Fornethy Residential School—Childhood memories and survivor testimonies from Scotland

A second video follows below this description.

Fornethy House was left by the Coats family to benefit the children of Glasgow. From 1961 to 1991, it was used as a residential convalescent children's home, offering short breaks and holidays in the lovely Angus Glens to disadvantaged primary-school-aged girls. 

Far from serving as a place of enjoyment, beauty and innocent fun, Fornethy was run in the most brutal way imaginable. Rather than being an uplifting relief from the smoke and grime of industrial Glasgow, Fornethy was a place of nightmares, abuse, and sadistic mistreatment.

In weeks or even days, the girls received trauma that often proved life-changing and lifelong.

Ignored and shunned by those in authority, those whose duty it is to address what happened, the Fornethy Ladies came together in a conference to share and discuss what they endured, who was responsible and what needs to be done to address the harm caused to them in their innocent youth.

The two videos presented here from the conference constitute a moving, often appalling account of what the girls had to endure. Yet their stories, their bravery and their love for one another shines out. 

Fornethy House is one of the biggest scandals in the UK, since its abusive regime was in place from the day it opened and it continued for thirty years. Thousands of girls attended every year and the total number of lives scarred by the experience is unknown. The toll could amount to tens of thousands of little Glaswegian girls. They deserve to be heard. The crimes they suffered must be recognised. The silence can continue no longer.

This conference was organised by the Fresh Start Foundation and funded by UK Column News. It is a waypoint on the journey towards recognition for the Fornethy survivors.

The 2019 speech to the Scottish Parliament which David Scott mentions in these recordings, which got him removed from the directorship of Wellbeing Scotland for telling the unvetted truth about civil-service hampering, is at this timestamp.