UK Column News - 26th April 2024

Mike Robinson, Debi Evans and Ben Rubin with today's UK Column News.


Commonwealth At 75—The Intergenerational Globalist Agenda

00:20 The Commonwealth: Commonwealth at 75

UK Column article (2012): Multiple Paths Lead To One World Government

Archive: The Open Conspiracy by H. G. Wells (1933)

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British Davos: Anthropy Springs Into Action

03:48 Anthropy: Inspiring a Better Britain

Enterprise League: Anthropy Networking Core

Anthropy®™ is a major three day gathering for leaders. It grew out of the fusion of ideas for a UK 'Davos', a 'Glastonbury of Good' and a national 'Ted talk'.

Anthropy: Anthropy Insights Report 2024 (PDF)

EY: Carmine Di Sibio, EY Global Chairman and CEO

The Telegraph (2020): Government struck £119m Covid advertising deal weeks before first lockdown 

Aqueous Digital: The Government is spending £320million on Media Buying services


Vaccine-Injured In The Channel Islands Plead For Help

13:57 BBC: NHS spring Covid booster jab booking service to open

GOV.UK: Who’s eligible for the 2024 Covid–19 vaccine, or ‘Spring Booster’?

[…] the criteria are similar to the spring 2022 and spring 2023 booster campaigns, but this year the criteria for the immunosuppressed group has lowered to include those 6 months and over.

GOV.UK (2013): Crown Dependencies: Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man

UK Parliament (2023): The Crown Dependencies (PDF)

Government of Jersey: Vaccine Compensation Scheme (FOI)

Jersey Evening Post (2023): Threat to sue from group seeking vaccine damages

It urges the government to ‘make good’ on previous Health Minister Richard Renouf’s ‘promise’ to develop a vaccine damage scheme—or the group will seek to sue.

Jersey & Guernsey Event: Vaccine damage discussion for the Channel Islands with Andrew Bridgen MP via Zoom on Friday 26 April—registration link


Rwanda Bill To Become Law: What Difference Will It Make?

22:47 Fault Line Video: I always thought these Islands were part of the UK?! Isle of Man, Jersey & Guernsey

Refugee Council of Australia: Statistics on boat arrivals and boat turnbacks

GOV.UK: Irregular migration to the UK, year ending June 2023

Migration Observatory (2023): People crossing the English Channel in small boats

Around 46,000 people were detected crossing the English Channel in small boats in 2022

Migration Observatory: Q&A: The UK's policy to send asylum seekers to Rwanda

BBC (2023): Asylum seekers: Home Office says more than 17000 are missing

UNHCR: Thousands still fleeing Sudan daily, after one year of war

GOV.UK (2020): Support for local peacebuilding and addressing gender


Updates And Announcements 

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Forthcoming UK Column discussion: The Green King (Part 5)—Thursday 25th April at 1 pm

Glastonbury Event: The Lawful Remedy Roadshow: Self-Preservation for a Sovereign Life—Sunday 26th May 2024

Jersey & Guernsey Event: Vaccine damage discussion for the Channel Islands with Andrew Bridgen MP via Zoom on Friday 26 April—registration link

Event: The Alternative View Conference 14: Riding the Wave—The Leonardo Hotel, Milton Keynes—Sunday 26th May 2024 (Promotion code UKC10 for 10% off the total)

UK Column interview: Discussing 'Climate: The Movie' with Tom Nelson

UK Column interview: Nicola Lund: From School Teacher to Activist Journalist

Event: Sounds Beautiful Festival 2024—27–30 June (Promo code: UKCOLUMN)

Event: Stand In The Light Music Festival—24–27 May (Promo code: UKC10)

Watch on UK Column: Playing God


Britain, The Cancer Testing Capital Of The World—With Royal Patronage

31:22 The Independent: Charities’ website traffic surges following news of Kate’s cancer diagnosis

NHS England (YouTube): NHS England Board Meeting - 28 March 2024

UK Column interview: The Ethical Doctor—David v. Goliath: Dr Charles Hoffe

Give Send Go: Dr Charles Hoffe Legal Defence Fund

BioMed Central Ltd (Part of Springer Nature): ISRCTN Register: 15279830 Covid–19 vaccines in pregnancy


Earth Day: “The World Is Reaching Global Boiling”

35:08 Earth Day: Earth Day 2024

World Business Council For Sustainable Development (WBCSD): The Low Carbon Lifestyles Wheel—Futerra x WBCSD


Everyone Wants Us To Know That AI Will Be Used For ‘Pre-Crime’ 

42:50 American Psychological Association (APA): Facial Recognition Technology and Human Raters Can Predict Political Orientation From Images of Expressionless Faces Even When Controlling for Demographics and Self-Presentation

Carefully standardized facial images of 591 participants were taken in the laboratory while controlling for self-presentation, facial expression, head orientation, and image properties.

GOV.UK: i.AI and NHS England sign Collaboration Charter to support the use of AI in the NHS 

AI is potentially —and I don’t say this lightly—a ‘silver bullet’ […] it dangles before us the prospect of increased productivity, vast efficiency savings, and improved services.

HyperionDev (on X): How can AI truly transform education?

Last week, HyperionDev, represented by our CEO and Founder, Riaz Moola, participated in a landmark EdTech roundtable hosted in London by Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden and Education Secretary Gillian Keegan of the UK government.


Wikipedia: Jimmy Wales And Nesta

47:55 Molly White (YouTube): Is NPR's new CEO "anti-truth"?

The National Pulse: Wikipedia Founder Says Website Is Corrupted By NPR’s Katherine Maher, Who May Have Worked With Intel Agencies

Nesta: UK innovation agency for social good

Nesta: Jimmy Wales


Short-Lived White House Truth Tsar Nina Jankowicz: The Bastion Of Democracy 

52:49 Washington Post: How disinformation fuels violence—and makes our politics worse

New books by Barbara McQuade and Sasha Issenberg explore what’s at stake in the struggle against disinformation (by Nina Jankowicz)

Assorted Video Channel (YouTube): Nina Jankowicz—Mary Poppins (Disinformation Song)

Politico: POLITICO 50: Benjamin Wittes

Ofcom: Using research to guide our online safety work


And Finally: Tony Blair Gets A Cult Statue

58:00 Hello! Magazine (2002): Prince Charles Becomes The Angel Of The Amazon

The Independent (YouTube): New statue of Tony Blair in Kosovo town honours ‘Tonibler’ cult