UK Column News - 22nd November 2023

Mike Robinson, Debi Evans and Charles Malet with today's UK Column News.


Post-Covid Strains On Public Finance—Health-Related Benefit Claims Up; The Autumn Statement

00:20 Evening Standard: Hunt sets out plan to boost economy and cut taxes

UK Parliament (YouTube): Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt Autumn Statement

GOV.UK: Record wage boost for nearly 3 million workers next year 

Telegraph: Benefits claimants subject to bank account checks in fraud clampdown 

The House of Commons Library: How is health affecting economic inactivity?


Gold, CBDCs, Ukraine and Zimbabwe: Poor Countries Pioneer Our New Digital Begging Bowls?

07:21 Campaign Middle East: World Gold Council partners with Idris Elba for new documentary

Stellar: Where Blockchain Meets Real World

Stellar: Stellar for CBDCs

Bank of England: Gold statistics

Our gold vaults hold around 400,000 bars of gold

LBMA: Digital Gold Special Report: When — Not If — Will The Potential Be Realised?

Bank for International Settlements: Project Rosalind develops a prototype application programming interface layer for retail CBDC systems and explores ecosystem innovation

World Gold Council: Central Bank Digital Currencies and Gold

Bitcoin News: Zimbabwean Blockchain Startups Launch Service to Help Migrants Efficiently Move Funds Across Borders

CoinDesk (via Yahoo): Ukraine Government Picks Stellar Development Foundation to Help Build National Digital Currency


CREST—What Is That? Debi Evans Explains

16:04 World Health Organization: Vaccines and immunization: What is vaccination?

Cambridge Dictionary: Vaccination—English meaning

Merriam-Webster: Vaccine Definition and Meaning

National Institutes of Health: Health literacy as a social vaccine in the Covid–19 pandemic

UK Column News: 11th May 2022

Foolproof: Why We Fall for Misinformation and How to Build Immunity by Sander van der Linden


"An insightful and forensic examination of why our brains entertain disinformation and the remedies that can protect us all from its real-world harm. For everyone who messages me asking how they can speak to someone who has fallen victim to online conspiracies—this is the book for you!"
—Marianna Spring, BBC Disinformation Correspondent and author of Among the Trolls

Sander van der Linden (on X): 

So excited. After +2 years UK/US advance copies of my book Foolproof are here!

Everything I know about the psychology of misinformation & how to inoculate people against it[ampersand and exclamation mark are original]

Trinity College, Cambridge (YouTube): Sander van der Linden: Psychological inoculation against misinformation

The Guardian: Foolproof by Sander van der Linden, review

City Security Magazine (2018): CREST: UK centre leads security research

CREST Research: Centre for Research and Evidence on Security Threats

We are funded by the Economic and Social Research Council

CREST Research: How do teachers engage with Prevent?

CREST Research: CREST Security Review

University of Cambridge: Cambridge game 'pre-bunks' coronavirus conspiracies

World Health Organization: What is Go Viral?

MSU College of Agriculture and Natural Resources: Vaccine education made fun through interactive gaming


Forthcoming Events

27:29 Please Join Us: UK Column Community

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UK Column interview: Andrew Bridgen interview: Conspiracy of silence over excess deaths?

Save Our Sovereignty: 4 December, UK Parliament: Lobby your MP. Letter templates to lobby your MP's to attend the UK Parliament meeting on the 4th December at which doctors and analysts will give expert testimony on the pandemic and its consequences.

Debi Evans Blog: 21st November 2023

UK Column Interview: Whistleblower: Social worker brutalised by Met Police and Social Services for daring to protect children

Forthcoming Event: The Ruthless Empire Post-9/11—Sunday 3 December, 2023, 6:00 pm GMT


Update: MHRA Denies Menacing Call To The Telegraph After AstraZeneca Article

29:59 GOV.UK: MHRA conferences and events

Inside Pharma (Substack): MHRA Board Conflicted to Hell and Back—Gates, Big Pharma, WHO, Microsoft, NHS—All Serving their Masters, not Patient Safety

E-mail from MHRA Customer Services: FOI-23/872—RE: Freedom of Information—MHRA threatening phone call to Telegraph


Is There Any Effort By The Government To Prevent War?—Charles Malet Gives International Humanitarian Law Basics

31:15 The Hill: Netanyahu: Israel ‘will continue the war’ as it works toward hostage deal with Hamas

Haaretz: Israeli Cabinet Okays Deal for Release of 50 Hostages Held by Hamas, Temporary Cease-fire

Israel Foreign Ministry (on X): Watch: Thousands of civilians from northern Gaza evacuate to southern Gaza

The State Council (China): Xi urges ceasefire in Gaza, stresses two-state solution

Human Rights Watch: Could the ICC open an investigation in Palestine?

International Committee of the Red Cross: IHL Treaties: Article 46—Prohibition of reprisals

Al Jazeera: Israel retaliation kills 230 Palestinians after Hamas operation

Legislation.Gov.UK: International Criminal Court Act 2001

Lieber Institute West Point: The United States Should Ratify the Rome Statute

The International Criminal Court (ICC): About the Court

Counter Terrorism Policing: Met Police refreshes appeal for evidence of war crimes in Ukraine

International Committee of the Red Cross: Principle of Distinction between Civilians and Combatants

GOV.UK: Defence Secretary Grant Shapps Franco-British Council Defence Conference remarks


Behavioural Insights Team: Out Of The Pram, Literally?

51:10 Daily Mail: Communist British scientist dubbed 'Stalin's nanny' who wanted face masks and social distancing forever is given top job at World Health Organization

University College London: New £10 million hub for behavioural research co-led by UCL academics

Research Live: ESRC to boost UK behavioural research with £17m investment

The Behavioural Insights Team: A Manifesto for Applying Behavioral Science

The Behavioural Insights Team: Dr Michael Hallsworth


YouLead Africa Summit 2023: The Africa "We" Want

56:12 YouLead Africa (YouTube): Our story

YouLead Africa: YouLead Summit 2023

YouLead Africa (on X): 

Starting with a Presentation on AfCFTA and Protocol on Women and Youth. The #YouLead23 delegates were introduced to the AfCFTA & the Protocol on Women & Youth! JMs. Gonaya E. Sethora, Women & Youth in Trade Expert at the AfCFTA presented updates, and opportunities to the youth.

United Nations Economic Commission for Africa: Rethinking informal cross-border trade in Africa

United Nations Economic Commission for Africa: Africa must cash in on digital payments systems to boost financial inclusion and economic growth

Yorkshire Live: DWP set to announce strict new bank account rules from Wednesday