UK Column News - 24th November 2023

Mike Robinson, Vanessa Beeley and Ben Rubin with today's UK Column News.


Dublin Unrest—Remember What Peter Sutherland Said?

00:20 BBC: Dublin riot: 'Huge destruction' after school stabbing leads to 34 arrests

Sky News: Police car set on fire during 'far-right' protests in Dublin

An Garda Síochána (Irish Police) (Facebook): Statement from Garda Commissioner Drew Harris on serious public disorder in Dublin City Centre, Thursday 23rd November 2023

Garda commissioner Drew Harris said there had been "an element of radicalisation"

Keith Woods (on X): 

There has been a complete collapse in social order in Dublin tonight. This is entirely the government's fault.

Liz Churchill (on X):

The George Soros-World Economic Forum ‘Replacement Migration Policy’ is in full effect.

BBC (2012): EU should 'undermine national homogeneity', says UN migration chief. Peter Sutherland's global migration forum brings together 160 nations to discuss policy


Gaza Ceasefire; Journalists Targeted

09:24 Zaid Nabulsi (on X): 

Beware of the methods that the genocidal maniacs in Israel are prepared to employ in order to deal with both their military failure and the total loss of world public opinion that they have been laboriously building for endless decades.

Al Mayadeen English: Israeli genocide in Gaza death toll 14,854, among them >6,000 children

Al Mayadeen English: 'Israel' deliberately kills Al Mayadeen's crew in South Lebanon

Quads News Network (Telegram): Over 3,130 Palestinians have been arrested by the Israeli occupation since October 7, according to the Detainees Affairs Commission

GOV.UK: Media Freedom remains a vital component of shared security: UK statement to the OSCE


Palantir: £330m Health Data Platform

18:10 NHS England: New NHS software to improve care for millions of patients

Digital Health: NHS England awards £330m Federated Data Platform contract to Palantir

NHS England: Dr Vin Diwakar

Palantir: Palantir Foundry Ontology for Energy

Palantir Blog: The Ontology: Resilience in crisis

NHS England: Covid–19 Datastore Reference Library

GOV.UK: Life Sciences Vision (PDF)

Eightify: The Palantir Interview: Insights from Joe Lonsdale & Dr. Alex Karp


Updates And Announcements 

32:22 Please Join Us: UK Column Community

UK Column Shop:

UK Column interview: Andrew Bridgen interview: Conspiracy of silence over excess deaths?

Save Our Sovereignty: 4 December, UK Parliament: Lobby your MP. Letter templates to lobby your MPs to attend the UK Parliament meeting on 4 December at which doctors and analysts will give expert testimony on the pandemic and its consequences.

Andrew Bridgen (on X): 

I have been told unofficially that the date of the public petition debate on the WHO amendments to the International Health Regulations has been set for Tuesday 12th December.


Fox News Caught Out With Fake Arrest Story

34:07 Fox News: Soldiers arresting Palestinian militant caught on camera


BBC's Own Journalists Say The Corporation Is Failing To Humanise Palestinians

37:18 Al Jazeera: As Israel pounds Gaza, BBC journalists accuse broadcaster of bias

MRCTV: NY Governor Launches K–12 Media Literacy Toolkit Initiative. Hochul said in her announcement:

By teaching younger New Yorkers about how to discern between digital fact and digital fiction, we can better inoculate them from hatred and the spread of it[...]

Al Mayadeen English: Israeli occupation assassinates journalist Amal Zohd, family in Gaza

The Wall Will Fall: Mutiny at the BBC—‘gravest possible concerns’ over Palestine coverage

The Progressive: Tunnels for Safety and Tunnels for Death


Is Artificial Intelligence Anything To Fear? 

43:07 UK Parliament: Parliamentary Bills: Artificial Intelligence (Regulation) Bill

Reuters: OpenAI researchers warned board of AI breakthrough ahead of CEO ouster, sources say

Insurance Post: AI and automation must come to the civil courts, says former Lord Chancellor [head of the English court system]

Euronews: Rapid growth of ‘news’ sites using AI tools like ChatGPT is driving the spread of misinformation

Penn Today: What is deepfake porn and why is it thriving in the age of AI?

Nature Journal: ChatGPT generates fake data set to support scientific hypothesis


Climate: C40 Cities Update Ahead Of COP28

47:45 C40 Cities (2021): London Mayor Sadiq Khan to succeed Mayor of LA as global chair of C40 Cities

The Climate Pledge: Be the planet's turning point

Co-founded by Global Optimism and Amazon, The Climate Pledge is powered by 451 companies in 38 countries around the globe.

The Independent: Yousaf to attend Cop28 climate summit in Dubai

UK Column article: Woke, Racism and the Great Reset of the UK (Simon Elmer)


Gaza Baiting: "Genocidal Bigot" Arrested

51:55 World Socialist Web Site: Veteran State Department official Stuart Seldowitz outed as genocidal bigot after videos of him harassing New York food cart workers go viral

New York Post: Ex-Obama White House adviser harasses halal cart vendor, says killing of 4,000 Palestinian kids ‘wasn’t enough’


And Finally: Legal Victory Over Covid Tyrants—All Charges Dropped Against Alberta Pizzeria

59:01 GOV.UK: Committee on Standards in Public Life

The Democracy Fund: Without Papers Pizza vindicated as City drops all charges