Challenging the Covid-19 Narrative: Former ITV and BSkyB news boss Mark Sharman speaks with UK Column

In this interview with Brian Gerrish, former ITV and BSkyB Executive Mark Sharman challenges the official Covid-19 narrative, including flawed statistics, high-level media censorship, government financial ‘bribes’ of the media, lost trust in doctors, vilification of those warning of vaccine damage, and the very real harm suffered by individuals who accepted the government promoted vaccines.

This UK Column interview includes an excerpt from the powerful and emotional documentary by Oracle FilmsSafe and Effective: A Second Opinion, which shows the heartbreaking reality of vaccine damage to a young woman, Georgia Segal. Her courage in dealing with her post-vaccine harm, and in speaking out so that others can understand the real truth about vaccine side effects, is outstanding.

Mark Sharman draws on his extensive executive level professional media experience of over half a century to highlight the ‘pincer movement cartel’ now controlling national media output so as to prevent the wider public understanding the sheer scale and severity of vaccine damage in the British population. He describes a combination of government control by threats, together with bribery by public money for pro-vaccine adverts and propagandised articles. He stresses that in his media career, he has never previously seen such powerful control exerted over the broadcast media. 

Please join us for this profound interview. We ask you to share it wherever possible so that others may be informed of the truth about the Covid-19 and vaccination narrative.