UK Column News - 22nd February 2023

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, Alex Thomson and Debi Evans with today's UK Column News.


Presidential Speeches: Putin Unforgivably Mentions Canterbury's Depravity

​​00:29 Putin’s Presidential Address to Federal Assembly

​​Sun: Body language experts reveal Putin’s hidden messages in his deranged speech and how serious his nuke threats REALLY are

​​Sun: Joe Biden taunts Putin saying Russia will NEVER defeat Ukraine hours after tyrant issues nuke threat in deranged speech

​​BBC: Putin and Biden's speeches compared in under a minute

​​BBC: Putin promotes Russian escalation in annual speech

​​The Duran: Putin delivers confident Federal Assembly speech

​​iEarlGrey: Telegram | YouTube

​​DailyMail: Anglican church leaders around the world oust Archbishop of Canterbury as their head in historic blow for Church following decision to permit blessing of same-sex couples​


Nord Stream Sabotage: UN Security Council Clash

13:48 ​​Russia and West clash over probe of Nord Stream sabotage

​​Statement by Permanent Representative Vassily Nebenzia at UNSC briefing on weapons deliveries to Ukraine

​​Statement delivered by Thomas Phipps at the United Nations Security Council meeting on the Nord Stream pipeline sabotage​


Russian and Belarusian Athletes Cancelled

​​​19:21 Statement on Russia's war on Ukraine and international sport

​​FTWestern pleas over Ukraine fail to sway African and South American leaders

​​Bloomberg: Russia’s War on Ukraine, China’s Rise Expose US Military Failings​

EU-UK Defence Complex Revived By Mandelson's Plotters

​​​24:35 TCW: Nato chief plots with EU Rejoiners

We covered Angus Lapsley years ago: ​​Imminent risk of EU control of British defence procurement, industry and training

​​Daily Mail: The 'secret' cross-party summit is part of a cynical Remainer plot to derail Brexit

​​Express: Brexiteer warning as Labour's 'dangerous' defence plan 'will take the UK into an EU army

Chatham House: ​​A new momentum grows for UK-France defence cooperation

Sapo (Portugal): ​​Gendarme (GNR) officers denounce "growing demotivation" and demand recognition


Syria Continues To Suffer

30:44 ​​Syrian Sanctions Must Be Lifted!—YouTube

​​​​Stop the War Coalition: Stop the War in Ukraine—Central London on Sat 25 February


​​Ohio Pollution Disaster 

41:30 ​​Independent: Ohio train derailment—Trump to visit site as Nebraska accident sparks new emergency operation

Independent: ​​Cleanup gets underway at site of Ohio train derailment

Independent: ​​US Environmental Protection Agency orders Norfolk Southern to deal with Ohio toxic train derailment cleanup

Independent: ​​Ohio officials post video drinking East Palestine water in effort to reassure residents

​​East Palestine water quality update by Ohio Governor's Office

​​UN—Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

Europe-wide Massive Excess Deaths and NHS News

48:45 ​​Eurostat: Excess mortality rose sharply to 19% in December 2022

​​ MHRA authorizes new version of the Moderna ‘bivalent’ Covid vaccine

​​PharmiWeb: The UK Regulatory Landscape for Drugs Three Years into Brexit

​​Guardian: Junior doctors in England to strike for 72 hours in March

​​Metro: Nurses' strikes called off as government finally agree to hold talks on pay

​​New NHS campaign urges people to use their bowel cancer home testing kit

​​GuardianSewage leak figures prompt warning over state of England’s hospitals

​​Liskeard Hospital still asking people to social distance

Sky News: ​​Asda, Morrisons and Aldi imposing purchase limits on some fruits and vegetables due to supply challenges

​​The Vagina Chip: A new preclinical model for research 

​​Video: New sperm selection microchip

Brazil Threatens Jail Sentence For mRNA Refusers

​​​1:00:16 Junge Welt: Muzzling verdict (€2,000 fine) for opponent of war

Junge Welt: The speech that got Heiner Bücker his magistrates' sentence, calling for Russian motives to be understood

ICIC with Reiner Füllmich: State of the German Judiciary

Rio Times: President Lula says that parents will be forced to vaccinate their children to keep government aid flowing

Brazilian Senate considering Bill 5555 on mandatory vaccination

Die Welt becomes first German mainstream newspaper to report Pfizer/BioNTech fiddling

​Switzerland: Something Rotten in the Land of Milk and Money

1:04:54 ​​Swiss Attorney-General Investigating Criminal Charges Against Swiss President for Fraudulent Covid Vaccination Campaign

​​French-language interview with Pascal Najadi, former international banker

​​Albert Knobel on Wissensgeist.TV brings case against Ignazio Cassis, Switzerland's current head of state

​ICIC coverage: Criminal complaint against the Swiss President | ​​Criminal complaint against the Swiss President—Update

Neue Zürcher Zeitung: Swiss prosecutor goes after whistleblower on sanctions-busting Swiss Credit Suisse

Reuters: Swiss prosecutors launch case over Credit Suisse dirty money data leak—too embarrassed to mention what was said in German about prosecuting whistleblower

Tagesanzeigeri: ​​This could become a disaster for Switzerland's image ​​The canton of Geneva tarnishes Switzerland's humanitarian image

​​UK Column interview on Swiss legal corruption: Forex and Banking Fraud—Brian Gerrish speaks to financial whistleblower Trevor Kitchen

​​Swissinfo: Swiss public sector shows corruption and lobbying vulnerability


Annulment by Jury—The Very Reason Why We Have Juries

1:13:45 ​​Viewers' thoughtful e-mails on the recent flurry of interest in jury nullification

​​UK Column News coverage of annulment by jury (jury nullification) in 2016, 2019 and 2022:

2 August 2016 at 11:15

15 February 2019 at 39:10

7 March 2022 at 42:40​​

​​Black Belt Barrister pooh-poohs jury nullification because the court officers would be cross, conflating it with the misbehaviour of jurors researching the case

​​A Dissident's Guide to the Constitution: Episode 2 covered juries


​And Finally

1:25:02 ​​Meme: 2023 normal people: Aliens are here! // 2023 conspiracy theorists: No, they’re not…