UK Column News - 23rd August 2023

Brian Gerrish, Alex Thomson and Debi Evans with today’s UK Column News.


Another Round Of Fear? Academic Intimates That SPI-B Will Be Required To Scare The Public Into Compliance Again

​​00:43 CNBC: Covid: Novavax says vaccine effective against Eris variant

​​The Independent: New Covid wave has begun and masks should be worn again, scientists warn

​​University College London (2021): Researchers named as most influential academics in government

​​Wikipedia: Christina Pagel

​​UK Column article: Psychological Attack on the UK—Dr Bruce Scott

​​UK Column search term: “SPI-B


​​Stop The WHO Before The 77th World Health Assembly In May 2024—Do As This UK Column Viewer Does

​​03:53 E-mail from a viewer about her correspondence with her Labour MP, Jeff Smith, about the draft WHO Pandemic Preparedness Treaty:

​But most importantly, he tells me that no deadlines will come up for at least another year. I believe this to be false. He also does not answer my question about what the Labour Party’s position is…

To understand the WHO’s treaty and International Health Regulations agenda, read James Roguski’s Substack blog and listen to Mark Anderson’s UK Column podcast

​​Geopolitics & Empire (YouTube): Todd Miller: U.S. Empire & the Global Border-Industrial Complex (2021)

​​Accurx: The simple way to communicate about patient care

​It started in a run-down hospital in Euston. Founded by Jacob Haddad and Laurence Bargery in 2016, Accurx originally set out to tackle antimicrobial resistance...

​​Confed Expo: Jacob Haddad—NHS ConfedExpo 2023

​​Digital Health Rewired: Digital Health Rewired welcomes co-headline sponsors for 2022

​​LinkedIn: Jacob Haddad—Co-Founder—accuRx

UK Column request to viewers: What might the significance be of the two letters Rx (with capital R) at the end of the apparently original form of the company’s name?

​​GIANT Health: GIANT Health London 4–5 December 2023


​​EU’s Digital Services Act Is Simply Censorship

​​16:44 Verdict: Europe’s Digital Services Act to come into force from 25th August

In the event of non-compliance, the EU can issue sanctions of up to 6% of a company’s annual turnover.

​​Reclaim The Net (Telegram): X [Twitter] is working on a new "Report EU illegal content" button


​​Deaths From Electric Vehicle Fires: Scooters, Bikes, Cars And More

​​19:04 Autoblog: Every Nikola electric truck built recalled due to risk of battery fire

​​Mirror: Dad dies in devastating house fire ‘started by e-bike battery catching alight’

​​Coast Reporter: Letter: Electric vehicles an emerging safety concern on our ferry system

​​Great Western Railway: From 21 May 2023, customers will no longer be able to bring e-Scooters onto GWR trains or stations


​​Militaries Exploiting Social Media—Open Attitude That Public Too Dull To Read Words

​​22:49 US Naval Institute: Social Media is a Weapon

​​GOV.UK: Digital Strategy for Defence

Data exploited as an asset, at scale and speed—Data accessed and used as a ‘strategic asset’ in conjunction with the tech game-changers, delivered at scale and pace

​​Big Brother Watch: Defence Secretary Admits 77th Brigade Tasked to “UK Disinformation”


​​The Global Decline In Democracy: Government Heads Sound Death-Knell For Free Expression

​​28:20 Zero Hedge: Scholz Says Germany Will ‘Never’ Send Troops To Ukraine As Public Turns Against Escalation

​​Reclaim The Net: Australia’s Prime Minister Anthony Albanese Says He Would Ban Social Media, If Allowed To Be a Dictator 

​​Geopolitics And Empire (Telegram)Capitalist Democracy may no longer work, says Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland

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​​Debi Evans Blog: 22 August 2023

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​​UK Column article: NHS Ayrshire & Arran FoI: University Hospital Ayr reports fewer than five Covid deaths each year from 2020 to 2022

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​​Eastern Approaches Roundup

​​39:18 De Telegraaf: Omtzigt presents new party: ‘Our country has major problems

​​Escaping Mass Psychosis (Substack): Germany to ban political parties?... Again?

​​Eugyppius: A Plague Chronicle (Substack): Nowhere do the climateers enjoy so much ascendancy over politics and the media as in Germany, and nowhere have they faced so many setbacks and humiliations

​​Politico: Springtime for Europe’s fascists 

​​Reuters: Russia may annex Georgian breakaway regions—Medvedev

​​Military Times: The Netherlands and Denmark will give F–16 fighter jets to Ukraine

​​Air Force Times: Ukraine war prompts new US air tactics in Europe

​​Mitchell Aerospace Power: Conversation with Air Marshal Harvey Smyth: Allied Perspective 

UK Column request to viewers: What do seasoned airmen make of this podcast? Your remarks welcome


​​Anthropy At The Eden: Managers Of Humankind To Think Big Thoughts—Common Or Garden Purpose?

​​50:00 Anthropy: Inspiring a Better Britain

​​Anthropy is a 3[-]day in person event, held on the 1st–3rd November 2023 at Eden Project. This gathering is for leaders, founders, thought leaders and people with a contribution to make to inspire a better Britain. The full ticket price is £1,000+VAT, this is inclusive of all three days.

​​Alex Thomson notes: Anthropy is an unetymological nonsense word, but misanthropy is a real word—and it means ‘a dislike of humankind’


​​UK Column’s Local Constabulary Sinks Into Chronic Dysfunction—Debi Evans’ Family Personally Affected

​​55:20 BBC: Devon and Cornwall Police in special measures

​​The Guardian: Devon and Cornwall police chief investigated over serious allegations of sexual offences

​​BBC: Devon and Cornwall Police disruption of chief's suspension ‘not ideal’

​​BBC: Investigation into man's death in police custody in Cornwall


​​One Of The Old Brigade: An Honourable West Country Newsman

​​1:00:40 In Memoriam: Roger Guttridge—Died 8 August 2023

​​Obituary is forthcoming in The Light Paper