UK Column News - 23rd November 2022

 Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Debi Evans with today’s UK Column News.


Farce from John O'Groats to Land's End

00:24 UK Supreme Court unanimously finds proposed Scotland independence referendum (Indyref2) to be ultra vires of the Scottish Parliament

But an Order-in-Council (Crown decree) could give Holyrood the powers to call it at any time

Sturgeon responds: Scottish democracy will not be denied

Brian Gerrish comment: Breaking up the UK was the whole idea when Brexit was allowed

03:19 South West Water shambles in Cornwall

BBC: Pollution incident not our fault—South West Water

Debi Evans' letters treat SWW executives with the contempt they have long merited

Clip: Debi's footage of last night's flooding local to her—"If the roads aren't closed outright, there's flooding everywhere"


Ukraine: The fruits

09:30 CNN: Boris Johnson claims France was "in denial" before Russia's invasion of Ukraine

Clip: Johnson (purposely?) lets slip that Continental Europe had to be poked by Britain and America into the stop-Russia policy

Footage of Rishi Sunak being welcomed by Zelensky in Kiev—Brian Gerrish spots Chief of the British Defence Staff, Admiral Tony Radakin, in the receiving line

14:32 BBC (26 February)—Ukraine's Volodymyr Zelensky: The comedian president who is rising to the moment

15:56 Clip: Throwback to BBC’s "dripping enthusiasm" in promotional piece covering Zelensky's first war statement

18:08 Brian Gerrish takes stock of what the BBC's favourite puppet president has achieved (using Ukrainian and mainstream international sources):

  • At least 7 million Ukrainians have abandoned the country
  • At least 5 million remaining Ukrainians are unemployed
  • At least 50% of the Ukrainian electrical distribution system is destroyed
  • 37–50% of the Ukrainian economy is destroyed
  • At least $252 billion damage to Ukrainian infrastructure
  • Circa 20% of Ukraine under Russian control
  • At least 100,000 Ukrainian military deaths (implying around 600,000 injured)
  • Failure to secure sufficient Western military supplies
  • EU membership not achieved
  • NATO membership not achieved
  • Ukraine now controlled by Western "soft loans" to keep public finances afloat
  • Ukrainian urban populations evacuating to find shelter, heat and food

And all the UK Ministry of Defence can do is issue lighters to those destined to die (see 21 November UK Column News episode)


The next war? Britain's not able—Eastern Europeans lined up instead

22:47 Kosovo bans Serbian vehicle number plates and insists on RKS plates

EurActiv: Serbs in northern Kosovo quit state jobs in protest over licence plates row

EurActiv: Kosovo Serb police surrender weapons as Serbia issues veiled threats

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić warns of "hell on earth" in the Serb-populated north of Kosovo

Guardian: Tony Blair advising Serbian government 16 years after bombing of Belgrade (2015)

NATO's role in Kosovo described by NATO

Brian Gerrish comment: A second front is evidently thought necessary against Russia

27:19 New medals for British nuclear weapons testing veterans

Mike Robinson comment: Their main contribution was to die—see National Radiological Protection Board's report of January 1988, Mortality and Cancer Incidence in UK Participants in UK Atmospheric Nuclear Weapon Tests and Experimental Programmes, especially Table 3.9—HMS Diana was made to pass twice through a post-detonation radiation zone

Navy widow Sheila Butler has told UK Column first-hand of the suffering of the crew of HMS Diana

Brian Gerrish summarises: "They were deliberately put in hot-radiation areas so that the Government could see how quickly they died—and the Government fought the veterans in court so as not to have to pay"

Mirror: Nuclear test veterans were more likely to have cancer and die, government study shows

30:47 The SunDeputy commander of nuclear-armed submarine arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting subordinate

The Sun (9 July): Royal Navy nuclear submarine officer faces sack "after being filmed having sex with WRN [female sailor] on board" 

Brian Gerrish analysis: The latest in a series of reported sexual assaults in the Silent Service—while the service chief Radakin flaunts himself in Kiev


Jabs and "patient safety"

32:54 Spring's not sprung—Debi is waiting for BBC's "disinformation specialist" Marianna Spring to reply to her cordial interview invitation

