UK Column News - 24th July 2023

Mike Robinson, David Scott and Mark Anderson with today's UK Column News.


Climate Conning—Arson Is “Climate Change”, Scorchio Temperatures Cheatingly Taken At Ground Level Rather Than From Ambient Air

00:20 Libertarian Party (Australia): John Ruddick MLC—Maiden speech to the New South Wales legislature

Laurence Fox on Twitter: #ClimateScam depicting a sticker saying:

If you can't question it, it’s not science, it’s propaganda

Bernie's Tweets: BBC —broadcasting misinformation daily

Dr Robin Monotti on Twitter: Heatwave scam exposed: Surface temperatures were recorded, not the usual standard temperatures recorded at two metres (six feet) above ground level.

Daily Mail: Viewers see red over ‘misleading’ maps that appeared to include Britain among European countries experiencing scorching temperatures—despite poor weather in the UK

The Telegraph: SNP plans to ban sale of homes with gas boilers 

The dancing nurses are back, this time to fight climate (clip filmed at the time when Liz Truss was Prime Minister)


Censorship Schemes—Private Contractor ACE ‘Helping’ Ofcom Beat That Old Undefined Chestnut, ‘Harm’

09:54 GOV.UK: Case study: Helping Ofcom build an evidence base around online harms 

Ofcom has so far published two reports created by ACE, on user-generated content (UGC)-enabled frauds and scams and mitigating illegal harms: a snapshot

GOV.UK: Accelerated Capability Environment

Lichfield Live: Lichfield school achieves online safety accreditation

National Education Group Ltd: National Online Safety

C-SPAN: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Others Testify on Censorship and Free Speech


National Governments Have Until November To Reject The Proposed WHO Pandemic Preparedness Treaty

18:05 WHO: International Health Regulations

Governing Pandemics: The Governing Pandemics Timeline

WHO: Webcast of the joint WGHIR and INB meeting: 21 and 24 July 2023

James Roguski on Substack: Worldwide: Exit The WHO

GOV.UK: Will Quince was appointed Minister of State at Department of Health and Social Care on 7 September 2022. Contact information for Will Quince 

Hansard: Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response: International Agreement—Volume 731: debated on 17 April 2023

UK Column Article: Let’s Talk About France: A story of mitigation

Next livestream: The Great Net Zero Debate—Part 1—Tuesday 13:00

Together Declaration: Free Our Streets


Economy: Burgeoning Interest Rates, Collapsing Investments

25:11 Bank Of Russia: Bank of Russia increases key rate by 100 b.p. to 8.50% p.a

Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution (India): Centre prohibits export of Non Basmati White Rice

Trading Economics: Wheat—2023 Data

The Telegraph: Cartoon by Blower: Big Banker is watching you


US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Gene Therapies—Missed Opportunities?

32:11 WorldNetDaily: Biden preparing to change rules to attack pro-life movement

Politico: Biden’s HIPAA expansion for abortion draws criticism, lawsuit threats

Politico: The Next Generation of Health Care Therapies (This event is presented by Pfizer)

… how government and industry can work collaboratively to optimize patient access to gene therapies in a cost-effective, sustainable way. We also will explore the opportunities for increased access to gene therapies and how barriers that limit access to gene therapies are missed opportunities …


Popinjay Becomes Mockingjay: How Long Will Trudeau Last?

39:00 National Post: Trudeau motorcade swarmed by protesters in Belleville, Ont., causing PM to cut appearance short

Global News: Video: Trudeau swarmed by dozens of protesters in Belleville

Protester: “You’re a criminal”

Western Standard: Narcissistic personality? Justin Trudeau defines narcissism


Is The Ukraine War Running Out Of Men And Materiel?

44:33 Address by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy (23 July 2023): Despite any attempts to break our state and our people, we know that Ukraine has a future 

The Wrong Side onTelegram: "The soldiers are running out..."

On Ukrainian television they commented on the current state of the personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine[.] But for the Kyiv regime, this fact does not matter to anyone, because for Zelensky and the collective West it does not matter what huge losses the military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine suffer. The plan is simple—"Until the last Ukrainian".

The Telegraph: Ukraine and the West are facing a devastating defeat 

Financial Times: Nato must support Ukraine with clearer road map to membership 

Washington Post: Ukraine begins firing U.S.-provided cluster munitions at Russian forces

Reuters: War reporter's death prompts Russian outrage over Ukraine's alleged use of cluster bombs

GOV.UK (2022): UK strongly condemns all attacks on journalists and media workers—British statement to the OSCE


Children Abused, Homeless Sent To Predictable Deaths—But The Law Has Its Eyes On Bus Lanes And Glasgow City Council Demonstrably Doesn’t Care

52:07 UK Column article: Fornethy—The Fairbairn Connections

Daily Record: Scots 'hell hotel' tycoons received more than £25m while 40 homeless residents died

Glasgow Live: Glasgow City Council generates one of the UK's highest incomes from bus lane fines

Glasgow City Council: Statement from leader Susan Aitken on Glasgow United's use of the council-owned Greenfield Football Centre

Anything Goes With James English: I Am Not a RAPIST—Footballer David Goodwillie Speaks Out for the First Time 

UK Column Article: Fornethy Residential School—The strange tale of its sale


CDC Preparing For Another 'Tripledemic'? 

59:49 Yahoo: Ready for another 'tripledemic'? CDC prepares for a winter of '3 bugs out there'

WHO: WHO Director-General's keynote speech at the 12th International AIDS Society conference on HIV Science—23 July 2023