SNP hopeful Forbes’ right to oppose same-sex marriage


Transgender Women New Policy: Got a willy? Back tae Barlinnie

1:15:23 Trans woman found guilty of rape moved to men’s prison

New transgender prisoner policy comes into force—Transgender women with male genitalia will no longer be able to be held in mainstream women’s prisons


WHO Plans For Pandemic Prevention Preparedness

1:18:13 Fourth meeting of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Body (INB) for a WHO instrument on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response

Could an H5N1 pandemic be worse than Covid–19?

The Atlantic: Bird Flu Leaves the World With an Existential Choice

CDC: Prevention and Antiviral Treatment of Bird Flu Viruses in People

Second meeting of the Working Group on Amendments to the International Health Regulations

Treaty meeting documents

One Health High-Level Expert Panel