UK Column News - 22nd March 2024

Mike Robinson, Ben Rubin, Debi Evans and guest Jacqui Deevoy with today's UK Column News.


Hatred In Scotland: Humza’s Hate Monster Has A Serious Aspect—McStasi (Ministerium für Schottensicherheit)

00:25 The Guardian: Humza Yousaf criticises ‘disinformation’ over new Scottish hate crime law

Police Scotland: Hate Monster campaign *404—Page not found

Internet Archive (WayBack Machine): Police Scotland: Hate Monster campaign

Scottish Daily Express: Is the 'Hate Monster' dead? Police Scotland deny campaign has been scrapped after webpage disappears

Police Scotland (2021): Hate Crime National Guidance (.doc format)

Scottish Union for Education (Substack): Scottish Union for Education—Newsletter No60


Young Blood: Do We Know Whom We Are Getting Blood From?

06:28 ITV: Chancellor denies delaying infected blood compensation payouts

BBC (2017): The super-rich are injecting blood from teenagers to gain ‘immortality’

Scientific American (2018): Young-Blood Transfusions Are on the Menu at Society Gala

Google's parent company has invested heavily in its secretive anti-aging spinout, called Calico.

National Institutes of Health (NIH):  Young Blood Plasma Administration to Fight Alzheimer's Disease?

Interesting Engineering (2023): 'Young blood' transfusions found to reverse aging in mice

ScienceDirect (2023): Journal of Sport and Health Science: Exercised blood plasma promotes hippocampal neurogenesis in the Alzheimer’s disease rat brain

National Citizen Service (2020): NCS and NHS launch 'My First Pint' initiative'

UK Fundraising: Teens encouraged to donate their first pint

The Guardian: If I give away a kidney, will it make me a better person?


Playing God by Jacqui Deevoy Coming: 22 April On UK Column

15:40 UK Column symposium: Midazolam Murders: Exposing State Sanctioned Involuntary Euthanasia

Playing God Film: Trailer

Crowdfunder: Playing God (Final Phase)


Ben Rubin Reports The Latest From The Same Old Names

22:00 Daily Mail (2008): What on earth did Foy do to deserve Lord Mandelson?

Financial Times: Links between Peter Mandelson and Jeffrey Epstein detailed in JPMorgan report

Independent (2023): ‘Lord of Chipping Norton? We haven’t had one of those for 400 years’

BBC (2017): Libya migrant 'slave market' footage sparks outrage

The Guardian (2023): What is the Greensill scandal overshadowing David Cameron’s return to cabinet?

GOV.UK: Lord Bethell of Romford

The Guardian (2021): Covid contracts: minister replaced phone before it could be searched

GOV.UK (2020): Genome UK: the future of healthcare

UK Parliament: Parliamentary career for Lord Vaizey of Didcot

Daily Mail (2023): EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden laid BARE! Nearly 9,000 photos from his laptop are published by right wing group Marco Polo—a bizarre mix of the First Son taking drugs, frolicking naked with prostitutes and fetching family snaps

UK Parliament: Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers Bill - Hansard

LinkedIn: Lord Ed Vaizey's Post


Updates And Announcements (Thank you, Bob Moran!)

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UK Column interview: Fluoride—The Poisoned Chalice: In Plain Sight with Joy Warren

Bob Moran Art: Paintings (Thank you Bob!)

Andrew Bridgen MP (on X): 

Good news! Today, in the chamber, Penny Mordaunt confirmed that on Thursday 18th April, we will be having a long debate on the Covid–19 pandemic response and trends in excess deaths in the main House of Commons chamber. This is, again, some of the last business of the House that week.

UK CV Family: UK CV Family is registered with the Charities Commission for England and Wales, Registration No: 1207178


Psychological Safety: Of (or From) What?

36:26 GOV.UK (2022): Psychological Safety in MoD Major Projects

GOV.UK (2023): How the MoD is creating Psychologically Safe environments to enable project success

McKinsey & Company: What is psychological safety?

Simply Psychology: Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

The World Economic Forum (2023): Here's how to ensure psychological safety at your workplace

GOV.UK blogs (2019): Psychological safety for researchers

NHS Providers (2020): Psychological safety and why it matters


Ten Ukrainian Pilots Received Basic Flying Lessons From The RAF That Called White Men Useless

42:39 GOV.UK:  UK and Australia commit to modernising and deepening defence relationship 

European Commission: Opening remarks by the President: EUCO March 2024

European Commission: Remarks by President Charles Michel before the European Council meeting on 21 March 2024 

GOV.UK: First Ukrainian pilots graduate from RAF flight training

Royal Air Force: Ukrainian pilots graduate from flying training


Data: For The City of Tomorrow, If You Don’t Slip On A Banana

47:36 The World Economic Forum (2023): Data for the City of Tomorrow: Developing the Capabilities and Capacity to Guide Better Urban Futures 

Connected Places Catapult: The UK's innovation accelerator for cities, transport & place leadership

Connected Places Catapult: Net Zero Places (PDF)

Connected Places Catapult (on X): 

One of the challenges with a place: never under estimate the power of very small politics to get in the way of very big delivery—you will have heard of NIMBYs—but there is ‘Banana’: Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anyone

LSE Home: New analysis by leading economists concludes that UK government should increase sustainable public investment by £26 billion a year to boost growth and productivity 

UK Parliament: Written evidence submitted by the UK Innovation Districts Group (PEG0113)

LinkedIn: Emma Frost

Smart Cities World: Unlocking private investment for greener neighbourhoods

Local Authority Building & Maintenance: Investment Taskforce examines barriers to housing retrofit


Rest Assured, Online Censorship Is Hard At Work And Horse Worming Medicines Seized … Für Ihre Sicherheit

56:04 Ofcom: Global Online Safety Regulators Network

eSafety Commissioner: The Global Online Safety Regulators Network

Membership of the Global Online Safety Regulators Network is open to regulators with legislated online safety functions, who meet criteria on independence from political and commercial interference, and are committed to upholding human rights, democracy and the rule of law.

GOV.UK: Six horse worming medicines seized

Gordon And Sarah Brown: Joint letter to leaders of WHO member states calling for an urgent agreement on a pandemic accord

Professor Karol Sikora (on X): 

The Guardian pushed for harsher restrictions at any opportunity—encouraging disgusting smears against those of us who rightly voiced our concerns at the time. We'll see a lot more of this backtracking on lockdown support.

These articles were needed four years ago—not now.