33:34 The Spectator Health Summit forthcoming on Monday 28 November

Dr Henrietta Hughes, Patient Safety Commissioner, will be in conversation with Rachel Power on 30 November

34:38 Patient safety is a massive business—for the right people

WHO: Key facts on medication errors

NHS Patient Safety Strategy—a massive webpage

Dr Aidan Fowler is a Deputy Chief Medical Officer and National Director of Patient Safety in England

Health Services JournalEnhancing patient safety during the pandemic

James Titcombe OBE appointed by Chancellor (finance minister) Jeremy Hunt to tell him about patient safety

Health Safety Investigation Branch (HSIB): first covered by Debi on 9 November

HSIB's video overview of what it does—no blame or liability apportioned

Being an Investigator—it seems you can be anybody to get in with the HSIB

So are random campaigners looking after patient safety?

Pulse: Phil Tregunno—How to help improve medicines safety for everyone

Debi Evans comment: It's Tregunno's job (see his LinkedIn profile) to direct medical professionals' attention to the Yellow Card scheme

YouTube took down UK Column's upload of MHRA November board meeting

Cartoon comeback—"Don't look up, June, but I think the viewers are starting to notice our shaky background"

Clip: From the 15 November MHRA board meeting—Safety Officer Dr Alison Cave getting irked by public questions on taking adverse effects of Covid vaccines seriously

Brian Gerrish comment: "Incredible verbiage; she's clearly rattled; they have never carried out a [quantitative] risk assessment, but have shared the data with the pharmaceutical industry"


UK Column exclusive: babies will be on Covid jab approvals list

49:53 Debi Evans shows 22 November written confirmation from MHRA that there has been an application by Moderna to add babies and children aged 6 months to 5 years to the authorised list for Spikevax

Debi Evans: The buck will now be passed to the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) to spare the MHRA

Clip—"A very charming interview": COG-UK's "Women in COG" event with Dr June Raine, Chief Executive of MHRA

First question asked of Dr Raine is answered: "The media have taken a very responsible attitude ... we absolutely rely on good, timely reporting"

Daily Mail: Pfizer and Moderna launch trials to track whether health issues arise YEARS after getting their Covid vaccines

Debi Evans commentary: Why isn't Patient Safety Commissioner Dr Henrietta Hughes investigating the same?

Chris Whitty: This winter will be tough across the NHS with backlogs

Letter from various nursing supervisors to British nurses encourages rule-breaking: "In such challenging times ... you may need to depart from established procedures to care for people"

Debi Evans analysis: This amounts to "Just do your thing, break the rules and we'll look after you"

56:32 UK Health Security Agency announcement on "78% protection" against monkeypox from vaccine

Debi Evans: This is a repurposing of the smallpox vaccine; no-one needs a monkeypox vaccine—look at the death figures


UK: Migration Dreamland

58:04 Financial Times (5 August)—Beyond Ukraine: refugees relying on the kindness of strangers (4 August 2022)

Graphic: Ukrainian refugees seek safety in multiple countries—Russia being top of the list

UK Government—Department for Levelling Up Homes for Ukraine webpage: visa applications by Ukrainians were high even before the war

Brian Gerrish comment: The numbers coming in to Britain mean we can never have stability in housing or infrastructure—and the Government is leaving us guessing on numbers

Graphic: How many people continue their stay in the UK or apply to stay permanently?

Section 5.4: Citizenship—nearly 200,000 new British citizens in year to June 2022

EU Settlement Scheme quarterly statistics, June 2022—sometimes half a million settlers a month

Section 3: EEA nationals and their family members—just under 6 million applications completed

1:06:39 UK Government press release: Plans to level up and build new homes tabled in Parliament

Brian Gerrish comment: Lucy Frazer MP promises beauty, vibrancy and democracy, but this is tantamount to a new city a month, populated by the victims of globalist policies


And Finally

1:10:49 Circling animals

Yahoo! News: Footage shows sheep mysteriously walking around in circles non-stop for twelve days

This is the strategic "defence circle" made by reindeers, tweets Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri less than convincingly

1:12:00 Substitute for men: teddy bears

Daily Mail: Will Loving Bear Puffy—the man-sized teddy bear being sold to lonely hearts as a boyfriend substitute—make my single life bearable?

1:12:30 Debi's choice of memes of the week: Best be wary if you think someone wants you dead